Trudeau, O’Toole spar over energy, COVID-19 inflation during first question period since election


  1. $10.00 per day (per child) is fine. But it only helps a certain group of Candians (i.e. young families). What plans are there for the rest of the population? I don’t hear anything else of value from the Liberals (i.e. cutting carbon tax)!

    1. As a senior Canadian with young adult children with their own children, I can tell you that the assistance with child care is a great step forward.

    2. Well go in Quebec there still 32,000 kids who don’t have a place in these day cares, and if it is like Quebec it cost much more than what they said in the beginning, the government take care of buying the land, build a building, maintain it, pay the employees, it is extremely costing, and the parents who save on daycare will see their taxes and those of everybody goes up. That s the thing they don’t say.

  2. Love how Cons are “fighting” for BC, yet they do nothing for climate, so contradictive. Both these parties are pathetic and are not able to deal with the challenges we face on the economy, climate, wealth inequality, housing, energy workers, trade issues, healthcare or technology. Incompetence on all sides. Its why so many don’t vote and why parties are winning elections with less Canadians support.

  3. Is it a joke? Otoole was being fired at because he acted more like a liberal than conservative. Now he acts like Jagmeet Singh.

  4. Can the Parliament please invoke Legislation FORBIDDING Justin Trudeau from saying the word CANADIAN’S? Not only does he make the word sound DIRTY. I know he’s not talking about MOST Canadians, just a handful.

  5. Trudeau has done little to nothing to address reconciliation. Also not interested in inflation or any economics.

  6. Money printing=moneylaundering= inflation =theft. Which Empire is dying? Which currency is on life support? Recouple wages to Productivity, vote yes on Wealth tax, universal pharmacare

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