Trump Allies Break With Him: ‘Disturbing’ Coronavirus Spike Is ‘Unacceptable’ | MSNBC

Trump Allies Break With Him: 'Disturbing' Coronavirus Spike Is 'Unacceptable' | MSNBC 1


  1. Desperation is a dangerous thing
    This is how he thinks he’ll win
    Cut to: trump making another midnight run to Walter Reed Hospital

    1. @Matt Thompson No ones agreeing on that. Haven’t seen a Lincoln defaced yet. Heroin? RETHUGLICON JOY JUICE! NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER LOOMS !VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO

    2. @Matt Thompson – Heroin people. Another flag that proves you are a racist. Did you know that cult leader went to Dallas to hold a meeting about race relations & law enforcement? He didn’t invite the 3 top law officials. The Sheriff, the Chief of Police & the District Attorney. The fact that they were black made them highly qualified for the second topic of the day … race relations. So, of course, the mayor, who is black, didn’t attend either. Now, I know you agree with his racist decision, but I’d like to know why. To prove that we are the laughing stock of the world, this article is from the UK.

    1. Independent Voter yes because people should have the right to take their own risk. Especially considering all encompassing authoritative power is a risk in itself.

    2. @Toward Treatise “Graeme SYDNEY well tell msnbc to condemn the protests then. ?” America is divided and both sides are in the wrong and both sides are purposely misleading. You can argue who is more right or more wrong but it won’t progress anything.

    3. @Independent Voter Taking a temp is a diagnostic tool that reveals symptoms. It is useless and pointless if someone is infectious and asymptomatic.

    1. Ace1000ks1975 are u educated about quantum physics? Religion and science are cuddling up lately if anything. ✌️

    2. @Toward Treatise The black lives matter protest are different than politics. The black people will be killed either way, Trump rallies will only be if you attend.

    3. james wheeler well at least share something about it. Shouldn’t the principle want to share?

    1. @Gary Campbell thats true but he had been manipulating it for years. He is the smarter one compare to Trump i give you that.

    2. @Gary Campbell I have to say thou. For a Trump supporter you at least try to reason and not just throw insults. i appreciate that even if we have our differences.

      Its refreshing to say the least.

    3. People who live in the factual world don’t realize most Trump/GOP Zombie SLAVES 😜.
      Think they are voting against child molesters and the Deep State 👻 ohhhh scary .
      But it’s REAL TO THEM.
      Vote Biden
      Our very Democracy & Government is at stake in 2020.

  2. *Under Trump, The State No Longer Serves it’s People, it’s the People Now Serving The State! 😡*
    *#HellNO** 🤬 **#YouBettaWakeUpGOP*
    *#FarmersVotingBlue** House, Senate and State, Vote out the Nasty so we can Truly Make America Great! 🇺🇸🥳*

    1. If you’re a farmer I’m the tooth fairy. Every farmer I know, and I bet you don’t know any, vote republican. The democrats sold them down the river. Are you on drugs?

    2. @Matt Thompson You’re confusing Monsanto, Tyson, and Perdue (which are industry giants… which the GOP absolutely LOVES) with the democratic party.

    3. @Matt Thompson Wearing a mask 😷 is like a turn signal in your car. It’s not just for you. It keeps others safe too😷

    4. @Matt Thompson So what has Trump done for the farmers? Exactly how did the Dems sell out the farmers?

  3. And this time there is no one other to blame. Not Democrats, not leftists, not demonstrators, not deep state, not the Chinese and not the media. It’s all down to Trump and his spineless lackeys. You’ve just reaped what you’ve sown.

  4. Look at the fake hired actors by trump task force inside and outside .😂😂😂😂😂🤪😂

  5. We need to quarantine these people for at least 14 days before they can leave the rally. The BLM protesters wear masks.

    1. @Toward Treatise That’s a good point. At this time in medical history we can do without either the rallies or the protests. Well, the protests are at least outside. Inside with a big crowd is really asking for big-time spread of the virus.

    2. Ralph Dratman they check temperatures before entry. At least rallies don’t crash the windows of local business.

    3. @Toward Treatise – Minnesota’s reported cases are holding steady. New York’s are declining. Two of the biggest hotspots for the protests three weeks ago. Know why this virus isn’t spreading at the same rate it is in the Bible Belt? Because the majority of protestors WERE WEARING MASKS.

  6. Testing does not increase the number of positives… it rather “SHOWS” ! The point being: increase # of positive DOES NOT LOOK GOOD for his re-election!!! It is written somewhere that he said it himself. Surprised?

    1. Donald Trump has committed a crime
      He was willing to cause 1000’s of unnecessary deaths by reducing testing. His only justification for this was to ‘make him look better’
      He pleaded guilty to this crime on national television
      In November he will go on trial for his crime and the people of America are the jury

      If you vote for Trump, you are voting to free a man who has pleaded guilty, to the attempted mass murder of 1000’s of American citizens!

  7. 90% of Trump Voters are Functionally R and Rode the Short Bus to School..#TrueFacts

  8. When we heard of the virus, in January we took major steps. In the whole Northern province in Canada , we have had 9 cases, no hospitalizations and 0 deaths. THIS IS ON YOU, AMERICA !!!! You have allowed this to happen , Republicans.

    1. @Lamar Davis Exactly. Keep on pressing him and he’ll just say Covid is a hoax. These morons just don’t get it and they never will.

    2. Marie Rose
      Looking at the “new case” graphs of this pandemic, in Korea, Japan, most of Western European and the other three civilised nations in the world, cases peaked in mid April 2020, then dropped dramatically to almost zero ever since.
      In the USA, cases are increasing as we move to the end of June.
      The same trend is happening in Russia, Africa, India and South America.
      The USA has cemented it’s place as being a third rate, third world nation.
      That’s to be expected when it’s led by a D-lister, fourth rate “property developer”, fifth rate tv show employee from Queens.

    1. Planned parenthood aborted 80 thousand black babies in NYC in one year! Now that is crime fighting! Defund police and allocate the money to planned parenthood!

    2. So many inbreds in the US, trailer trash and nut jobs that bring there kids to places where they shouldn’t be

  9. When Donald trump said that he told his people to slow down on the testing he wasn’t talking about the task force or his administration, He was doing “dog whistle ” to his people and his people are Republican governors.

  10. Pretending there’s no pandemic-Trump is the pandemic’s best friend. This is tantamount to murder, openly spreading DISEASE.

    1. He’s the only “leader” of a country dismissing covid like it’s no big deal. 123k dead in a matter of 3-4 months and pretending it’s gone miraculously. WOW.

      Meanwhile all the people around him are being tested everyday so he doesn’t get it.

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