Trump Admin Works To Make Life Harder For Trans People | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. OMG I always wandered what it would be like living in the middle ages amidst the witch hunts that went on. Now I know. Time America to get the religion out of politics and move into the 21st century with at least some humanity an compassion

    1. I will vote but just like the last presidential election the electoral college will decided who is in office. The U.S. has been the will of the people for a long time.

    2. @Remm lol I love how you deplorables invent beliefs as if they are real. WTF are you talking about? Stop eating squirrels and slurping down social media propoganda. Get an education and a job and do something useful with your life.

    1. @Loreen Harris There is no such thing as yours or mine bible. Holy bible is meant for all humans.

    2. @JEFFREY ANG Then start acting like a christian and be meek and humble. Walk in God’s light. That is how you win over hearts.

  2. Nothing says “I care” like making it harder for people to get healthcare during a pandemic that has already killed 115,000 Americans in 3 months and created the worst unemployment since the Great Depression.

    1. @Vivian Stimpson You obviously have never heard of the Electoral College and are clearly not American….

    2. @Cort Tell me again about those pesky demonstrators in all states again not wearing masks? You selling looted TV’s yet?

    3. @Vivian Stimpson The Democratic Party is crippled, economically, ethically, and morally. All they have is their exposed hypocrisy and their rage at losing an election they took for granted.

    4. I’ve heard of ignorance, and peoples sexual identities and any other choices in life shouldn’t have any effect on whether they can be fired for making them. No brainer. You do have a brain right ?

    5. The Republican party, is brainwashed and a slave to the almighty dollar, with the exception to only a couple of men that actually have the balls to stand up to spankyboy, who has single handedly created a death clock, record unemployment, massive debt, antagonized its allies, and moved backwards not only with adversary negotiations, but the future of the planet from an environmental standpoint as well.

  3. I can’t even think of a single legitimate reason a freaking physician would refuse to treat a human being based solely on the patient’s gender presentation/identity.

    1. @moomoofish 1 I am Far Right and driven by my love of Christ. KKK was a Democrat organization from the time it started (shortly after the Civil War). It still is, and to this day the KLAN is all Democrats

    2. @Ellen Peba lol, yeah that is why the tiki torch carrying, confederate flag waving klansmen and heil trump saluters were leading the Unite the Right rally:) Trump cultists and golden calf worshippers are too dumb to understand the difference between ideology and nomenclature. Their brains can not comprehend it. Which is why once deep blue states are now ruby red and the klan has backed and praised Trump, saying they finally have someone in the WH who speaks for them.

    3. Loreen Harris you state that you believe in love and peace but your words deceive you. Such a sad person you are…. recognize.

    4. @Ellen Peba There is only 1 God for us leftists. Our God is the God of love. That includes the love of all human beings. That includes all men, all women and all LGBTQ also. We let God sort out the good from the bad, not you.

    5. @Ellen Peba I think it’s kinda ironic that a lot of white supremist evangelicals were catholic. They were out protesting against abortion, while their priests were practicing pedophiles. Clean up your own house.

  4. This month in June Trump and his “Secret Service” goons have started to make the lifes of us Democrats and Liberals harder too. My anti-Trump comments are getting auto-deleted by youtube, regardless on which news channel I post. If that doesn’t show everybody that we are dealing with a tyrant and his aggressive far-right base then I don’t know what will wake up people.

  5. Trump was simply playing to his shrinking, homophobic, Evangelical, uneducated, white base to get their vote. This is one area in which his transparency truly does exist.

  6. You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught from year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    1. Exactly the left’s tactic. Perfectly poetic profundity from the despiser and proselytizer herself. Ruth, this must be your daily chant over there wherever there is. You surely are not here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave 🇺🇸🦅

    2. @Downright Dutch Your thinking is backwards demons teach you to hate, leftists teach you to love. We even love deplorables.

    3. No you don’t. Fear is a fight or flight emotion no training involved. As for Hate. A lyric from a song say it best. “You can hate anything before you even try to love it.”

  7. I’m not surprised. America has a sick president and just as equal sick voters. America has become a rogue nation.

  8. this is Trump pandering to his Evangelist base,Trump would skin his own mother just to make the drum to bang out his ego

  9. Get out and vote to safeguard our fellow human beings on November 3rd 2020! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  10. isn´t that an order wich contradicts the hippocratic oath…, it sounds complete bonkers…, and (sadly) not surprising.

  11. I’m tired of posting “GOP is pure evil” I’m losing my faith in America. It’s a depressing feeling.
    “It’s not Trump. A country that elects a Trump is in serious trouble already.” E Warren

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