Trump Admin Paid Scammer Millions For Desperately Needed Masks He Never Delivered | Rachel Maddow


    1. @Joe Rubio I am a native of Florida. And if you didn’t understand what I said…do NOT message me your picture is repulsive!

    1. That’s even truer than you think. When public servants of any kind bribe with public money, it’s for the $1 in $10 that’s passed back to them. That why the amount paid is so important – the bigger the contract, the bigger the quiet reward.
      And, frankly (direct experience) such people aren’t nearly so disgusting as those who – knowing exactly what is happening – close their eyes and ears, unrewarded, simply because they value their careers more than their self-respect.
      In my working life I rarely minded if approached by people who assumed I was corruptible. It wasn’t true – but that was their problem. I did mind when they assumed I was not only corruptible, but cheap.

  1. Trump never met a fellow conman he did not like be it a dictator or a lowlife pretending to be a business person.

    1. @Diego A You’ll have to provide proof of that. I doubt Joe has any secret bank accounts in China, as Trump does–or did until it was found out. Let’s also remember who was groveling to the Chinese premier to help him get reelected.

    2. @schmoonkie the Diego guy will not answer to you again. Every time you catch them in a conspiracy theorist lies they are silent.

    1. @Sunny Island no pardons will be rescinded. Not gonna happen. That power comes with the presidency. Thats a constitutional thing.

    2. Just take a look at who they were giving contracts to for the Puerto Rico disaster and so this shouldn’t be a surprise

    3. @Nitrolus Kincaid

      However this President was Impeached for High Crimes committed against The Nation, in the Highest Office of the Nation.

      In definition, he committed Treason.

      For he *himself* was
      (and is, still), the enemy of United States Government, and to the United States of America.

      This changes the powers of that Presidency.

      This is the definition of Treason:

      ‘Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.’

      He *LEAD* Sedition.

      The terrorists who attacked United States Government; they committed *Sedition*

      (By means of Terrorism)

      The Impeached who *LEAD* the sedition, the insurrection; he committed *Treason*

      He SUMMONED them to the Capital to HALT the transfer of the United States Presidency to the President Elect, to take over the GOVERNMENT to HAND it BACK to him (himself).

      This was an act of TREASON against the United States.

      He *USED* AMERICAN CITIZENS to do this by *FORCE*

      *Violent* *Force*

      As does a *commander* directing and issuing instructions to *soldiers*

    4. @Sunny Island Hes being tried for “Inciting” the riot. Not treason. Its all a spectacle anyways because the republicans will never find him guilty. And even if they do… the only result will be that he can never hold public office again.

    5. @Nitrolus Kincaid

      The Trial is not concluded yet.

      This Impeachment Trial is really a formality, as it moves through it’s process.

      The Conviction will be the concluding finalization of the *findings* of the Impeachment.

      (it is really simply a reiteration of what he has already been found guilty of).

      Incitement, yes:

      Incitement *to* *do* *WHAT*

      It is incitement; however the examination and conclusion
      (since there is no longer an evidence question; The High Crimes have been *recorded* )
      will in detail review that the incitement was one perpetrated *to* *accomplish* Sedition, by the attackers called upon (Seditionists).
      This will review the insurrection as not only Sedition, but Terrorism, against the United States Government.
      This was an actual *violent* *murderous* physical attack on the Government of The United States.

      They failed, however *nearly* *succeeded* in *physically* *handling* the BODIES of Members of U.S. Government, IN the CAPITAL of the United States.

      The Trial is now in MOTION.

      The examination will reveal that he exceeded just simply incitement; it is far more in magnitude of High Crime in The Highest Office.

      He committed TREASON.

  2. Jared Kushner was involved in this scam. He’s not very good at getting staff, just like the rest of Trump’s admin.

    1. @Kate still on the Trump wagon huh??! They haven’t shown 1 piece of proof to back up their claim. Next time, show proof before you throw out old garbage! 🤡🤣🤦‍♀️

    2. @Kate I’m sorry you’re struggling. Realizing you’ve been conned can be infuriating; you needn’t feel embarrassed or alone.

    1. @Dennis Vance how does it feel being a loser 15+ times since November?
      Take another pull of that OE Malt Liquor. It’ll keep your feelings as numb as your brain

    2. @Tu Su The Republican Party has a communicable disease. It has been intimate for so long with President Trump that it acts pretty much as he does. He lies and then Republicans lie about his lies — they don’t matter, just noise, the wall is more important, etc. These evasions are intended to suggest that moral squalor can be cleansed by a jump in the Dow Jones or a handshake with Kim Jong Un. The months of Trump have taken a toll. The GOP has been stripped of its dignity and honor by an ex president who has neither.

    3. @Dennis Vance Aww. I do feel sorry for you people. It can’t be a very nice feeling knowing the fantasies in your head have been stolen away by the filthy rich con man who cunningly planted them there. You must realise he never really cared about you or the people like you. It was all about him at any cost. It’s difficult, I know but, trust me, time will heal your emotional wounds just as time will ensure the former president Donald J Trump gets his just desserts.
      Tatty bye. 👋

    1. Bet you a million bucks I don’t have that he donated money to Trump which is pretty much all you had to do to be his bff

    2. @Ash Roskell I have missed Ash. Ok. They did that w a business from Montana? That was supposed to put in new electricity in PR.

    3. @Kate You know, I’m going to agree with you, to a point. Here it is: there are few people in either party who haven’t been bought and sold by some corporation. I’m not crazy about a lot of the out of touch folks on either side. I’m not going to attack you or try to prove you wrong. I’m sure I am just at under-informed about all of the back door doings in “our” government. And I am not going to idolize one of the other. Because that would be like the pot calling the kettle black. The whole thing needs a redo.

  3. Ask the Trumplicans…
    “Done more than any other president for the people”
    Uhg… they make me sick.

    1. That’s only tru if you think he was a president he was that was one of America’s biggest fraud trump the conman.

    2. @Lawrence Smith Let’s see, drone strikes under Trump killed more people than 8 years under Obama. The economy did rise under Trump but nowhere near the same rate of the previous 4 years under Obama, Trump inherited a growing booming economy and kept it growing, same as the drop in unemployment. Isis never went away. Renewable energy will create far more jobs than fossil fuels and has already reached a point where it is cheaper. Trump’s legacy;
      The shortest period in US history a self proclaimed wartime leader waved the white flag & oversaw 425,000 deaths from a single issue. He avoided a Covid response that cost the US more than 400,000 lives that would have otherwise been saved. There’s your murdering failure.

  4. who got the kickback?…follow the money, and you’ll probably find
    it leads straight to

  5. The transaction started on Twitter. That’s the worst part. This guy just tweeted at Trump and he got a contract

    1. wait what?!?!! 👀
      if that’s true then that makes this all the more worse. Since there were US contractors begging/pleading with trump administration for the mask production contracts early in the pandemic. (mike bowen/ prestige ameritech)
      but do u by chance have proof, tweet, official source or otherwise?

    2. @Belle_Bagay I remember hearing about this situation. So it had to come off of the internet through YouTube somehow. It’s there, I hope someone can find it. I would like to see it again myself

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