Trudeau: "It's going to be weeks" before COVID-19 lockdowns can end 1

Trudeau: “It’s going to be weeks” before COVID-19 lockdowns can end


Prime Minister Trudeau says that "it's going to be weeks still" before the economy will be allowed to restart and Canadians will be able leave self-isolation

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    1. Let me just say that I hate the guy but I’d say running a country in the middle on a pandemic entitles him to go to the cottage with his family.

      I get he said we’re not supposed to do it but unless you’re running a country (albeit poorly), just stay home and watch Netflix and let the guy get a breath of fresh air.

    2. @Matt guidotti It’s called “what applies and is imposed on to to you, doesn’t necessarilly apply to me”…

    3. @Eh Ess um no sophie and the kids ha e been at the cottage on their own for 3 weeks how is that isolating togther ?

  1. They are going to try and force Canadians to take this vaccine just watch. You first JT. Put it on national TV thanks.

    1. Aren’t you afraid to be one of the .7% who dies from this? I will wait at least a few years to see if the vaccine causes nerve damage, retardation or some other unknown. Life is risk and reward and if I feel at some point the risk to my health is higher by not taking a vaccine then that is the time I will accept it just as I do others like tetanus.

    2. There gonna make it if you want to work all companies will test and vaccinate there employees, and any new borns vaccinated or microchipped. Just pull this bandage off already.

    1. ever question how his dad was prime minister? all the same faces…oh like the states. all the same faces but a ”choice on voting” who you want…what if there the same? well, china, russia. they have a dictator. world government is coming.
      seek the Lord

    1. With the family on isolation he’s already spending times with for weeks..months.. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    2. @Youtube L Me neither, which is why everyone should be able to visit their families that are also in isolation. I see no difference between a sister/brother or a wife/child.

  2. Why wait for a vaccine when there’s already Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin + Zinc..! Or is it because Trudeau is also on the Bill Gates payroll??

    1. I guess things are different in Russia, in Canada we need a doctor’s prescription to get drugs unless it’s marijuana!!!

  3. This is the guy who allowed 2000 travelers from Hubei province into the country AFTER his government was briefed by military intelligence about the dangers of Covid-19 back in January. Then he said that stopping travel from hot spots wouldn’t do anything to slow or stop the spread.

    1. Oh look, the town crier of outdated news. News flash, it’s the middle of April. Try and follow along now.

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