Trump accusers celebrate his loss with Inauguration Zoom call

Seven women who accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct gathered together virtually to celebrate the end of his presidency. CNN's Sunlen Serfaty reports on the "sisters of the strange sorority."
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    1. @Joy Phillips How will I pay for it? With the “money I was paid off to”. Because that is not enough to cover the debt owed by whiteys like you who have abused my people for centuries.

    2. @Smartass 012 Time to stop lying – Trump lost fairly, even though he tried hard to rig the election.

    3. @Robert Davidson then he’s not rapist. And there’s no systemic racism given decades of hundreds and hundreds of course loses because of failure to provide evidence.
      And. About the case in point in Antrim county Michigan . it was caught so there is no evidence of voter fraud because they found evidence of voter fraud

    1. @China virus survivor made by fraudchi& cheatocrats
      Is English your second language, you’re terrible at it.

    2. @China virus survivor made by fraudchi& cheatocrats ok.. is it the same sort of stuff like hunters laptop..or frump is fighting a war against a cabal of lizard people who eat baby’s ?? nah.. its all yours bud..

  1. -et j’ai fait un merveilleux voyage grâce à ça. Je reviens souvent. Passez une bonne journée.- 🤓♥️🌿

  2. His 26 accusers (so far) need to have their day in court. Let a jury of his peers decide whether all 26 are lying.

    1. @The Abstract your side of the street is you. Everyone wants to point the finger but guess what. You can only control you. They are responsible for themselves. When you become perfect you can go and tell everyone how imperfect they are

    2. @Matthew Sigurdson That’s pretty absurd. So because I’m not perfect, I can’t call out someone who commits a crime? I don’t have anyone accusing me of sexual assault so I’m pretty comfortable calling out others who do.

    3. @The Abstract No. You’re not calling out someone commiting a crime. You’re in the town square throwing stones about something you know via hearsay

    4. @Sam J exactly. But the thing is if a person is accused of sexual misconduct I won’t take any sides The right mentality is let get to the bottom of this.

    1. @Mark Stuckless isn’t prison suppose to be secure? how did he get killed in prison that makes no sense?

    2. @mohamed said hes not dead.. he is living it up in the basement at mar a lago..donny’s checkmated.. eipstein has the sex tapes.. vlad has the pee tapes..

  3. 71 million people ignored these sexual assault victims and many more which is truly depraved and inexcusable. I wish these women peace and justice.

    1. I agree,how trump gets away with all his disgusting behaviour is beyond me! I just hope he gets what he deserves this time !

    2. 80 million people voted for a man that likes to touch little girls. Or was it 80 million votes? How many votes did he get?

  4. We’ll see how love they Celebrated , When this Dictating Regime , Comes for them.. and hit’s thir pocket book,s 😊 And they have NOthing on His Wife.. At least they can say NO,

    1. Shiloh saves? What.. Saves what? Pennies while neglecting to acknowledge the rap!st you’re defending LOL always jesusfreaks defending rape_

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