1. Mark_Isa_Pussy. must suck parading thru life a #TDS triggered and proud, fake news worshipping assclown. Criminal court judge laughed when approached and asked about Trump rape case..and responded theres no evidence, theres no case.The haters couldnt even produce an affidavit which is first step in a criminal court proceeding. So go burn in he ll you libtarded pos.!

  1. She better get all the interviews she can get so she can sell her book because her 5 mins of fame is about to run out.

  2. Shocker. CNN cut of the part where she said “Rape is sexy” and Anderson Cooper cut the interview short right away. Big surprise since they are such an honest media outlet haha.

    1. Not the Racist Rapist 2020!

      You paid trolls can keep it up all day. We know this is your job. But I’m responding to one thread today and I’m not going to let you deflect or distract. Trump is a Rapist! He’s had over a dozen allegations that goes back to the 80’s including his second wife! He’s cheated on all his wives and openly bragged about sexually harassing women on a hot mic. He also bragged about walking into teen age girls dressing rooms when he ran beauty pageants! How more proof do you need? In fact he could rape your own daughters and you trolls would still deny it because you’re paid to deny it. You sold your souls and you’re complete scum!

    1. @Tamar Rosenberg-Walker she did you moron. Her exaxt words “Many rapes are sexual but this wasn’t sexual” “many rapes are sexy” “many people think rapes are sexy”

  3. why do all these women wait until they are releasing books to come forward with all these allegations- then they cant even remember the year it happened

    1. Chadillac, she’s already writing a book. It’s all coordinated. Anderson is also writing a book perhaps, not like he needs more money 🙂

    2. @James Murphy Evidence so far is …. Gee she’s selling a crappy book that no one will buy unless she finds a propaganda way to promote it to the idiots . ($$$$)
      Gee – at the same time she gets paid for interviews to smear Trump for the Democratic Party. ($$$$)
      Gee lets make it … 20 years ago – just like Blasey-Ford so there’s no proof or evidence except a group picture of a bunch of people. How absolutely ridiculous.
      Worse than the National Enquirer.

    3. @Noiseless Sounds you mean bill clinton and his dyke wife . Pedohile island ,rape charges , and Cathy obrian being raped as a child by your mudering witch killery . There is no one no group of people more perverted than the communist aka american liberals

  4. Then she says *rape is sexy and cnn edits it out but too late this full interview has gone viral thank the lord!

    1. Love to see her lie detector result lol pure lie her 2 husband said she’s lying 5 husband she has a app that designed to split up couples

  5. Anderson Cooper only has a job, because of his mommy is Gloria Vanderbilt.. nepotism regularly benefits the talentless..

  6. Seems like there was more to this interview that I have seen other places. Surely CNN wouldn’t edit out other parts that might, (or might not?) change the entire picture of this woman’s story.

    1. @CD Smith wasn’t that great when all of you thought Hillary Clinton was going to be president, then she lost?

      Remember the Supreme Court justice accused of rape, then he was found to ve completely innocent? Remember when he was sworn in?

      Remember that Russian Collusion accusation and the Mueller report? How are those impeachment proceedings going?

      Remember back in 2009 when a California Democrat wrote the current immigration bill, then Obama enforced it just like Donald Trump is doing (except Obama deported way more people)?

      Remember that whole Jussie Smollett case? Seems like he can’t escape his lies.

      Remember when Liz Warren claimed to be in Indian?

      Remember when Creepy Uncle Joe molested a bunch of young women?

      Remember when Bernie Sanders released his tax returns and it turns out he’s part of the 1% and he took Trump’s tax cut?

      Good times!

      I could go on but I’m bored now.

    2. Why did they leave out where she said most people think of rape as sexy? Why? Because it shows she is a nut! I am the last person to defend Trump, not a fan, but this women’s story is idiotic. I would never be ecstatic about advising him of anything! Would never stay on a floor of any department store with a man I didn’t know. And a place like Bergdorf just happened to leave a dressing room open? Nothing is ever unattended there! And she still just LOOVES the store? Nobody loves where they were raped! Nobody! Ever!

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