Trudeau faces backlash over trip on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation 1

Trudeau faces backlash over trip on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation


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    1. @NewYorkUgly Conservative have won the most votes last two elections but it’s not from liberal urbanites so it doesn’t matter.

    2. @LiberalsRelstupido I’m glad you understand how our elections work, but that doesn’t address what I said. If the best Conservatives can do is O’Toole, they aren’t going to win a federal election. Put forth a leader that can win, and they likely will.

    3. @NewYorkUgly It’s easy to love a system when it’s design gives your players the advantage.

      Bloc Québécois get 7.62% of votes, get 32 seats.
      NDP 15.98% and 24 seats.
      Green get 6.55% and they receive 3 seats.

      So explain why the liberals win only 33.12% of the vote but get 157 seats? The NDP got more than half in percentage of national vote yet only get 24 seats?

      It seems to me it doesn’t matter who puts forth what leader just so long as the liberals can pander to the elitists living in places deemed more important than the rest of Canada.

      But you obviously think this system is just and it’s only the fault of not putting forth a leader who can win. What does win mean? Gaining liberal urbanites drinking their cappacuinos in Toronto Starbucks voters?

    4. @LiberalsRelstupido I’m all for election reform, but that _still_ doesn’t answer the question of the Conservatives being incapable of putting forth a candidate or really anything of substance to justify giving them the government. Maybe you forgot, but we had Conservative Prime Minister for 9 years, not that long ago. Stop trying to be the party of Trump Jr and do something meaningful and they could easily take control again.

    5. @LiberalsRelstupido you need a day off…

      You didnt really read what he said as much as you wanted to spite out some kind of got yeah thing…

  1. Yes, give the government a payed day off so they can honour their victims of these massacres. Sounds completely legit to every peasant Canadian taxpayer footing their holiday payroll.

    1. And, in your infinite wisdom, should the government workers ( including the Prime Minister) never take a holiday off and never should be paid any salary? How much do you think Justin or any elected official make ? Millions?

    2. @Ghazi Abu-dayyeh half a billion dollars in a WE charity heist should be enough. As for the clown failed slang speaking drama teacher that believes he is Mr Dress up. Only in Canada would this sad show take place .

    1. @Barry Wakeford Not necessarily… It’s possible, that he’s merely experiencing things differently… (Again)!

  2. I’m shocked at his inability to learn anything while in office. He’s such a narcissist, he literally doesn’t think any rules apply to him. He’s border line sociopathic.

    1. @Arjun Sidhu Pay attention! Inform yourself about what is happening in Canada with the indigenous population and in particular, the significance of the day on which Trudeau decided to go surfing!

    1. Trudeau lost the popular vote twice now…
      The problem is proportional representation.
      PPC didn’t even win a single seat despite obtaining 5% of the vote, which is double the Greens who won 2.

  3. Once again – his arrogance to the fore! No-one and nothing more important than himself – he will not change it is inherent in his nature. Slap in the face for not only indigenous but all Canadians!

    1. You’re not wrong about that. Yes we have a liberal issue here in the west but that’s just our urban downtown cores and suburbs

  4. “He (Justin) says all the right things, but doesn’t follow through.” So true. And, here in Québec we, unfortunately, have a premier who is adding to the burdens and to the suffering of those who are in the crosshairs of racists and of those who are unable to safely access health and other priceless resources due to discriminatory practices. Our politicians may need an ethics/moral compass check. Our politicians, well, the ones who are in positions of authority and of influence are simply not living up to the task of working for all Canadians. Our leaders are acting as if they are the victims. How disconcerting their perceptions are. This cannot continue. The LPC needs a new leader. Les Québecois may need to not enable politicians who only serve those who are a part of their ingroup. Québec is exceptional due to its diversity and connectedness. Yup. I am a hopeless wishful thinker. Sigh.

  5. Missing the Inaugural Ceremony, of a National Holiday that he himself created. Just to go surfing in Tofino. Talk about moments you can’t get back.

  6. After everything he’s done and was still voted back in, he probably honestly thinks he can get away with anything

  7. What a Juvenile! Must be nice to use your Daddy’s name to get a free pass to do what you want without having to actually work for it!

  8. “… this was not well-managed in the Prime Minister‘s Office…” What about the Prime Minister himself, taking responsibility for all of the idiotic things that he continues to do…?

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