Trudeau responds to calls for action against Saudi Arabia 1

Trudeau responds to calls for action against Saudi Arabia


After a damaging U.S. report into the death of Jamal Khashoggi, Prime Minister Trudeau responds to calls for action against Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Every time I hear Trudeau speak, my estimation of his character plunges further into the depths of my despair.

    1. Debrah have you noticed that Trudeau hasn’t been in Parliament for months now? Did you see his bizarre behaviour with the betting bill a few days ago? I have a funny feeling that we won’t have to worry about Trudeau for much longer. But who can Canadians trust if an election is to be held?

  2. Trudeau against the prince lol Trudeau does not care about the human rights and just focus on getting personally rich

  3. I don’t believe Trudeau or any of these other “leaders” sincerely care about the subject. It’s just posturing.

  4. Again dont care, we are choosing what civil war to intervene in. I want to see action in Myanmar more than any saudi action.

  5. I feel Trudeau times is coming to an end. He have done so many shady deals that align with the new world order it’s sickening

  6. Trudeau would have to uncross his legs to stand up to anything. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Nice title tho

  7. Im surprised he even said that their not our allies. Hes such a coward i wasnt expecting this other than that nothing will ever coming off that governement

  8. “Dismembered with a bone saw” more of that beautiful religion of peace at work. So glad our lefty leaders think we need to enrich western culture with such a backwards part of the world.

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