1. You know that the protesters were speaking a lot of truth since they only show brief clips with no sound. If it were illogical or violent they would have that footage on a loop for 24hrs straight.

    1. Having everyone waving their two middle fingers and shouting fu like that shows how logical, nonviolent and legit they were. I wonder how long it took them to come up with that protest debate strategy? I wonder if the kids there came up with the idea. That’s how two sides should debate, give each other the middle finger while yelling fu at each other.

    2. our governments can’t tolerate challenges on this. their positions are so week that they would not survive any challenge.

  2. The GTA is finally waking up. His career is over. He’s the one that’s created the division amongst Canadians. I will be glad to see him go.

    1. @Duke Dex Ot doesnt matter what they are but Bolton is made up primarily of the Woodbridge crowd

    2. @pontiac60001987 oh I hate the liberals more than anything and I hate the carbon tax too. I live in alberta and work in pipeline construction. The carbon tax can go for all I care, but all Im saying is we need to start paying down our debt.

  3. Got cussed out in Manitoba, literally ran out of Surrey, BC, now cancelling his campaign because of credible threats of violence in Ontario. Think any of that will sink into his thick skull? A moment of personal reflection on how his actions have effected Canadians? Probably not.

    1. @Take That WUMAO He needs to go with his cronies. Maybe find a proper job.
      Looks like they need help in fast food joint 15.00 per hour.

  4. Maybe the demonstrators don’t actually like Trudeau. Maybe McGregor should actually get off of the bus and talk to someone before deciding that they must be anti-vaxxers. Gotta earn those bribes.

    1. @blackface the new face of canada He neither needed nor wanted permission to get off the bus. He’s very very comfortable on the bus and gets paid the same whether he gets off or stays on. Of course he stays on

  5. lmao what a nutjob! he says the crowds are trying to disrupted the campaign! And they canceled the event! Seem the crowd was successful!

    1. He should realize by now hes the most hated politician ever in canada. How many scandals before the east grabs a reality check?

    2. Next up, cancels the election because voters are disrupting his plans for a third term.
      Ha ha, I mean, I wish he got no votes.

    1. If I were a Canadian protester, I would start a go fund me to make thousands of signs/flyers/t-shirts etc..,with Trudeau in blackface on them! He’s so over concerned with optics, you know that would really shake him up lol

    2. @Jason Keller Problem is many residing in Canada will and did sell their kid future out for a Buck during this idiots last four years as Commander of dumb dumbs.
      He knows his voter’s are sellouts.

  6. I do not believe that these voters are angry enough. Were they to know what Justin Trudeau has planned for them, they would be much more angry.

    1. @Max Max There’s a lot of lazy minded individuals who’d be more than happy to sell their kids out again. They have Liberal signs on their laws!

    1. Exactly! My employer is trying to implement mandatory vaccinations and my point to them is medical information is protected and I do not have to disclose whether I am vaxxed or not. The same with passports. No one is entitled our private medical information. Period.

    1. @sloppy seconds Nope. I definitely mean you. I mean, if I can find the energy to swim it to you through all the tears.

  7. The inflation rate has nearly doubled in only 6 years, which proves how incapable JT is at managing Canada’s affairs.

    1. Wow !
      The EXACT same thing happened after the Spanish Flu Pandemic.
      Its almost as if you just had to look at history and predict the future.

    2. They actually have an inflation target of 2% and we were under the target for years – inflation is one of the least bad things to come of Trudeau and come to think of it it is not inflation really it is just the carbon tax being applied to everything

  8. So he is worried about crowds and covid spread within said crowds, but calls an election during the fourth wave of the pandemic, this guy is a joke.

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