Trudeau moves to new location, addresses supporters after earlier rally cancelled

Trudeau moves to new location, addresses supporters after earlier rally cancelled 1


  1. can barely stomach listening to his smarmy bad acting. Here he is speaking to all his supporters – no one – in the dark, after being run out of Bolton ON today

  2. Had nothing to do with the heckling he’s getting ? I mean he did call for an election when he thought he could win in this dangerous time

    1. They are about to steal your election. That’s why he called the election, they are prepared to get the results they want.

    1. Money is digits on a computer now. Even the lowly bank teller addicted to whatever knows this. Some get caught, it’s just not advertised.

    1. @SierraKiloGulf Without Trudeau, you are very likely dead now and is buried 5 feet underground due to Covid.

  3. He tried to pull the same stunt last time. Remember when they trotted him out in a bomb proof vest at one of his events, then whisked him away to safety. Meanwhile none of the other attendees were evacuated from the room? What a faker. Maybe he should show the courage to answer the questions that these concerned protesters, instead of running and hiding. After all, aren’t we all in this together?

    1. he can’t build anything at his skill level
      it took Trudeau 37 hammer hits to drive in 1 nail
      I DOUBT He has ever built anything in his life – to build back better .

    1. @Mike Mackinnon Printing money is fun, if it’s backed with labour and if it is printed without the burden of interest. 100 percent employment and single income families can be a reality.

    2. @Tom truth there forsure. Most who support him are single divorced and in a professional position. Trust me I have lots from HS that love this guy. In their eyes his wrongs are still better than the last guys LOL.

  4. I really do love the thumbnail image though. Literally the moment he realized his 6uild 6ack 6etter buddies sold him out and he’s on his own

  5. So he couldn’t handle the fact that more than half the Country hates him and ran away and set up a new event somewhere else. No one was at risk. What a baby.

  6. I don’t blame you Justin–if I had done little with my life except live off of daddies money, and someone came to me and offered me the PM’s office– I would have taken the job as well. It’s the liberal party that needs a lesson..

  7. Remember, the Liberal party Equality minister of Canada said yesterday, ‘Taliban is our Canadian brothers”

    1. @Randy M Do you know if she ever got her citizenship issues resolved? If she did not how can she run for office if she is not a citizen.

    2. “Our brothers the Taliban” is the exact quote.

      Idk about you but I do not consider rapists and other degenerates to be my brothers, but they make up the LPC voting base so I understand why she does.

  8. He practically had an army protecting him against some pissed off Canadians and didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to get out of his safe space and speech.

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