Trudeau, Rempel Garner spar over cause of rising inflation 1

Trudeau, Rempel Garner spar over cause of rising inflation


Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner and Prime Minister Trudeau debated the issues of inflation during question period.

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    1. @Derek Evans yes, there’s a case or two where he paid a female off and there’s a gag order. One of them is in Vancouver.

  1. Remember when Justin said “ You’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy”
    And now we are seeing the results of NOT THINKING

    1. He doesn’t even know what monetary policy is. No one with an ounce of intelligence whatever say something so stupid.

  2. Is he really that stupid! Wow! “Justinflation” I can’t believe someone in his party didn’t interrupt him! That is going to be the running joke on every late night talk show for months to come! Some days it must be really difficult to be a liberal voter!

    1. Its funny JT came in full of light for Canada and the light is gone and he just wants him and his friends to be rich before hes out of there.

  3. I’m sorry Justin Trudeau you have no clue at all what we as Canadian workers are going through right now! I work 2 Jobs and now have to get a 3rd Job so I don’t have go into debt having to use credit! I’m burnt out! As they say you are just not ready to lead this beautiful country! Please go back to that Island and stay there Justin!

    1. If you can’t make it in Canada, it’s not other people’s fault and it doesn’t matter which politician won. It’s your own fault. Maybe your just a loser.

    2. @Salty Wet Reefer Ok buckwheat 😂 Go smoke more Reefer! Move out your Mom and Dad’s house get a job and pay some bills then we can chat! POC

  4. Why doesn’t Rempel also demand Trudeau commit to get oil prices to $100 bbl while also getting gas prices at 30 cents a litre? The BOC average inflation target remains 2%, but that doesn’t mean inflation will be there. Moreover, monetary policy, in this case, isn’t even the most effective response, nor does Canada have significant control over current inflation. Once again, the CPC showing it has no actual policy ideas, but it will take every opportunity to blame others for anything they can.

    1. @markgallicano Lol, sure he did. He campaigned on the CPC platform because he ran on their ticket. You might think he disagreed with it and just didn’t say, but that just goes to show both his own dishonesty and the Conservative MO I described at the beginning. Meaning, presenting no ideas to address anything, but freely blaming after the fact.

  5. We could help this country out so much if we just can’t get some more oil to the coast! Families livelihoods are at stake!

  6. We wouldn’t need help with child care if prices didn’t sky rocket… you know what isn’t going up? My wage… so making everything cost more, nullifies getting any sort of child care benefits. What I want, is an affordable life where the working class can get ahead, buy a house and put food on the table for 3 meals a day. Does anyone else think it’s time for a revolution?

    1. Your wages go up. Cost go up. Your money is also losing purchasing power cause it continues to lose value. It’s pure theft. Most won’t ever be able to get ahead. There won’t be a revolution because they’ll start UBI programs to pacify everyone since excessive money printing won’t ever stop .

  7. Can we change that to single parents, not just the moms. Our city only helps moms and the single dads get the run around “Sorry its for women only” Such a joke.

    1. If you’ve been denied help because you’re a single Dad, that’s a Human Rights Violation. You can file a claim online and it’s free. Gather evidence of your denial because you’re not a single Mom. This is a very serious claim.

  8. Thanks Michelle!! Trudeau just doesn’t care about the plight of the average Canadian in my opinion. He doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills and work hard for a small paycheck. So sad he’s making policy right now.

  9. Working 35-40 hours a week in Ontario at $17 a hour will barley get you a one bedroom apart in the gta , if you want to live decently in a 2 bedroom, for a small family it cost a little over $2000 a moth just for basic rent in a apartment not even a condo

  10. Still beyond me why we didn’t kick “Justinflation” to the curb… Ontario you need to pay better attention… the rest of Canada let you know how we feel at the poles… Going to be a rough ride but hopefully everyone makes it through being dragged through the dirt once again.

  11. According to Trudeau, “the budget will balance itself”! He should have been kicked out when he made a fool out of himself saying that. Harper said it “He isn’t ready (to be PM) and he never will be”.

  12. Love how they were all laughing at him when he used his own “Justinflation” thanks Pierre
    Some dumb broads behind JT looked dumbfounded with the laughter. JT’s got their backs

  13. uh! did he say support for seniors!? I am a senior and I would just love to know what SUPPORT Trudeau is talking about exactly cause I haven’t gotten any support at all!!!

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