Trudeau's attacks on the Conservative Party's health-care plan may be working: Nanos | TREND LINE 1

Trudeau’s attacks on the Conservative Party’s health-care plan may be working: Nanos | TREND LINE


The Liberals’ repeated attacks against the Conservatives concerning Canada’s public health-care system might be working, says Nik Nanos.

According to the latest nightly tracking conducted by Nanos Research for CTV News and The Globe and Mail, support for the Liberals is at 35.9 per cent, the Conservatives are at 32.7 per cent, and the NDP have dropped down to 16.8 per cent.

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  1. I am trying so hard not to remark on the campaigns. I don’t want to cost the Liberals the vote. The other parties do know about me I found out the other day, so lips zipped for now.

    1. the liberals deserve everything they have coming to them, & I hope you’re mad & upset at yourself when they lose.

    1. @RawMaterialENT he wants more privatized health care. Meaning he wants more private clinics, more testing labs (like life labs), more x ray and MRI clinics. There are lots private currently. So waits at hospitals and these clinics aren’t overcrowded and long wait lines.

    2. @Christian Brunette I’m ok with a two tiered healthcare system with the option of expediency through partial privitization.

  2. Hot take: NDP might honestly be the best option to vote for… considering that Erin o toole isn’t a well known face and we don’t really know enough about him to determine any hidden agendas and on the other hand poll show that a large percentage of Canadians believe that Trudeau is hiding something and thats why he called for a re-election

  3. Then why do so many doctors and nurses and patients leave here to go to the USA for jobs and better working conditions and timelier and better care?

  4. that’s fine, he can whine & sob all he wants.. he called his own resignation a year early & I couldn’t be happier.

  5. If Trudeau’s last 6 years was as successful as he thinks it was, he’d have no problem ignoring the other parties and campaigning on his accomplishments.

  6. Mr Harper would have you believe you have to choose between the environment and economy. We Liberals will do both! – Trudeau. 6 years later, has done neither but make life more expensive.

  7. Liberals and ndp should merge into 1 party, refuse the bloc as a federal party and remove Trudeau as leader. There, politics solved…. next. Lol

  8. Trudeau is sinking and desperate. He has no platform and his party is tripping all over the place. Totally ridiculous to call an election and being so ill prepared. We all new he had no substance…

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