Trudeau introduces legislation to freeze handgun sales in Canada | USA TODAY

Trudeau introduces legislation to freeze handgun sales in Canada | USA TODAY 1


  1. Full auto guns and high capacity magazines were already illegal so I’m not sure how the owner of a legal aquired gun in Canada could kill ”the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time”.

    1. @da da da
      The French will give up their weapons in a heart beat. Wave a Canadian flag as a signal of surrender…

    1. @Easy Money Sniper the way it is written in the constitution of america is, every person on earth has the right to have war material. It is a universal basic right to be able to aquire and store war arms. So yes, owning an ar15 can be considered a right.

    2. @Minuette vision as in your naive realism or vision as how’d you like to see the world. Because I don’t want to live in a world where one can’t defend oneself from any presented threat. What’s yours is yours, and you have the right to defend what’s yours. Be that stopping someone from stealing your stuff to protecting yourself from government overreach.

  2. Every time a criminal does something with a gun, they want to take away guns from people who didn’t do anything.

    1. @bobobear cepara Trust and believe, that African Americans had problems with the American judicial system, police/policing policies, and were definitely disproportionately incarcerated a lot more than others long before that crime bill (which was also disproportionately supported by the republicans at that time) or the 1990s, bobo.
      Please, tell me something that I don’t already know…did you want to add something else to your comment?

    1. @Beaverj420 I personally sleep like a baby knowing I have the means with which to defend my family and property.

    2. @Iceman511 you can track them down via internet like everything else. But you just proved my point. You can own these things just like you can also own a machine gun. Just have to fill out more paperwork.

    3. @Iceman511 also abrams ain’t the only tanks you can get and the price you stated was for a new one. Learn the facts. Banning guns and our 2nd amendment is dumb

    1. If you are American, I vote you move to a WEF country. There are a number of them to choose from.

    2. @VedderState first of all, when introducing an acronym you must first speel it out and put the acronym in parentheses.
      Second, Americans have rights so you can’t vote to tell someone else how to live directly.

    1. @Paul Proulx poor Paul loves government tyranny more than his own civil liberties and human rights.

  3. When government is in full control telling everyone what to do: “You get no guns”
    When government is in jeopardy of losing all power: “Want a free fully automatic AK?”

    1. @6 String Therapy so your entire complaint is that I said “full scale war” instead of just “war”?
      Oo boy you got me there with yet another pointless, pedantic hairsplitting distinction that makes no difference to what I was saying. 👏 yay for you 👏

    2. Great reply, and most of the guns handed out to civilians are used against other civilians because there is no police force and mobs of looters. My nephew has been there since a month after the invasion, former Marine current contractor paid by the US government to follow observe and keep track of the Javelin missiles that are handed out so when the US invades they won’t be used on US. US identifies targets, plots the attack, and issues Javelins and he makes sure they are used or accounted for.

    1. Yes his mother cheated on his father with Castro. You can watch old videos where is mother is crazy in love with Castro

    2. @Zac Campa definitely true, look at side by side pictures and it’s undeniable. He also praised him like a good loving son when he died

  4. Following his daddy’s footsteps I see. Just wait, he just made the crime rate skyrocket in his country. How many times do you have to be told, it’s not the guns, it’s the person behind it. Don’t penalize the people who follow the rules.

    1. @JeffersonRexx
      My right to bear arms keeps my family safe. You can wait 77 minutes for the heroes if you choose. Mr. 357 is my hero…

    2. @JeffersonRexx I have lived in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and other parts of the GTA. Gun control laws are high there and gun crime rates are also some of the highest there. I witnessed people getting shot in y neighborhood by gangs. You are a fool if you honestly think law abiding citizens owning guns for their self-defense is somehow harming people’s lives.

    3. By limiting the sales and ownership guns he has not made to the crime rate skyrocket. Other nations that have gun restrictions demonstrate that you are wrong. Educate yourself

  5. The people should demand their Prime Minister set the example by directing his body guards to turn in their side arms.

  6. The funny thing about this is the crime committed in my state of NY is not from any sale done. Most shootings happen with illegal weapons that are custom fixed to the criminals liking. Criminals love these kinds of laws.

    1. @Keith Ziegler come to NY than….we have the strictest gun laws but some how guns are still on the street and that’s a fact but again ignorance is bliss with many people

    2. @Nicholas Ticali

      The reason you still have guns in New York, is because the states around in New York do not have laws that are as strict. Since same problem that places like Chicago have.

      Chicago has strict gun laws as well, but when you can just travel down to Indiana, and by God is there and bring them back, the cities and state laws of Illinois don’t have much effect.

      That’s why a gun laws need to be FEDERAL.

      The restrictions need to apply to all 50 states the exact same way.

    3. @Larinda Nomikos oh brother that argument is so stale and old. Reasonable person standard ruled out nuclear weapons as soon as the first one was dropped. The amount of infrastructure, security, and maintenance for an individual to posses one is not reasonable under any standard. Enough already.

  7. Make people defenseless while in turn beefing up your personal security. What a true example of leadership.

    1. Why is it so hard for you to understand in the broad scheme of things with regards to Canadians, the protection of the Prime Minister is more important than the protection of any individual citizen.

      Simply put, he’s more important than you are

    2. This may come as a surprise to you: but many parts of the world functions pretty well without guns, so well, that they don’t even bother arming police with guns (UK, New Zealand, Iceland, Fiji, Ireland, Norway, and many others)

  8. And that’s when the citizens should be worried. Look at what happened to Australia and their lockouts. That’s why we have the constitution to prevent ourselves from these kind of men in government.

  9. The tragedy never happened in Canada. Just another way for this creep to take more rights from his citizens.

  10. When government is has the respect of its citizens who trust in their systems that enable them to live and thrive beyond having to survive.

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