1. They were here because the conservatives signed a military cooperation agreement. I don’t like Trudeau either but he didn’t have anything to do with starting this.

  1. Why is our military training Chinese troops as they spy all over the world . Who is the woman deported from Manitoba while working at the virology lab ?

  2. 30% on everything coming to Canadian’s by then end of 2021.
    Canada is in meltdown from covid19 and our pretty boy leader, is already throwing Canada in to the abyss…

  3. Trudeau: Impose “Net-Zero” on Canadians because “Science”.

    Also Trudeau: 1.2 million target immigrants over 3 years to one of the coldest countries in the world with some of the highest carbon emissions per capita.

  4. Remember this PM you know you can’t Trust !!!! 99% of what comes out of his mouth is pollution, Thats what Canadians need to fix!!!!!

  5. Imaginary Industry, Imaginary jobs and Imaginary vision of reversing climate change. Amazing what politicians think taxing you can do.

  6. I really hope there is some other hero out there to drive halfway across the country and pay him a visit. Just make sure he’s home this time.

  7. Trudeau got a little carried away with the money printer and now realized that it wasn’t free – this is just one of many upcoming facades designed to pay for it

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