1. Alberta’s authorities, Dr. Hinshaw and Jason Kenney decided upon Alberta’s covid public health policies, and Alberta government implemented them. Ottawa did not do that. Albertans need to look in their own mirrors re: how to manage their own pandemic. Stop blaming Ottawa for Alberta’s covid track record

    2. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 It’s you covidian cultist winning all the Darwin awards these days. 🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕

    3. Alberta also says no to Liberal government corruption and abuse of power, it’s about time. Wish more provinces would come on board.

    1. Just like his step dad. He was on the train when it got pelted with veggies. Must have a short memory.

    1. @Android thats fine, you guys are welcome, but do not bring with you the voting practices/mentality of the east with you

  1. That’s OK Mr politics teacher, Ottawa puts up a big enough stink and the next step will be separation
    as in a referendum, already legally sussed out by Quebec. What’s sauce for Quebec is sauce for Alberta!

    1. Dude I hope so! I’d move from Ontario to Alberta tomorrow if Alberta separated! But I think it’s very unlikely unless you can get a American president on board.

  2. Oh Trudeau is “concerned” about Alberta all of a sudden is he? Who exactly did he talk to? Notley? This should have been done 30 years ago.

  3. Totally disagree with this assessment, Not sure where he got this assumption that Albertans feel differently. who wouldnt be tired of the federal government is always interfering.

  4. How is taking away the power of someone on the other side of the country to make decisions for Alberta taking away Albertans freedoms? It literally does the opposite

  5. ‘Right Honorable Prime Minister’
    Never has this title been more contradictory to the one that holds it than right now.

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