Trump Advisers Concerned His Endorsement Could Be Losing Power 1

Trump Advisers Concerned His Endorsement Could Be Losing Power


After losses in Texas, former President Trump's advisers are worried about his 'party clout,' according to new Politico reporting.
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  1. His endorsement failed, in a race where only choices are 2 Republicans. Now, he is blaming the guy that requested Trump to endorse losing candidate.

    1. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      ..and “progressive” social policies
      give YOU GREATER “CHOICE”…

      Whats behind bathroom door #1 ?…

      Whats behind bathroom door #2 ?…


      DOOR #3 !!!???”…..….

    2. @Joseph P HoldmeupJill Really? That’s the best you can manage as a well thought out reasoned response never mind any counter argument? What are you about 5 yrs old and Mommy just explained what that Sphincter is well enough for you to understand. Keerist on a crutch you fools go out of your way with every post to advertise just how stupid you really are.

    1. @Hat Bpto As long as you know that Biden is an illegitimate president, that’s all that matters, because the truth is important.

    2. @Shawn Corbin ” the Democrats HAVE a majority in the Senate, ”
      they didn’t at the time, and at the time everyone knew Manchin wasn’t gonna vote with them.
      they picked up two seats in January.
      if the Dems had cheated,they would have picked up THREE seats in November.
      actually four, because they knew Sinema wasn’t go to vote their way too.

      they didn’t.
      so no cheating.
      case closed.

      “Your point???”
      there was no cheating.
      if they had they would have picked up enough seats to get things passed.

    3. @Hat Bpto
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know the hair
      where your “gender change”
      procedure was,
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

  2. Considering he’s a total lunatic I can see where the cowardly GOP has concerns. All their eggs are in his basket now and so far their future doesn’t look all that bright.

    1. Democrats a friggin crazy I’ve been hearing they’re crazy go crazy for a couple of years and I thought he was terrible accusing adult being crazy but now you’ve proven insanity locking the citizens in their homes forcing them to take a drug on the bodies that don’t belong to the government but allowing Covid virus illegals in the country flying them all over the country like they are tourists putting them up in beautiful hotels your insane supporters are insane Democrat leaders are insane they lostThey lost their brain November 2016

    2. He still the president and you know with 75% of the people in the country no he is still the president go watch the movie weekend at Bernie’s

    1. “GET OUT !…GET OUT !….
      SAVE YOURSELF !!!!!!”….

      “trump, trump, trump, trump, tr….
      What’s that ‘smoke’ ?..
      trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, t

    2. @Dickie Moe75 Lol well he did win office in 2016 and when 2024 rolls around he’ll likely get in again based off the albatross of a job Biden is doing.

    3. @Lisa Ruth lol I will, can’t wait for the worry wards to come out in a few years. I love the panic

  3. The Combover Caligula didn’t work when he held office except to get his hands on money from the treasury by having the military do have stop-overs near his Scottish golf course & they would stay at his hotel; have any traveling government heads stay in his hotels; overcharge the SS for their billets, etc. He’s nothing but a grifter at heart & mind.

  4. The cheetos-in-chief’s endorsement was the kiss-of-death for many republicans in previous elections, it never had much actual power outside MAGA-red districts.

  5. Everything he touches dies or loses its sparkle……associate with him at your peril.

    1. @Scott Manerez border crossing waxes and wanes with the seasons… The economy is recovering from a pandemic the previous diaper bag refused to deal with… And the holdup with the “delta variant” is the red hats that refuse vaccines…
      With all that objective reality said, Biden is doing the best he can with what he was given. The democratic agenda has thus far carried almost an 80% approval outside of Washington… If it weren’t for the obstruction of the repugnicans, we would be even further ahead.

    2. @kyote1369 and remember Kyoto, Trump is the reason there are vaccines available. I know your hatred blinds you from reality but if Hillary had been president, we’d still be waiting for vaccines.

    1. “GET OUT !…GET OUT !….
      SAVE YOURSELF !!!!!!”….

      “trump, trump, trump, trump, tr….
      What’s that ‘smoke’ ?..
      trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, t

    2. If you examine his life, he’s never been a winner. He’s never had a successful business career. The problem is that he’s also never been held accountable for his losing; he’s always been able to pin it on someone else.

    1. @Fool for the City I actually have some and a trump toilet brush (gift from a friend with a sense of humour).

  6. Losing his touch??? His close associates/employees seem to get indicted & sent to prison…He lost his daddy’s money & had to go to shady people in Russia for money..He lost the election…He has an inverse Midas touch. LOL

    1. Putin made Donny get on his knees before him, and with Donny’s boy-crush on Putin, he was more than willing.

    2. @melissa cason Facial expressions are most often involuntary. Still, I would respect her if she had spoken up as well.

    3. Somebody on another thread said, “If he wanted Hillary to go to jail he should have just hired her.” Classic!

    4. Don’t talk about Biden and his child that way!! How dare you
      jk Biden and his son are crooks ,,

  7. 2 years after the former guy was elected, his party lost the House and two years later lost both the White House and the senate for his party. Why they think of him as anything but a loser is a mystery.

    1. The senate is split. And the media lied. And the house wouldn’t let him do the things he needed to do.
      Good luck living in Nazi Germany 2.0
      With president kidfucker.

    2. Paying Actors to play Supporters means Squat, in Elections! Rallies bring Idiot$ but, Donald just can’t BE The MAN! He is a Perpetual Screw Up!!

    3. Yet, 10 percent of the people who voted for Biden sad the y wouldn’t have if they knew of Hunter’s laptop and the contents there of. That alone, besides any fraud would have been enough. Biden couldn’t get a thousand people to show up if he paid them, trump can still get 30k in a minute.

  8. It never had any power, most, if not all, candidate he has ever endorsed have lost. He’s a loser and it’s contagious.

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