Trump Administration’s Role In This Weekend’s Violent Protests | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Administration’s Role In This Weekend’s Violent Protests | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel discusses Black Lives Matter protests, police reform, and the New York Times reporting on federal officers responding with disproportionate force without provocation, including fracturing a protestor’s skull with a rubber bullet. Aired on 07/27/2020.
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Trump Administration’s Role In This Weekend’s Violent Protests | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Taylor W.U.S. prisoners in for profit prisoner’s are not all paid and the wages is cents per hour for use at the prison shop.

    1. @Beautiful Soul Oh by the way, Get ready for 4 MORE YEARS, start your cry rallies and get your safe spaces ready!!

    2. @MJB For Trump I’m not worried about Trump getting 4 more years. If Trump was an upright honorable man no one would care. But he’s not and the American people knows it. Covid-19 says we would be a bunch of fools if we vote that traitor back in office.

    3. @Beautiful Soul You are entitled to your opinion as am I. To understand my reasons for supporting Our Man Trump, here is one of the BEST and SMARTEST Trump supporters EVER!!! He ALWAYS presents the FACTS, unlike the LYING, PROPAGANDA, LEFTY MEDIA CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc. One several topics – on Trump’s cognitive ability:, Obama Admin spying or SPYGATE:, Trump’s stable genius:, Plot by DEMS to STEAL the 2020 Election via mail-in vote:, Voter ID laws where Trump WINS BIG:, PROOF that Mary Trump is a FRAUD:

    4. @MJB For Trump sir you are a foolish man. People see the truth, there is no violent protesters the violance is being provoke by Trump’s secret police.
      You have the wall of moms. The wall of Dad’s and our great veterans. These middle class surbure moms are being attacked. If you can’t see what’s really going on you’re on the wrong side of history if you support what Trump is doing to our country.
      I really believe you are a troll, so troll on troll on

  1. The citizens need to march on D.C. and arrest pumpkinhead trumpty for impersonating a U.S. President!

    1. Atheism is Immoral …Really???? You really need someone to explain this to you????? You can’t catch cancer from someone else….ok???? Wow…. just wear your mask around other people….it’s not that hard and it’s not that much to ask!!!!!

    2. @MJB For Trump so you are advocating to take away our first amendment rights? I wonder if you were one of the numbnuts that were outraged when twitter was supposedly taking away your freedoms?

    1. @Jeff Narum
      You mean like actual World Class Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle?

      Not Cleetusville home of the Meth Heads?

    2. @Ralph Boyd those are not world class cities anymore. Thank your blm antifa friends. I do live in a red state and life is good over here. Wish I could say the same for the cities you mentioned. It’s a shame they were once very great cities. No one wants to go to those places. You need to own it.

  2. So legal protesting is anarchy and Neo Nazi’s are very fine people. Okay. I think I got this now. Just had to roll that around in my head a bit.

    1. @The Alpengeist
      ah yes the idiots that attempted to intimidate lawmakers
      what is wrong with you people?
      the protesters are NOT the anarchists

    2. @Taylor W. All protestors are responsible the action of any.
      Cops killing black Unarmed people is a few bad apples and can’t be held to the employed professionals as a whole.

    3. @The Alpengeist killing an unarmed black man I the street by kneeling on him is not law enforcement. Do you get that?
      Cop killings are a few bad apples. A looted in city.means armed military in another becuase all protestors are the same.

  3. Trump has turned the country into a war zone.
    We need to vote Trump out of office our lives depend on it.
    After all the lies and incompetence will this country survive another 4 years?

    1. Johnny one it’s gone long past that, citizens and now coming out fighting against a facist dictatorship, you will see as things escalate

    2. @Jutta Soliman no, it is being an old fools and run this country to bankrupt.look at our national debt clock.

  4. Switch protests to daytime and film guys. They are using the cover of darkness to avoid being filmed and then impose their narrative!

  5. Here’s the nature of the beast, camouflage or badge…
    ~ “Those who conduct themselves as if they are above reproach do not consent to accountability”

    1. yup, that’s IF he allows a fair election of course, equal, if not higher chance that whatever vote there is will declare him the winner. Either way, these protests are just the warm up to the real thing that will need to start then if America is going to avoid a fall into total autocracy!

    2. @Lilac Lizard and it’s not even a comparison. The speeches they give are hatred. MLK speeches were motivating and moving.

    1. @greg j _”let those Marxists torch Portland to the ground”_
      If this was just about the mob burning down a Democratic cesspool like Portland, while their mayor joins in, I’d agree with you. But that courthouse is federal property. What you are proposing is that the US government stands by and watches while a violent mob destroys federal buildings.

      I understand that it is not clear that the mob are targeting a federal building. The MSM intentionally wants to make it seem like the feds are chasing the rioters around the city.

    2. @Patricia Riley LOL Those rioters are not my people. My people are not stupid enough to destroy property, attack police, approach a car with an AK47 and point it at the driver who just happens to have a gun also . The ONLY smart thing those rioters do is do it in States and cities controlled by spinless Democrats

    3. @Alex Hamilton people like you are the reason I m so glad I don’t live where you do don’t answer me I’m done with you

    1. @Richard Hunt Yes, the don was probably looking for a way to show how brave he is – not wearing a mask isn’t good enough. He got 4 or 5 deferments – bravery is something the don knows nothing about. Which is just one more thing not to like about him.

    2. There’s no means of communicating with leftists when basic facts are denied. These people have the mental coefficient of a child having a temper tantrum. They are not adults. They are not sane. They are not capable of acknowledging indisputable facts. They are dangerously insane

    3. @Richard Batchelder Funny. I thought that lack of reason was all the right’s prerogative. There are legitimate protesters and then there are the people who infiltrate the protest to do their own thing. However, if the inhabitants feel they have been invaded and/or they know about the First Amendment, things will get testy. I’m sure Trump likes to cause trouble but Barr is the one who will understand just how unconstitutional this move is. If he orchestrated it, Barr needs to resign due to imminent arrest.. When Trump is out of office, he can be subject to arrest and trial.

    1. Pack up and move I’ll talk to you in about a year and we’ll see how much you hate your government. America is the freest country in the world

  6. Putin loves what is happening in America, North Korea loves what is happening in America. The world is laughing at the lack of leadership, from a President who takes. No responsibility.

    1. marxists love what is occurring in US. leninists love what is occurring in US. Stalinists love what is occurring in US

  7. This is what happens when the president gets his advice from Putin, whose dearest dream is to destroy democracy. This is how he took over Crimea. We are fools if we let Trump get away of this.

  8. “Givе me ten years, and you will not recognize Germany anymore!”
    ― Adolf Schicklgruber @ election slogan, 1933

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