Trudeau will call federal election kicking off five-and-a-half week campaign

Prime Minister Trudeau will launch the federal election tomorrow, with polls showing the Liberals hold a narrow lead over the Conservatives.


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  1. Hopefully it’ll be like Florida in 2000. No one makes up their mind so now Canada can’t do anything!!! GENIUS!!!

  2. It will be a very sad day for Canada if Trudeau gets back in. There has never been a time when there has been so much division in the Country. I pray for our Canada.

    1. Harper was way more divisive. I think when the baby boomers start not being a majority there will be less division. They’re the only group that can’t see that *progressive conservative* neoliberal policies have not addressed our largest existential threats to our well-being including climate change and the shrinking middle class

    1. @k v who me? Ha im the only one with a photo up. Move along.

      Liberals have stolen our money, valour and our virtue for far too long. If we never see this party again, itll be too soon.

      The ONLY ones that remain are the ones theyve pandered to and are getting more than their fair share. Sellouts.

      All or none. PPC for our sovereignty!!

  3. Justin Trudeau is hands down the worst PM in Canadian history. Horrible social policies, terrible economic vision, horrible world vision.

    Remember when he said Canada was a post-national country? He clearly isn’t working for Canada. He’s a fraud.

  4. Oh great, just after he and his government blocked the RCMP from investigating potential obstruction of justice in the handling of the prosecution of SNC Lavalin Group Inc. while once again claiming no part in that decision. He definitely needs to go. He thinks he’s the master in manipulation when in fact he’s nothing more than an obstructionist & a bratty rule breaker 😝😝😝

  5. wait he can “dissolve pairlament and trigger elections”?  seriously?  is like the socialist dictator maduro in Venezuela.   so glad I live in the united States.

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