Trudeau pledges more funding for long-term care | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Trudeau pledges more funding for long-term care | COVID-19 in Canada


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau pledged more funding for Canada's long-term care homes, which were ravaged by the first wave of COVID-19.

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    1. @stephen letts private health care os better. That’s why forcing everyone on a government system was found to be a violation of human rights as found by the Canadian Supreme Court

    2. @stephen letts From our RECENT experience the private care homes we dealt with were way ahead of the government run ones.

    3. What about seniors 60 years old, alone and scared, barely paying their rent and food on small amount of monthly pension and can’t even afford cable or buy a TV or a decent bed? Who is checking up on them, do they even matter to anyone?

    1. @Bogdan905 we don’t use voting machines bruh or at le I’ve never heard of anyone or seen one, unless it’s a big city loser thing

  1. Someone get this drama teacher an Oscar! That was an incredible powerful performance. And that’s all it was. A performance. This dude blows

    1. @Jake Graham A better question, What has he done for Canadians? Forget the Klown phlue, of which he just babbled on for months on end from his “cave”. I mean real things.

    2. @Jake Graham you don’t know because you live under a rock. Voting Rock-dwellers are the reason everything turns to shite.

    3. @Mel G I asked a question and you can’t even respond with an answer. You’re no better than Trudeau by the sounds of it

  2. This unqualified child has no business running this country. His leadership is shameful, his policies are destroying the economy and families . A massive catastrophic failure.

    1. As a matter of fact, anybody else would be no better than him. They are all the same. They put as much money in their pockets as possible, and leave. Politicians are pretty much all the same guys. They simply change the name of the political party.

  3. It’s easy to pledge billions when you most unforgivably “don’t think about monetary policy.” Not that we shouldn’t look after our elderly. But maybe we need someone who can think to begin with.

    1. It’s a tad late, they are mostly dead from covid, the only places actually affected by covid were elderly care facilities. They make up over 90 percent or more of actual covid deaths yet Justin is only NOW getting around to giving them support now that there is an election. He is pathetic

  4. This guy is such a joke he seems like the person to call the cops on you while
    Pretending to be your friend

    1. I’m justifying my conservative vote with the fact that Pierre Poilievre is part of the conservative party and might and will probably have a say if O’Toole tries to do anything as stupid as Trudeau.

  5. He is trying to buy votes, but remember inflation is highest its ever been in decades. More spending will only add fuel to the dumpster fire.

  6. How about that 2015 promise for affordable housing for all Canadians? Homes have literally doubled in price in the past six years across the board. I don’t believe in coincidence, this was your goal.

    1. Oh come on now, those 2015 promises are long gone, now we’re talking about new promises that will never be fulfilled.

    2. Affordable housing not for the middle class. He meant for refugees and everyone whose not middle class.

  7. My mother was in a nursing home for 18 years after having a major stroke at a young age. This was in the ’80’s. It was brutal then and it is brutal now. It breaks my heart. How many times I fought for my mom and everything fell on deaf ears. Too little and way too late!

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