Trudeau slams O'Toole for 'protecting anti-vaxxers' by hiding member's vaccine status 1

Trudeau slams O’Toole for ‘protecting anti-vaxxers’ by hiding member’s vaccine status


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau claimed Erin O'Toole is 'protecting anti-vaxxers' by asking his candidates to hide their vaccine status.

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  1. Mr. O’Toole at least trying (or pretending) to respect human rights. I don’t trust him anyway, but the fact he’s not pushing vaccines on his party / refuses to disclose the stats, makes him already a better person than you, Mr. Trudeau.

  2. Interesting……. I thought that the job of an elected official specially the prime minister was to protect the freedoms/rights of all citizens not just the ones doing what he thinks is “the right thing”. In addition to that why would anyone force someone to share their personal medical information? That is up to each individual to decide if he/she want to share it or not.

    1. @Matt Vella incredible. can you really be so naïve? interesting documents, the constitution and the charter of rights. maybe you should look them up one day.

    2. @Matt Vella The list is too long to waste time on listing them all but right to travel, right to assemble, right to protest, right to bodily autonomy, …

    1. @Mimikayla Gonzales oh please. You have more of a chance of ending up in the hospital with that crap in your system. Once those side effects set in you won’t know what hit you.

    1. Agreed. They’re trying to talk as if they are opposing each other when in reality O’Toole and Trudeau are the same party.

  3. ‘Trudeau slams…’? Trudeau’s desperate and his statements in violation of Canadian and international law prove he’s unfit to govern. Beside, how many cover-ups has he been involved with these past six years anyway? Hypocrite…

  4. I’d rather vote for a party that has a few unvaccinated candidates, than a party that supports a continuous parade of candidates with sexual assault charges against them, including a sexual assault by their leader.

    1. It’s actually terrifying. I go from laughing, then crying, then having nightmares, then laughing again. Then crying. Then fearing for my life.

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