Trudeau says he's looking into mandatory vaccinations for federal workers 1

Trudeau says he’s looking into mandatory vaccinations for federal workers


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's looking at possible mandatory vaccinations for federal workers.

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    1. @roof pizza if we keep a closer eye on the election itself, I’d say it’s a certainty. But the gg probably won’t sign off on the next election, will she?

  1. they cant not make it mandatory or he would have to take responsibility for any adverse effects. even the company who makes it doesnt want that.. the government sure don’t. its all just talk.

    1. @Limpy Lumpkers very weak argument. It’s on the horizon wether you like it or not. Biden has already done it.

    2. Weak argument. Let’s say the person dies. “It was worth the risk for everyone’s safety.” Next topic.

    3. @campion04 yes! and if its worth the risk for only a few… then why not say that on jan 2020. only a few will get sick and die.

    1. Bud trump is superior to biden or trudeau id vote trump any day FACTS OVER bias made up apion…

  2. I’m just impressed he was able to complete his sentences, I’m counting this one as a win

  3. I ALWAYS take my medical advice from part time bouncers, part time ski instructors, part time drama teach ers, and full time pedophil es.

  4. By” looking into it”, he means he will ask if it will help at the polls. Mark my words, if he gets re-elected, lockdowns and closed borders will be back in place

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