Trump Admin Action Poses Huge Risk For Immigrants With Serious Health Issues | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Trump Admin Action Poses Huge Risk For Immigrants With Serious Health Issues | The Last Word | MSNBC


Maria Echaveste, former deputy chief of staff for Pres. Clinton, talks with Lawrence about the end of discretion in immigration policy in the Trump Administration and whether Republicans can be persuaded to stop these deportations.
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Trump Admin Action Poses Huge Risk For Immigrants With Serious Health Issues | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Republicans are immoral and have no humanity, yet they brand themselves as the religious ‘Jesus Christ Party.’

    1. Unicorn On The Cob yup, they bill themselves as morally superior. Notice that last word and just put a different word in front of it.

    2. Pharisees all. Those who love to call themselves Christian, but have nothing but hate and greed in their hearts.  Jesus would never approve of their self-righteous hypocrisy.  His message was love, generosity and kindness.  Evangelicals believe themselves superior to all other faiths, and despise anyone different than them.  Just trumps kind of people.

  2. Someone needs to gut that little weasel that Trump keeps in his front pocket . You know the one that looks like lizard in a skin suit .

  3. Republicans can go no lower or can they? No I think they are a party without morals,heart or empathy. Come on Americans this President has to go. The USA revolts the rest off the world

    1. mmldogs dem dam Dems nominated Killery Hintin as the best soul to represent their Party even with Hubby Bubba-Bill, Epsteins buddy still tagging along for the coattail ride, don’t get confused the government is an ALL Party Failure, if Trump is as bad as they say and the Dems are too weak to get him out then wake up

  4. But, Lawrence, remember this is one case. There are thousands that go under the radar. Where do you start?

    1. LoveIsLovely

      I think Lawrence knows that putting a single sympathetic face on a policy can be very powerful with persuasion. Humanity as the woman said. It’s important to put a face on the consequences of their actions.

    1. Squeaky Vegan there are almost as many psychopathic criminals as there are psychopathic politicians (ratio) they both literally have similar personality profiles, but the United States president should have to pass a minimum IQ hurdle

  5. This is unforgivable.
    Steven Miller is the millstone in Trump’s “Wicked Windmill”, grinding the immigrants like grain every day to bake the bread for his base while they attend the circus that’s this precidency.

    Let’s tear it down.

    1. Dj Martin so is Killery Hintin and the ones who decided she is such a good murderer, cheater, lying C-word unt to best represent their Party

  6. Gimme a break they know full well what they’re doing- they simply do not care! They want to instill the fear of death in anyone who would ever consider coming here.

  7. looks like one/third of congress has a speck of humanitarianism – what a country!  may God bless your future and family accordigly

  8. Appealing to miller’s humanity won’t work. He isn’t human. He’s the puppet clone of joe goebbels (same dead eyes).

  9. When it comes time to vote, inaction is complicity, please do whatever it takes to ensure your vote counts so as to put an end to trump’s decimation of America. .

  10. Calling Ivanka! Calling Ivanka!!! Isn’t she supposed to be the one fighting for children and families? ???

    1. Silent, keeping a low profile since she made a fool of herself overseas. Worthless piece of complicit skin.

    1. shadowcat 10110. . . . moral character or spiritual discernment. In short, an unapologetic, unrepentant reprobate.

  11. The US population should grow a spine and kick this administration into oblivion, like they should have done 2 years ago.

  12. There is nothing anyone can do persuade Stephen Miller. This is a man that protested janitors in his youth. He is the cruelest of men.

  13. republicans/trump/Moscow mitch Have No Humanity. Does ARE Congress ? We Know The Great “Squad” Has a Great Heart, Great Minds, And Way More Class Then any occupying The WH .

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