Trump Admin Failure On Coronavirus Threatens Unity Of The States | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Australia restricted travel between states months ago , I guess thats why things are not so bad

    1. @Durango spoken like a true Ignorant uninformed person who doesn’t understand the difference between the Australian Government and the US Government and the power of the states in what happens in each of them.

    2. @Alan aka FANG I bet you say “just saying” a lot after you’ve said something you know people don’t agree with.

    1. @Nevigo The Clinton Body Count refers to a conspiracy theory, parts of which have been advanced by Newsmax publisher Christopher Ruddy among others, that asserts that former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton have assassinated fifty or more of their associates.

    2. @Bud Fudlacker dems wanted and still do want borders open. Trump closed them he is God. Saved millions of lives. Dems want chaos its in your face every day. Love your family or hate them will determine who you support.

  2. Add to that the border than runs along the 49th parallel. Canada on the north side of the worlds longest undefended border will likely restrict travel, just as the EU has to American visitors, at least those coming from Southern/Western “hot spots”. Travel bans against American citizens as much as they are prudent and richly deserved are a 3rd world black mark brought on by reckless, ruthless, science free, common sense absent governing from a recipe cooked up by Trump and being served hot fresh and mask free in Red States all across the country.

    1. Canada-US border has been closed since March 21st. A closed border still allows food and goods and mandatory travelling (people who work the other side of border for example). It just turn back non-essential travelling.

    2. @Simon Proulx Yes I Know like most Int’l Land Borders. However air traffic has continued with quarantine rules in effect. How long until flights to-from Florida and Texas are stopped all together? No Canadians in or out of FLA is by itself a disaster for that states economy. The Sonowbirds will be looking for new roosts.

  3. You’re missing Nevada. The seven day moving average is now 10.7%. But, don’t worry, casinos and strip clubs are still open…. (sheesh) Muerta Las Vegas!

    1. Wow, Yes! you are ridiculously right. I’m there, you too? I’m mostly isolated way at the west edge. They’re insane on the strip. It looks like nascar just let out. No one acting safe. No one even dressed nicely like normal. Seems like the people are spending their unemployment? Mostly people packed on the sidewalks or in cheap casinos. The nicer place are doing a good job to keep people safe but they’re empty. We had a one chance to save our economy and it’s lost! Once deaths are connected to here, we’ll never loose that stigma. Everything actually didn’t open, no shows, buffets or clubs, but what did is still open.

  4. What a difference in attitude, back home in France they had 3 refitted TGV moving patients from heavy touched States to healthier ones. There was unity and help. In the US it’s for each it’s own . Can you still be called the “United” States of America?

    1. @Jean-Yves Martin Why don’t you come over here for a few years and show us how how well your sanity holds up with our state-of-the-art propaganda machine and state-of-the-dump education mess. lol.

  5. Stop the testing” says tRump , we’re going to look like we can’t get it in control. The world is watching.

    1. You do know the ratio between infected vs deaths is way lower than it’s hyped up to be…right? That goes for global as well. We look at infections which are high, but the deaths aren’t anywhere near as bad as it should be. We could test all day long, but it won’t stop the virus. It’ll just tell us how many are infected and show symptoms but not asymptomatic. If anything, it’s shows how a pandemic would affect us in a world full of overpopulation. But ya know… anything to scare the masses and mess up the election. Gotta love scare tactics.

    1. Rather Divided States of Trumpistan. From superpower to shithole in 3 short years. That’s “winning”.

  6. Whenever tested Trumps Bonespurs act up. He has surrendered to Coronavirus and is doing nothing to protect American livelihoods, businesses and industries and whole communities and the ongoing damage to the economy because of the virus. Instead he’s the only leader in the world to have held 2 indoor super spreader events in the middle of a National health emergency without the requirement to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

    1. Bahahahaha. If you believe coronavirus you believe epstien killed himself! And youre as ignorant as they want you to be! #Trump2020!

    2. @Rosita Huff in a word… “racism”

      It upset so many people to see a black man get elected president that they lashed out as us by electing a man that positioned himself as their saviour.

      Politics is a pendulum that swings left and right… we just had no idea was going to swing this far to the right!

  7. The united states ripping itself apart…who profits from that again ? Oh yeah, that putin guy. Who needs nukes when you can weaponise stupid.

    1. We are witnesses of history. Another superpower faltering. It happened before with ancient Rome and communist Soviet Union. “Thanks” to the Dear Leader Kim il Dumb it is now happening with the US. In 3 short years from superpower to shithole. Congratiulations, that’s “winning”. I feel so pity for the US and most of all its few sane citizens.

  8. This is so sad. I want to know, between today and November, who is protecting American citizens?
    We can’t trust the government to remove 45. That just blows my mind.
    Who has our backs?! Seriously!!!??? Who?

    1. TILT block a bot🚫
      If you were American you could form a sentence in English! We are not that stupid! You’re not fooling anyone!

  9. Good move
    Here in Botswana returning residents go on a mandatory 14 day quarantine, in the meantime, our borders remain closed and travelers from some European countries and America are banned until further notice. The country has been divided into zones and you need a permit to move across zones

  10. “Trump Admin Failure On Coronavirus Threatens Unity Of The States” is simply “Trump Admin Failure On Coronavirus Threatens The United States.” May all reading this tell #ImPOTUS45 “you’re fired” on Nov 3rd by voting for the exact opposite instead of more “Mourning in America.”

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