Trump Again Repeats Derogatory Phrase For Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. My AZ relatives were probably there. They say Christian, but actions do not. They follow this nut, don, the con.

    2. Al Sharpton, Jerimiah Wright, Jessie Jackson. Yep. Been there, done that. So what “racist” remark was made? “China Flu”? Oh, my! How could anybody ever recover from something so hienous?

    1. It’s already Trump’s flu, 120k dead and 2.3 million people infected so far because he called it a HOAX! S. Korea got the virus the same day we did, it’s the same virus that came from China…but what did they do? They took action on it, so after 3 months…they have 280 deaths. Trump 120k deaths…negligent homicide.

    2. @hankakah America virus came from Europe. CDC confirmed aalready. Stop spreading lies and hate. It’s a different string then WuHan.

    3. @hankakah SK virus did came from China from a SK church that’s got a chapter in China. The church members bought it back to SK.

  1. And who is He talking about? Does he think there is another president that is sending out mail in bailouts??

  2. COVID 19 comes from the year 2019. Please Americans register to vote. The whole world is embarrassed for you.

    1. Yet here we are in June, nearly every other developed country in the world has got it’s outbreak under control, whilst the US is setting daily records for cases.

      And btw this is not because of testing, the US is 22nd in the world for tests per capita, not 1st!

    2. 19? What a brain teaser!!! What could it mean??? They can’t explain it to me. They said it came along in 2019… but I just can’t comprehend anything. I am sick… Sad.

  3. The worst illegitimate president in the history of the United States thank God November is coming you will be tossed

    1. @john magill Recession, 124,000 dead, 20 million unemployed, country more divided than it’s been for centuries.

      What’s so great about that? Like seriously

    2. @Football Nerd The division you speak of started in 2009 and is driven by democra-nazis.
      124K dead from Chinese Flu? Not likely. Maybe 10% of that number at the absolute maximum. Probably not even that high. It’s been proven this flu is no more deadly than any other typical flu strain. The highest numbers are in democra-nazi run cities.
      20 million unemployed? Maybe, but again, that is happening in democra-nazi run states, not Republican run states. The “lockdown” never needed to happen.

    3. It’s funny how he said the 2016 election was ridged until he won and then everything was on the up and up, with no help from Russia. He knows he’s going to lose so here we go again

    4. @Pipe Down It’s even more funny how Hillary said the election was perfectly legitimate when she was sure she’d win. But the second she realized she lost, it was ” the Russians, the Russians, the Russians. Ohhh, the Russians. There’s not the slightest bit of proof but – believe all women! RREEEEEEEE!”.
      THAT was funny! It will be even more funny when it happens again in November.

  4. We have a president bragging to a bunch of kids that he doesn’t know what the 19 stands for in Covid-19. No wonder we’re a joke to the rest of the world.

    1. @Ron Foote If I were you, I’d leave ASAP then. Surely can find a better place than this. But hurry.

    2. @john magill….Instead of attacking my “opinion” of an admitted fact, let’s hear your opinion. Our standing in the world is debatable, but, the fact Trump doesn’t know what Covid-19 stands for, isn’t. I’d rather hear why you’re okay with having someone THAT unintelligent running the countr?. ✌🇺🇸

  5. How can people with any intelligence believe his rhetorics? It is based on lies and corruption and accuses other for his wrongdoings. These people attending are suckers for sure.

  6. He panders to the pathology of fear, hate, and intentional Ignorance…

    He is a very, very bad person.

    1. I don’t consider him as human being. Who talks like him? Not even a kid. I am sorry for his parents. They raised a terrible one who have been causing so much disasters to USA and the world.

    2. There’s no way at this point that I could consider that evil POS as fully human. IT AIN’T. 🌊🌊🗽🌊🌊

    1. @Carlos Duque You know how to spell fascist. Well Done! I suppose you have your own definition of it also, every democra-nazi does.

    2. john magil just be sure to attend as many rallies as possible, make your fuhrer happy. And don’t forget the water and drinking glasses.

    1. He is the worst by far. No one, past or future, could ever be as corrupt or bigoted or stupid. Sad.

    1. @Manuel – Hey dummy. The Democrats don’t send out mail in ballots. The federal government does. Secondly, each ballot has a bar code that corresponds to that particular voter. Anybody running off fake ballots is wasting money because the computer will kick them out. Besides, your cult leader voted by mail. Duh.

    2. @Manuel – Hey! What Trebleda Uaedirb said!!! Why are you here? Don’t you even realize that visiting sites that you hate is so lame. Seriously. Get a life!

    1. @Minnie Minosa “Chinese aren’t a race”

      So you prefer to play stupid? Ok.
      Here’s a hint, bozo: Asians (a conglomerate of mongolian races) is the generic term…Chinese are Asians…”Kung Fu” is Chinese…so, using the term “Kung Flu” as a mocking term for the coronavirus/Covid-19, is directly aimed at the Chinese, aka: an Asian people (aka: a mongoloid race).
      Do you get it now?
      Or will you further embarass yourself and your parents with your stupidity? _(don’t bother responding to that question – we all know the answer already)_

    2. @O. B. you are a bit to sensitive , we all know what racist words are , sorry kung flu isn’t one of them. Really not the same as calling a black person a N ___r .

  7. This is the same China that Orangeman praised as doing a good job w virus in beginning and thanking them while he called it hoax.

    1. One minute he criticises them, the next he praises them cos he needs their help to rig the election. The next minute he criticises them again because he can’t contain his racism.

    1. I was going to argue your statement, but then I realized you were right. Our entire country has gone mental, we are either mental because of the nightmare we are living, because there are so many mental’s that support this mental nightmare.

  8. It’s getting worse by the minute. No, it can’t get any worse. Oh, yes it can – and it will. Dump Trump.

  9. Churches only care about power and money.
    “My house will be called a house of prayer. But you are making it a den of robbers.”
    Matthew 21:13

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