Trudeau: Spavor, Kovrig are on the way home to Canada 1

Trudeau: Spavor, Kovrig are on the way home to Canada


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have left China and are on the way home to Canada.

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    1. @Cotton the Easter Cottontail Rabbit She was detained in her mansion because her captors (kidnappers) knew she was a geopolitical pawn, and besides, she paid the costs of the 24/7 monitoring by government goons.

    2. @Cotton the Easter Cottontail Rabbit All of Meng Wanzhou’s expenses in Canada in the past three years were spent by Meng himself. The Canadian government confiscated her property in Canada, including a villa which was confiscated by the government.

    1. You Nincompoop ….
      They were held as ransom, Her charges were dropped…thats THE ONLY reason these 2 canadians are being sent home.

      You cannot put politics aside on this story, ITS THE WHOLE STORY!!!

    2. @David Smith the point of the post was to express my satisfaction with this finally ending. Sort of signaling I didn’t care to discuss anything beyond that point.

    3. @mark sperring I want you to know I understand 100% what you are saying and expressing.

      Let’s celebrate them being home TODAY. NO ONE expected them releases on the same day, absolutely no one!

      There is plenty of time to discuss the politics in the coming days and weeks.

      Today, we celebrate that this is over which i can say with 100% certainty that is all the Michaels and their families care about this very weekend

    4. @David Smith These two are (not) innocent law-abiding citizens. They are international criminals. Take wang back and keep those 2 thugs our jails are already full of these types.

  1. I’m glad they are being released but so soon after Meng’s release leaves me to assume it was all political. And if it was political, there’s always a price to pay.

    1. You can’t put politics aside. Trudeau previously claimed this was a matter for the courts. With the PM announcing we can see that it is political after all.

  2. Glad to see their suffering finally coming to an end. Regardless of our opinions on the politics surrounding the situation, so glad they can return to their families.

    1. what is an INTENSIVIST doing in charge of our Doctors in Canada ?

      its a life or death question . INTENSIVIST make over our Doctors

  3. Trudeau had absolutely nothing to do with it either. Had his tail between his legs the whole time . He probably cried

  4. Canadian diplomacy won tonight. Now pay back citizens money wasted two years fighting legal expenses and what not. Yea woo hoo!

  5. Trudeau could have ended this long ago but once again Trudeau’s reality differs from most, therefore neglecting and abusing all persons involved as it has had a domino effect. Trudeau is a strategist in a negative and selfish, self serving way.!!!!!

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