Trump ally arrested and charged with illegal foreign lobbying 1

Trump ally arrested and charged with illegal foreign lobbying


Tom Barrack, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, was charged with illegal foreign lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates for what federal prosecutors described as an effort to influence the foreign policy positions of both the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and the subsequent incoming administration.

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    1. Hey – ever ask yourself why CNN didn’t equally cover Avenatti going to prison? It happened a couple of weeks ago.

  1. This should be fun. “Tom Barrack? I have no idea who Tom Barrack is. I’ve never met the man, if he is one. “

    1. @biekgiek trump was aquitted twice not just found not guilty but actually aquitted both times your argument means nothing

    2. @Byron I’m not sure what FPTrump’s impeachments have to do with this thread. But since you brought it up, he was acquitted, yes. McConnell not only stated that would be the outcome before it even go to the Senate floor, but did everything in his power to keep out all evidence and witnesses to the Senate trial.

      He was wasn’t impeached because of the Mueller investigation. Why did you bring up his two impeachments?

    3. @Avery Kelley like I said you are the one who can’t keep Trump’s name out your mouth 😂 so stop trying to project yourself on to me 👌

  2. Love it!
    Charge them, jail them..all these creeps & criminals…Traitors all.
    NO leniency!
    We want Justice.
    All roads lead to Trump. Get him!

    1. You people stay in your bubble and do not realize your rhetoric is causing problems, everyone talks big, until they get punched in the mouth..

    2. @ARMADILLO this is what these Liberals do, they never leave their bubble, so they do not know about the laptop, Cocaine, Malia Obama, possibly an underaged girl, burisma, Tony Bobulinski, they are ignorant, and when you do the work for them to get them a link, because they cannot venture out of their bubble, they call it a conspiracy.. Their ignorance is truly bliss for them..

    3. @Sheila Boston really? Then how is it you don’t understand Hunter and “The Big Guy’s” Russia and Ukrainian deals? Tony Bobulinski? Hunters paintings going for $500 k and the buyer is Private? Sounds like Money Laundering to me.. But hey, keep drinking that Kool Aid.. oh also im black , rural and using the internet, proving you racists wrong again..

  3. A Covid-45 ally *Lying?* I can’t believe it. Perhaps he was only speaking *”alternative facts”?*

    1. “It was the fentanyl that did it!” “But her emails!” “No? . . . but Hunter’s laptop???” 🤣 ✌️

    1. @Blue Dog survive No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot, so I’ll just leave it that with you…. 😉

    2. @topgrain I don’t believe Trump knew that this guy stood to get $1.5 Billion in investments from the Saudi’s. All Trump got from the Saudi’s is booking several rooms and services for a week long stay at his hotel in DC. This looks like the simple case of this guy playing to Trumps ego. However I would have some concern because the Trump inauguration is still being investigated and this guy may have some info that could help investigators. This guy will need smoking gun evidence if he says Trump knew of his activities.

  4. One of Trump’s scapegoats, bring it, bring it, bring it, and then there’s trump, the mastermind.

    1. @Kathy Coleman ignorance is bliss and there’s a reason trump loves the poorly educated…..they are easily fooled into believing lies because they don’t know any better. If you would have been following politics for the past 20 years then you would know who the real masterminds are. Who are the real people passing policies and appointing people throughout government. You would know who’s tbe real people obstructing dems and you would know obstructionism is nothing new nor is it at the worst it’s ever been

    2. @Luis Rubalcava You said Mitch McConnell was a wimp. So you’re saying he’s a wimp and a mastermind.? I didn’t know you could be both wimp and mastermind.

    3. @Kathy Coleman it’s obivious you are young and new to politics. You should brush up on the last 20 years of politics

    4. @Kathy Coleman the real masterminds are tbe people who are passing policies and appointing people throughout government. Trump would just sign his name the papers that came across his desk, it’s well known that trump would spend most of his day in what he called “EXECUTIVE TIME” (look it up) and the weekends golfing. real masterminds are the people obstructing dems and you would know obstructionism is nothing new nor is it at the worst it’s ever been. Under trump the real masterminds were Cocaine mitch, ms lindsey, steven miller, steve banon, even Kushner and apparently barrack just to name a few

  5. And we’re off. Take a different one every day and it’ll be like the holiday I feel, seeing these lier’s get what they deserve.

    1. @Willie Weed lol he did the same as prior presidents, but we aren’t going after them. You are just mad cause you can’t spell

    2. @Willie Weed good job triggering the idjit.
      So funny watching them snowflake out then ad-hom about your name… hilarious

    1. @A T This investigation started way back during the Trump administration so blame Trump’s DOJ.

  6. I think everyone on the right is saying… “Who the hell is Tom Barrack and why do we care?”

    1. @go crazy sorry to telk ya this but under Trump unemployment was at a all time low.I dont give a dam who the President was,covid would and has destroyed the economy.Under Biden would of been way worse.

    2. @Troy Jenkins unemployment was already low just just like the economy was already booming before Trump got in office. Trump broke most if not all his promises. 🗑️🗑️🗑️ Conservatives still haven’t learned from Reagan and Bush.

    3. @go crazyObama put more people on food stamps than any othet President.Trumo created a record number of jobs in office.Biden killed over 10,000 jobs on day one but yeah,Biden is the man.🤣

    4. @go crazy and your boy has bot created all these jobs like the ‘in the back pocket’media says he has.Most of the jobs are from the covid shut downs.People who believe that a politican who has been in office for 40 yrs that has never done anything good for this Country but make him and his Fam rich with political influence are sadly mistaken.The guy can,t even hold a press conference without stumbling.Crime is way up and so is everything else.When Trumo was in office its weird how much press shootings and violence got but not so much with Biden,don’t want to give their bumbling fearless leader any bad press.🤣🤣🤣

    1. Your CNN favored comment can take an L! The like to dislikes ratio tells it all! Check the score board!

    2. You are all nuts and know nothing about politics with the crooks we’ve had in government for decades yet remain silent and praise Bush over Trump.

  7. The FBI won’t ask a question they don’t already have the answers to, yet folks keep trying to lie anyway. 😂

    1. @sonofmalediction : Yeah well, lying was, “policy,” when Billius Barr was in charge. There’s a new Sherif in town. And he’s cleaning things up 😉

    2. @Ash Roskell Bill Bar lied throughout his whole term until the very end when he told Trump there was nothing untoward in the 2020 election account. Too little, too late, Bill. The way he handled the Russian probe was criminal – and that will come out at some point. Not that it will matter to Trumptardia.

    1. Watch the trump trolls come out and blame, “fentanyl,” now. Or, “But her emails!” Or, maybe that classic old favourite, “but his laptop???” 🤣 ✌️

    1. @WSOX Man
      of course it’s political.
      & highly unlikely this guy will go to jail….he’ll just say “i made a mistake & pay up with interest.

    2. @Jennifer Smith don’t confuse democrat with the isms they came in and overtook the party of science. Not same thing.

  8. This is Certainly the next in a LONG LINE OF CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS.

    1. @Patriotz Finder Oh you poor thing it’s sad that you had nothing significant to say now to feel like a big boy, you’re going to use add hominins, because I won’t let you stroke your own ego, and let you get your narcissistic kick for the day.

    2. @Patriotz Finder Come on now Obama was the biggest cult leader of them all! Even divided people on their ethnicities even further.

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