Trump Administration Downplays Coronavirus Surges Risk After Re-Openings | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. What else did you except from the Trump Administration, that they will take productive counter-measurements ? Go Vote in November !

    1. I will vote Trump….
      I will not vote the democrat party who was pro slavery and sic the dogs on people and water hoses and the democrat party is Jim crow party

    2. The protesters left all the condoms and Father’s Day cards in the stores they looted, go figure.

    3. Nåmen, tilbage til TIBETSAGEN <<— What is it that’s funny to you Inbred idiots. Everyone of you who troll laughs. Nothing is funny about the people who are loosing their lives to Racist Incompetent Leader. Nothing.

    4. Eric Rich Watch what happens after you sign your waiver not to sue. Trump is most likely protected, not his supporters. He knows what will happen.

  2. Cases and deaths surging in June after they were expected to go down. Adding to that, a second wave coming at the end of the year and Pence declares the coronavirus is over?

    1. single batch23 so many angry jealous Russians who cant save Puppet this time.


    2. The only place I hear about corona is in the news. I don’t know anyone who has had it or know anyone who knows anyone who has had.

    3. Crystal Giddens there are many people who don’t know somebody with cancer or MS or HIV but it doesn’t make it not true

  3. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
    None, Trump just says it’s fixed and the rest of them sit in the dark and applaud.

    1. @Eskil Tester what “confirmation” do you have? this administration is accused of calling it a hoax which it certainly is.

  4. Mike Pence believes that he’s covered by Jesus 🩸 and COVID-19 can’t get him. He’s a Fundamentalist Christian Shira. He’s apart of a Death Cult!

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr check that again about Jim Crow law’s. It’s like this, back then the means justified the agenda.
      Make no rash assumptions about Politics and Racism in America. I forgive you.
      Go back 67 years of republican tradition and then discribe the rudiments that were whooven within their agenda, through their policies and what do you get?
      Half baked institutionalized systemic Social economic policies, to keep Power and wealth out of the hands of Black people, PERIOD.
      We’re not going talk about what you did to our native American people. Racism is what Racist will do no matter the party. Republicans are conservative? Yea okay and that’s called a BS tradition of men, liberalism or having liberal views are things of an enlighten mindset. God is liberal, racist are not. Get it right. Vote blue America

    2. Thomas Armsworthy Jr That all changed after the civil rights in 1964. The south changed sides, I think you know it. LBJ was the one.

    3. @Crystal Giddens You ever been to Europe? If you understand the joke by translation, it’s not a joke anymore bcs it’s nothing to do with the original. Funny how you laugh about places & people you’ve probably never been to. I live in Africa, have lived in the US and different European countries, so trust me, I know what I’m talking about. You’re just one of these absolute uneducated people. Go read a book, study science and educate yourself

    1. @Rino Ponce Yup, it’s their choice alright. We’ll see which events create more (if any) spikes in Coronavirus: Trump’s indoor rally in Tulsa, or outdoor protests. This is an interesting social experiment.

  5. Is Mike Pence just a bare faced liar or does he really believe what he is saying? I’m not sure which is worse.

    1. muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber bruh the only feelings youre hurting are your poor mother’s.

      The rest of us are laughing at you.


    2. Dale Blake Pence is Trump’s Puppy. When Trump walked off the stage, Pence followed instead of trying to answer the reporters questions. Horrible Leadership in America.

    3. Melania chose Pence, in Bob Woodward’s book, Fear. Because he doesn’t want to go anywhere…. never be President.

  6. What do you expect that Pence Trump and the Republicans to change now? All they know is to lie lie deny deny deny and steal as much as they can while they can . As far as their supporters who cares not them they clearly think these people are expendable just as they think the rest of us are tools to use and leave behind

    1. @Cartoonishly Inept A thousand lives probably aren’t worth a six month recession, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about one to two MILLION lives, if we enact no controls whatsoever. We’re already well over 100K, and may be on our way to 200K.

    2. @IncognitoTorpedo _”We’re already well over 100K, and may be on our way to 200K.”_
      Easy there, drama queen. We are *WILDLY* below even the low initial death rate estimates.

      The lockdown was ostensibly to prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed. We know for a fact now that this will not happen, we didn’t even use any of the overflow shelters that were setup.

      The lockdown now is an authoritarian farce. Quarantine the sick and the vulnerable, let the rest of the people run the country. The only reason I can think of to continue the lockdown is to hurt the economy and impact the election. Don’t think people don’t see what is happening.

    3. Cartoonishly Inept what are you talking about Europe has a larger population, than the US and the cases are in the teens throughout the continent now whilst America continues to grow

    4. @andrew30 _”Europe has a larger population, than the US”_
      I’m so confused. Do you think Europe is a country or something?

    5. Cartoonishly Inept it looks more like a country joined and at peace with itself than America does currently, but if you wish to avoid the reality that Covid continues to spread in the US due to incompetence fair enough

  7. Trump: “If it wasn’t for those stupid tests, we wouldn’t have any coronavirus cases in this country. The only way to stop the numbers from going up, is to stop testing.”

