Trump Again Denies Knowing Lev Parnas Despite Video And Multiple Photos | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. This is hilarious. Dems got Republicans in a rear naked choke. The Parnas testimony is riveting. He totally spilled the beans on Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, Pence. Priceless.

    Now lets see you refuse witnesses Mitch.

    1. Eco Geek Ya, you sure love supporting baby rapers, and cannibals. That’s no secret. It’s why you’re all so nuts, like Hillary Clinton.

  2. Why the reporters don’t put pressure in the questions when is obvious he’s evading the question when they ask him?

    1. @Eastwood Unforgiven trump do nothing more than sit in a chair , play golf and twit if doing what trump doing could do anything to the economy we would all be billionaires!

    2. @Alex Boricua OMG I couldn’t watch a RALLY!!! This was just a presser after hosting some kids for some randomness… No I’ll watch what the late night shows show of rallies but that’s about it. I couldn’t afford the carpet cleaning bills.

    3. Baxter Powel ohhh man!!! 😎
      The tv news (all of them) are waiting for trump not to be legally in the White House anymore so they can study the taxes from all the times he went to play golf instead of working. They will get their hands on does takes and ohhh buddy is he gonna get spanked

  3. Lev should just tweet out t’rump’s personal phone number. Let’s see how the Stable Genius dodges that one. 🤔😆😅

    1. @Edward Furey too late, he already dumped the evidence on the media. Epstein messed up and told Barr where his evidence was hiding and soon after was suicided

  4. This is delicious! Watching this clown have his pants pulled down (daily) is both hilarious and invigorating

    1. @sfamerken12 I’ll be laughing at you on election night. Just Like I was laughing on the last one😂

    2. @Truth’s Knight_0777 Really? But you lost the last election…….hence impeachment etc….remember cupcake?

  5. Denies knowing Parnas by not that he was going after Biden. The fool can’t keep two thoughts in his head at once.

    1. Andrew Gocken “but now it’s over for you”? You do realize the trial is about to begin. Over 70% of the country want to hear from Mulvaney & Bolton. The GAO report just showed he broke the law holding the money back. Everyday more of the blocked incriminating documents come out through FOIA. But it’s over for the Dems. Lmao that’s funny.

    2. @Ed S fyi. I don’t “support” Trump. Didn’t vote for him not going to vote for him. In 2020 or 2024. But it’s not hard to see you Morons are devoid of all reality. Not my problem.

  6. I’m really warming to this Parnas guy. I know he’s a thug, currupt…etc etc, but boy ain’t he fun to have around.

    1. If you had Trump, Parnas, Rudy, Pompao, McConnell and Graham in a line up and you had to pick which one lies the least, I’d go with Parnas.

    2. @Jigga Man Ikr. Can also add Meadows, Jordan, Nunes, Barr and Donnie Jr to that list. Still I’d go with Parnas.

  7. Trump: I Don’t Know this Man who I have been Photographed with on Multiple Occasions and who there’s Video of Me(Trump)Entertaining at One of My Properties? Incredible!!!

  8. Trump’s corruption and criminality is like a highly infectious and deadly pathogen. He will contaminate and destroy anyone and anything he comes into contact with. His corrosive and insidious nature is a full blown epidemic, with no known inoculation.

    Cohen, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Gates, Flynn, Stone,  Igor Fruman, Lev Parnas….
    When are people finally going to learn?

    1. Work with Trump all must go to prison and the last Trump.. SDNY is on the way to put him in prison from his crimes..🔐

  9. Trump doesn’t know his own lawyer, when trump says he doesn’t know his criminal partners you know he’s just denying his criminal behavior

  10. Weird that Clinton was impeached for lying once about an affair under oath. Yet Trump can lie over and over again in front of TV’s and the American people and it’s okay?

    1. @GK
      I understand what you are saying, however, somehow Trump has avoided being deposed like the pleague. He can LIE all he wants on TV, Twitter, from Mir-alogo the North Pole, etc.
      So far he has avoided a sworn deposition…as you recall he refused to sit for Mueller.
      BTW, all Clinton had to do was take the 5th on his personal indiscretion with the young intern and he would have avoided being impeached.

    2. @Sam McCormack why are you tRumpturds always showing your behinds. You morons need to cover your smelly butts up. It’s pathetic as is your weiner smoking

  11. The funny part is…you know he’s lying when he opens his mouth. He lies more and more to cover up more lies. It’s guaranteed.

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