Trudeau needs to call out China's 'open hostility' and Trudeau needs to respond strongly: Lin 1

Trudeau needs to call out China’s ‘open hostility’ and Trudeau needs to respond strongly: Lin


McDonald-Laurier Institute's Anastasia Lin says the Canadian government needs to call out China in the face of open hostility.


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  1. Sorry but we just don’t have that kind of leadership. Trudeau would much rather call out average Canadians.

  2. To be fair, I normally come here for the down vote, however today, I voted in the affirmative. After all, there are exceptions to rules, and even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    1. Of course there is no verdict in the trial. This is the point at which they say to Trudeau, OK, now are you gonna do more of what we want, or shall we put the other one on trial, find no verdict in that trial too and then squeeze you again? And if that doesn’t work we can sentence them both to death and carry out the death penalty two days before the next general election. How are you going to look then?

  3. I can’t remember the last time I saw a news video on youtube with political content that had more likes than dislikes.

    1. You mean a video with Trudeau in the title? LOL, only way is if the poster (look at some of CBC’s) is fudging them.

    1. The last time I heard the words Canada and backbone in the same sentence it had something to do with hockey,before that WWII maybe.

    2. If your ever allowed to vacation out of country again ppl will ask you where your from, you’ll tell them and they’ll laugh at you.

    1. @Mike Ba seems to me like he’s not the PM… maybe leadership of the country should take a stand, not opposition leaders…

    2. @Maolin Ren It’s a matter of principle, not for the observation of the rest of the world. Do you keep your house tidy for your own satisfaction or for when visitors come over to judge it?

  4. Trudeau’s engaging in in his personal idea of International diplomacy which is: accept all the money they give you, and in return do anything they want. (Meanwhile thay publicly they are vewy, vewy naughty and should thtop doing bad things.)

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