    1. you quote Trump the same way Schiff quotes Trump lol. have to twist his words to make it sound like he said something terrible. nicely done

    2. @Alex Power you see all those russian boats in florida the other day?? crazy stuff. good thing Biden is up in Florida. can’t wait for his boat rally. when is it?

    3. @Muddy Water the fact of the matter is trump said that…and yes it’s on video..let me guess you’re STUPID!!!

    4. bingo_fuel : Trump has said that many times. He didn’t say stupid, but the rest of the quote is accurate. Look it up. He says it on camera every week or so for the last month.

    5. @Dan Hall if it’s so commonly said then link it to me. don’t tell me to prove your point correct lol

  8. COVID-19: ” So just so we’re clear, I am immune to Trump’s lies and gaslighting. Ignorance, and misinformation from Trump and Fox only makes me stronger. I can’t be defeated with phony patriotism, guns, flag waving, or denial. I can’t be defeated with magic, because I am real, and magic is not. I can only be defeated with science, facts, maturity, unselfishness, and common sense. I am nothing like the flu, but the flu is a fan of mine, and it wants to be like me when it grows up. I can’t be defeated with thoughts and prayers, so going to places of worship won’t save you. Currently there is no vaccine for me, and that’s the problem. I recognize no one’s authority. Selfish ignorant people like Trump and his cult are the wind beneath my wings, they give me life. I may have lost some strength in other countries, but thanks to Trump, America is making me great again.” 💪😆

    1. Wow……. someone with clear and concise thoughts who can actually write. Absolutely brilliant. I assume you won’t be voting for Donald Trump!

  9. Trump and Pence should be prosecuted in the Hague International court for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

    1. 1% rise in unemployment kills 40k people. Cure can’t be worse than disease. In my county of two million, 3 out of every 1000 people have corona. Then you gotta figure most are isolating at home and 20% are hospitalized. So really it’s like 3/4000 people you might see in public. Spineless loser. 350 jobs lost to every life lost. Cure can’t be worse than disease. Remember, every 1% rise in unemployment kills 40k people.

    2. 💯 agreed with you. The President and Vice President. They don’t care about us just 💰 money all about the money 😡 shameful

  10. #BunkerBoy: “If we stop counting the dead, then there would be no problem really”… Words from the most stupid President in history.😒

    1. C H nobody realises only 1% of the world got c19
      How many CHILDREN are missing every year more than 3 million ….. where’s the word out in news with THIS

    2. Gill Hamilton… back to school?
      1% of 7.8b is 78m… So it’s actually 0.1% (8m)… which is almost 3x your “missing children” annual stat.
      And it’s only taken 4 months. How many after 12 months?

    3. @Gill Hamilton Covid spread is preventable, that’s the difference, some other countries have ZERO cases. Your “logic” take a look at a 1000-angled problem from 1-angle. Trump really does rely on the simple minded…

  11. Trump’s administration has not taken COVID-19 serious since day one. First he denied. Then he minimized the danger. Then he credited himself will doing a great job of preventing more people from getting sick. Now its back to the coronavirus is not that big a deal.
    All this being said, why do Trump supporters have to sign a health waiver if they want to come to his Tulsa rally?
    If there is NO danger, there is no need for a waiver.
    And if there is NO danger, Trump should walk out into the crowd and shake hands with his supporters. Nothing to fear, right?
    It is not likely than many supporters, if any, will wear face masks to the Tulsa rally. But will any wear hoods?

    1. What do you want? if trump wants to do the rally let him. Just like Democrats encourage people to protest during this pandemic. Hypocrites.

    2. The only place I hear about corona is in the news. I don’t know anyone who has had it or know anyone who knows anyone who has had.

    3. Sarah McCoy Let the trumpeteers and all who support this bozo to go into the rally and get infected from Covid-19, maybe we can get rid of them for good!

  12. Pence wants a celebration… of what?

    115,000 + Americans killed by the virus ?
    30,000,000 + Americans unemployed?

    1. That’s right stupid deals. You said it. You are agreeing with me. Trump’s deals are stupid. (Are we going to do this all night, Jorge? :D)

    2. The Ron Day View bring it on bro yeah all day all night . Lol God bless you brother . We should be united . Hope that day comes soon .

    3. @jorge flores
      Interest rates are low for everyone, not just your halfwit president. The fact is he has increased your debt by $1 trillion every six months he has been in office. Today it’s $26.146 trillion.
      Many American farmers are on welfare thanks to his failing trade war with China.
      118,000 Americans are dead because of his stupidity and incompetence.
      The bodies just keep piling up. What a failure.

    4. @jorge flores
      Yep, Obama bailed the banks when they collapsed the American economy. No-one went to jail and nine million Americans lost their homes. Seems the USA is a total failure no matter what crook is in charge.
      Obama took your debt from 10 trillion to 19 trillion over his 8 years. ( But….that’s 1.125 trillion a year, nearly half the rate of Trumps incompetence)
      The fact is the economy began a steady improvement from 2009 on.
      The USA is now in the toilet.

    5. Jim Battersbee what are you talking about , that was debunked already . You have your number wrong. More like half the country lost their homes .

  13. This isn’t even the second wave and everyone gets tested before they see Pence. Hypocritical.

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