Trudeau rips CPC leadership candidates over stance on climate change

Trudeau rips CPC leadership candidates over stance on climate change 1


  1. Citizens can’t afford to pay their mortgage, put food on the table, gas in their vehicles. All this clown is worried about is climate change and taxing Canadians more. That just boggles my mind Trudeau. Maybe you should do the noble thing and resign.

  2. ugghhh the sound of his voice gives me a headache. boggles his mind? too bad the leader of the liberal party is clueless on reality. taxes dont lower climate.

  3. This guy should not be talking about the economy or the climate based on his own parties handling of the country. What a DB.

  4. A cursory review of dildeaus policy’s and the actual effects of them should tell you It doesn’t take much to boggle his mind.

  5. As he fly around the world and across the country. How many planes does he use for these trips??? What a complete Hypocrite

  6. He doesn’t care about the concerns of average Canadians, inflammation, lack of affordable housing, the everyday fiasco that our border agents have to deal with every day yet this government does not look interested in cleaning up their messes, just avoiding talking about them.

  7. Yes two elections where the “price on pollutiion was upheld” by the smallest of minorities in the history of Canada not to mention not winning the popular vote either.
    I’m not sure of his location while lecturing Canadian’s on pollution but I’m sure he got there in a jet aircraft.

    1. He was in Kelowna yesterday and AB today, so yah, by jet. And the 10 full sized SUV convoy that stay idling for a few hours while he does his speech about accusing everyone else of not taking climate change seriously.

  8. Singh needs to end this coalition with trudeau and so we can force him to call an election before 2025.
    Three more years with this clown is way to much.

  9. Lots of things boggle his mind. Like our constitutional rights of mobility without discrimination. Our right as Canadians to enter our own country. Our right to protest. Our right to chose what goes in our bodies. Balancing a budget. Being accountable for multiple scandals.

    Yeah he’s pretty mind boggled

  10. Trudeau is the worst politician we’ve ever had. I’m ashamed of Canadians, not sure if this is even Canada any more.

  11. If climate change boggles his mind, then his privilege is showing, while everyone else is focusing on paying their mortgage, this guy flies around and preaches climate change

  12. I admire Justinsane Screwdough….ALWAYS flying around the world 🌎 in his solar powered jet, driving around in his Tesla…always drinking water from a reusable water bottle. Yes, he is a great leader, ALWAYS leading by example. The world 🌎 should be in awe of how sanctimonious our PM is.

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