Trudeau grilled over rail blockades in question period

Trudeau grilled over rail blockades in question period 1


Full exchange in question period over the rail blockades across Canada.

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47 Comments on "Trudeau grilled over rail blockades in question period"

  1. Remember when Trudeau did blackface? Pepperidge farms remembers.

  2. PM Trudeau showed ZERO leadership abilities in the national CRISIS.

  3. IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought | February 24, 2020 at 3:31 PM | Reply

    The weakness shown has led to new blockades Monday morning in Quebec, still ongoing and including hwy traffic slow downs and rail line .

  4. The only jobs that Trudeau stands up for, are Quebec jobs.

  5. Believe a vote of no confidence is appropriate at this time…….enough is enough! Canadians need to speak out through supporting the numerous no confidence petitions that are out there.

  6. The Teck project isn’t going forward because of Justin’s lack of leadership.

    • Dave Mackenzie | February 24, 2020 at 3:51 PM | Reply

      Wayne Lust I agree Wayne, but who would start a business in Canada when it’s bad enough owning a business under the current government! Let’s put everything on the line and work hundreds of hours and rush whatever you own to pay taxes taxes taxes!

    • Somehow the Liberals got Teck to ‘withdraw’ the application. So since Teck ‘withdrew’ I would guess that the Liberals won’t even be offering any compensation.

    • Prime ministerial terrorism is what Justin Trudeau is about 100%, just like the terrorists that he allows to live in our country. The longer he is in power the longer our lives are in danger!

    • @Marc Gatto so…they can shove that up their sunny ways…I’d rather eat dirt than take pity money

    • I’m extremely upset about this I think we need a revolution, something to get this government needs to. All of this is showing the the world Canada is closed for business..

  7. Lake Nipissing | February 24, 2020 at 3:40 PM | Reply

    *A pulp.* Turdeau needs his smirking face turned into one by 150,000 unemployed former Alberta oil workers.

  8. Conservatives speak to the Bloq Quebequois and there is enough votes for no confidence in this dump government

    • Leeroy Jenkins | February 24, 2020 at 4:48 PM | Reply

      1safety4all they won’t do that because they will likely lose seats

    • I really don’t think the Bloq would ever vote against the Conservatives on anything, and especially this. They could never form federal gov’t, and the liberals will always look after Quebec when all else fails.

  9. Trudeau, Garnaeu, and his whole party smirk, like it,s all funny! Pathetic, all of them! Shame on all of them!

  10. Chris Bespalko | February 24, 2020 at 3:49 PM | Reply

    It won’t be long now and we’ll start hearing about liberal politicians getting …deleted.

  11. I can’t understand a word that Mr. Mumbles from environment said.

  12. This liberal federal government is a complete train wreck…excuse the pun…from beginning to end! Fail on almost every file. They need to be removed from government now!!

    • And if they aren’t removed, we need to beat them at their own game. And that means masks and large numbers. And Canada flags

  13. Missing a PM with integrity.

  14. Liberal voters aren’t smart enough to realize Trudeau doesn’t have the ability to run a country let alone run it successfully.

  15. This guy is so full of it. This government is a joke and a dangerous one at that! Corona virus patients self quarantining themselves. Interfering in the rule of law. Directing police to neglect their duty. This is painful to watch our great country spiral down . This government continues to fail at everything they do. Hell they still haven’t fixed the Phoenix payroll system. How many years has it been? The poverty and homelessness in this country is astounding for such a rich and diverse nation. NON CONFIDENCE!!!! Start helping real Canadians instead of giving all our money to foreign interests. Quit being a …(add derogatory comment here)

  16. Grilling him ok. Lets have him RESIGN, so we can get CANADA MOVING FORWARD.

  17. He’s reading the scripted answers …. Trudeau is honestly Stupid!!!!

    • Trudeau never answered one question,how ruin a country in less than 5yrs.His fleeing the house of parliment so that he didn’t have to say that he wants a Canada with out a West,all he needs to do is ask.

    • More like ” dishonestly stupid!

  18. No it’s Trudeau and his liberal criminals that are ruining our country on purpose! When will the rest of the Canadians wake up and kick the liberal party out and never see them again.? 🇨🇦

  19. Canada produce less then 2% of the worlds green house emissions and China produces about 45%. How are we the problem?

  20. This climate change BS has to end, it’s drowning Canada and there’s no life raft in sight!

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