1. Gavin, I don’t like her political views, but I do like her integrity and principles. I believe she will be re-elected. As she should.

  1. An apology is not enough, he needs to be investigated for criminality for obstruction of justice. He won’t apologize because he is above the law.


  2. trudeau lacks the humility and intergrity to admit he’s wrong about anything. he is sticking to his story he was just
    trying to save jobs. if that’s true, it still doesn’t give him the right to break canada’s laws that he has done twice. was
    he saving jobs when he took an illegal trip to his friends island?

    1. Sock boy wasn’t so interested in saving oil industry jobs so his claim about saving Canadian jobs is another lie. He was only interested with the jobs in his own riding. He obviously isn’t representing all Canadians.

    2. It had nothing to do with saving jobs because everyone of them would have been transferred to another Canadian company that operates within the law.
      This was payback for the large donations this company made to buy the liberal government. This was about vote buying in Quebec and that’s exactly why he is sticking with his story….votes.

  3. If the other liberal MPs had any self respect they would force Trudeau out or step down in solidarity with JWR and Jane Philpot.

    1. If he steps down, the Liberals might get back in. No. Leave him in. The whole Party stuck by him and deserves to be treated like the Ontario Liberals.

    1. They’re investigating citizens in Alberta who voted for Jason Kenney! Look up George Clarke on Facebook!

    2. Donna McDonald she is still a liberal for sure but I think she does believe in the rule of law unlike Butts and Justdim!

    3. Mark Eves the RCMP is in its usual place – nowhere to be found when you need them !!
      They be disolved along w the liberal gvt !!

  4. the best part is this was a trap set by harper and it caught turdumb, harper knew that liberals couldnt help but interfere and he made it law to not allow it to happen and turdumb did it anyways and is now caught!

  5. Standing up for jobs in a corrupt corporation is just standing up for corrupt corporations. We need a new leader, this one is destroying the country.

  6. Trudeau was found guilty of the most serious ethics crime.
    The liberal government should be dissolved immediately and an election held within 14 days.

    1. @Marilyn sheppard yup, but he appointed the useless gov gen and the queen typically lets her take lead in canada

  7. He should have apologized—REMEMBER Trudeau’s appalling behaviour on election day and make him pay for his disgusting arrogance.

    1. He lies, so what if he does apologize. It goes way beyond that. Jail is the only proper solution. He has the highest job in the land, and yet he sends penny-anny drug dealers to jail for years. Come on. This guy is a deep seated criminal and has done more damage to Canada in the last 3 1/2 years than anyone in history.

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