Trudeau or O'Toole? If an election is called, who would emerge as prime minister? | TREND LINE 1

Trudeau or O’Toole? If an election is called, who would emerge as prime minister? | TREND LINE's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos take a look at the numbers as speculation over a federal election continues to grow.

Who's best positioned to win a majority mandate — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, or the Erin O'Toole-led Conservative Party?

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  1. None of the party leaders appeal to me. Where are those with real leadership qualities? Oh that’s right who in their right mind would want to run in the political circus today.

    1. Lol, trudeau’s $350B deficit would look like pocket change compared to what jagmeet would spend. And would divide Canadians far worse than trudeau already has.

  2. I think Canada would be better off with no Prime Minister at all than have Trudeau get in for another term.

    1. @GoMan Justin’s father was behind murders of indigenous children, wtf is wrong with you. If you support trudeau you support murder of innocent children.

    2. And so was every conservative p.m before Pierre Trudeau. Justin is moving things forward instead of hiding from the truth. Deal with it

    3. @rick74304 you do realize that before trudeau it was Pearson, who was also a lib, right? I think we can all agree that main culprit behind indigenous children’s murder and abuse was Liberal Party of Canada along with Catholic Church. It would make sense to abolish liberal party and bar anyone who was part of it from participating in politics indefinitely.

  3. Problem is I would not vote for either both parties should vote for a new leader before an election the I might look at conservatives or liberals.

    1. That is the wrong answer as per the oligarchy, You will need to be sent for re programming for wrong think.

    1. If you think that fat bland nothing is inspiring you’re just a conservative pretending they are not.

    2. @lockejohn18 our country is being run into hell and your prime focus is O’Toole’s pant size?

    1. @GNR FOREVER1978 We don’t vote for a leader. We vote for an MP candidate for our district. So maybe this guy is in Poilievre’s riding.

    2. @MrPaul1872 He doesn’t have a riding hes finance minister hes not up for a vote stupid!!!

  4. TRUDEAU has to go
    I would like to see Pierre be our Prime minister. So I would vote PC.
    We have to have a change.

    1. Lol, u mean that dude that just talks a lot, but never actually ever provides a solution, lol 😂 that’s why he got demoted ur too blind to see it

  5. Erin “The Tool” is a disgrace to true Conservatives. He’s acting like Trudeau-Lite. Therefore, by playing the middle ground, he’s hated by EVERYONE. If I wanted Trudeau-Lite, I would just… Vote for Trudeau… We need a true alternative.

  6. Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide EVERYTHING. – Joseph Stalin. As has been proven over the last year down south, but dont take my word for it lmfao.

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