Trudeau responds to harsh criticism from Ukraine’s Zelenskyy

Trudeau responds to harsh criticism from Ukraine's Zelenskyy 1


  1. Hey Zelenskyy, if you want give JT harsh criticism, get in line. There’s many Canadians in the que in front of you.

  2. The girl to his right is rolling her eyes like everyone else in Canada tired of hearing this robot spew his garbage.

  3. You are not allowed to criticize Trudeau, in his own words “those views are unacceptable and have no place in Canada.”

    1. @Level1Hera You just described what Ukrainians did in Maidan Square. Occupied domestic infrastructure & violence. It lasted for 3 months.

    1. He is known for dodging questions with long answers. Thinks his pretty boy snobbish voice can slip it by

    2. @kat liit Not like all those other politicians who give straight answers lol. Look he said his piece, it’s not hard to translate “We’re still with Ukraine, this was an assist to Germany, not to Russia. Germany is still struggling to find solutions because they didn’t see this going this far this quick and like a bunch of places they’re still dependent on Russian energy.” Whether you buy the reasoning behind his answer or not, he answered the question.

    3. @Jeff Spicolli In the conditions of war, Zelensky himself does not block gas transit, but continues to receive money from Russia for gas transit. Learn to use your brain and logic already …

    4. @Lurklen Its ridiculous. The money is still going to Ukraine indirectly from Canada through Germany. Trudeau does not support pipelines in Canada yet here he is supporting Russian pipelines.

    1. How dares he talk about rule of law? The worst prime minister, the worst lier and his lack of respect for Constitution is just as appalling

    2. @Monica Pushkin haha I would have used that line from School of Rock, but I’ve seen him box, there’s no way he’d be teaching gym lol

  4. He’s done it again! Juuust incredible… managed to talk for minutes at a time and say nothing at all. Another question skillfully avoided.

    1. @adaptiveagile I thought it was an excellent speech and explanation. Too complicated for you?

    2. His reponse to the war in ukraine has been FAR more tactful and strategic than the CPC would have ever done , and we should be giving him credit for that alone

    3. The reporter asked him to respond to zelensky saying this is unaccetable. And trudeau responded. He said it was a difficult decision but we cannot punish germany and our allies because of russias energy blackmail. a tough decision but necessary to help Germany and others. How can it not be any more clearer than that?

  5. Don’t worry the Turbines will just get lost on Air Canada and at baggage in the clusterfuck of Pearson International Airport due to logistics so he could tell Zelensky that the turbines will take forever to get back

    1. @Safe Space Cafe🍁 no matter how they are shipped, we will be covering the cost. Sad isn’t it?

    1. He answered it for a change…educate yourselves. It’s quite simple. Russia has oil and they know Europe needs it.

  6. He doesn’t put thoughts in answering the question. He’s just trying to say what may sound the most politically correct.

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