‘True economic reconciliation’ missing from budget: AFN chief

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Roseanne Archibald explains how the federal budget will impact Indigenous communities.

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  1. Are they gonna paying taxes , now that the government has allocated all these billions of dollars.?. Just wondering.

  2. She is correct in senses, just she doesn’t go into much depth. I feel things need to be done to help ppl, and addiction is a big role in life in general and big in indigenous communities. There should be no reason ppl waiting to get tax cheque and spending it at liquor store. We need to invest in ppl.

  3. It’s not about throwing money at ppl because that’s irresponsible because some ppl don’t know how to manage money. It’s about working together.

    1. Mr Jason Vail is an expert trader on a certified broker, I’ve worked with him for years, everyone he processes he or her trade, is so lucky, all you have to do is believe in him and fellow his guidance. Then sip your drink and relax.

    2. @Youcef Belakrouf For me i have been working with him for a year and four months. And I have been getting my profits seems legit to me

  4. It hurts having a boot constantly on my throat , I can’t breathe, I can’t live like this I can only exist , I refuse to wake up every morning with the same boot on my throat and for the purpose of existing so those who see themselves as KIngs can Live a full Life, Jesus is Sovereign and when he takes HIS Thrown He will be using them as HIS foot stool. ~ He Promised and I believe in HIS Word.

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