1. Trudeau (once again) using a non-Canadian issue to try to switch topics and deflect…. waited for this.

    1. @bill shiff 30% in a multi party system is incredibly substantial for a deplorable.

      Also, liberals split votes with ndp every election. But a bit of nuance is always lost on the right

  1. Defend women’s right to choose, unless it’s medical then he decides what’s right for you.

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen Ford try to do any of what you claim.

  2. Whenever I listen to him ‘speak moistly’ about anything other than Canadians’ needs, I feel vomiting.

  3. So much wrong here. He says Canada is Standing up for all rights. Except last week he said defending yourself and the life of your family is not a right in Canada, so goodbye gun rights.

  4. When he sees a wedge issue, he’s all in. (And it doesn’t matter that it’s in the USA.)

  5. Oh wow, he sees an issue outside of Canada and stands up for women’s rights and freedoms, all holier than thou! Typical autocrat!

  6. Meanwhile Trudeau suppressing my right of what goes into MY body! What a hypocrisy! He thinks he is such a valued member of “peopleskind😂” while the whole world laughs at him!

  7. But wait,…what’s a woman?
    How can one lose rights if there isn’t even a definition?

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