Trudeau defends large indoor rally held in Brampton, Ont. 1

Trudeau defends large indoor rally held in Brampton, Ont.


Justin Trudeau says his party followed COVID-19 health guidelines during a large indoor rally in Brampton, Ont.

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  1. Vote for anyone but Liberal. Seriously consider the future. How much will a loaf of bread cost in 3 years? 3.99 currently.

    1. @Joseph I refuse to contribute to your evil way of life. I’m gone horizontal and collecting welfare. Laying in bed all day and smoking weed is expensive. Wage donkeys should work harder, I need a raise.


  2. Now liberals don’t have a problem with a public gathering because they are liberals, “rules for thee not for me”

    1. Disgusting isnt it because it’s 100% true. I’m not playing by the rules anymore. Just remember, cheat the bureaucrats like they cheat you.

  3. Two sets of rules! One for me and one for thee. This nation is on life support, if Trudeau is re-elected he will pull the plug! A vote for Trudeau is a vote for NO morals!

    1. Where’s our outrage? We’re not outraged by stupidity. There were literal anti-mask parties thrown all through 2020, and anti-vax parties thrown in 2021.

      Don’t think it was liberals hosting an attending those

  4. If 87 year old Jean is maskless in those close quarters I guess the powers that be know something that we do not.

    1. @Aephοra or this so called Pandemic isn’t exactly what they claim, isn’t it? Actions speak louder than words, lets reopen full steam ahead!

  5. This is Trudeau’s HYPOCRISY at its core !!!! RULES FOR THEE, NOT FOR ME !!!!!!!!!! VOTE HIM OUT !!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT TRUDEAU !!!!!

    1. @Bob MC but an O’Toole admin isn’t your daddy’s Conservative party any more… He said it himself today. They’re the blue liberals, now. I say, vote for the *real* Conservative party.

    2. @Bob MC Ah yes, because a conservative would be better….. not like conservatives have been throwing anti-mask and anti-vax parties all 2020 and 2021 or anything are you being serious right now?

      The New Democrats have a better chancve of winning thasn the conservatives. It’s a lost cause, Canada was worse under Harper.

  6. Trudeau called an election during probably the worst pandemic in a 100 years. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

  7. poor little kids have to keep two meters apart from each other inside classrooms and yet these folks are packed like sardines in one room. i mean, the evidence just keeps on giving regarding this charade of a fiasco wannabe covid pandemic.

  8. Yeah, with actions like this he shows how “dangerous” the virus is. But then turning around and demand mandate vaccines. Disgusting!

    1. He already demonstrated that last year when

      1) he told everyone to stay home during Easter BUT he went to the PM retreat in Harrington Lake, QC to see his family
      2) took a knee for George Floyd with no social distancing.

    2. Certainly, you’re not serious? Hospital ICU’s are filling up and most new customers are unvaccinated. How would you account for this, Doctor?

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