Trump and Giuliani File Responses To Democrat Lawsuit Over Capitol Riot 1

Trump and Giuliani File Responses To Democrat Lawsuit Over Capitol Riot


Former President Trump and Rudy Giuliani have filed responses to a lawsuit House Democrats filed for inciting the Capitol riot. The former president makes the argument that his remarks are protected speech and was acting in his official capacity. NBC's Pete Williams has details.

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Trump and Giuliani File Responses To Democrat Lawsuit Over Capitol Riot


    1. @Heather Dequetteville Employers dont want to hire addicts, I get it. Some people choose to be homeless. A small town near me was a homeless millionaire, imagine that, then overheard a man with a good paying seasonal job say he was going to Miami to be homeless begging for change and collecting unemployment for the winter. I do not dismiss that disease is not present in most. How do you help these people if they dont want help?

    2. @Duke Estes I have never met a homeless man who chose it. I help addicts by treating them, getting them back on their feet and supporting their sobriety. They get a job and go on with their lives. I don,t wait until they ask for help. Early intervention is key to recovery, so they can be leveraged into treatment. Judges are giving people a choice. Treatment or jail? Also treatment or lose your job works as well.

    3. @Heather Dequetteville my mother is also a social worker and helps people find a home and job to get back on thier feet. God bless you for dealing with this issue, cause I couldn’t, I dont have the heart for it.

    1. @Drew Benz, 125 comments in just 2 weeks. Besides pointing them out it’s best to just ignore the trolls. They’re seeking attention, don’t feed them any.

    2. @Hermann Goring you know I wonder how much MSNBC pays you to boost their channel’s stats

    3. @Drew Benz I keep wondering if trump supporters are really this dumb or does MSNBC hire them to boost this channel, then I realize Republicans follow a sexual predator thief and liar, and keep pushing for audits after recounts were done several tines by Republicans…

  1. Words of people with power matters. Therefore, consecuences for what an officer of government, and/or their representantives say should be considered, specially if his words incite criminal activity. If we don’t hold our officials accountable for what they say and motivate others to do, then their words mean nothing.

    1. @gary quarty
      You’re a fool, nothing has to be FORCED, sedition & inciting are both illegal, look them up.

    2. @gary quarty What were the Clintons ever charged with? Republicans investigated them both for 30 years and never even brought a single misdemeanor charge against them. Whine to the GOP officials you elected about the lack of charges. It’s their fault.

    3. @Heather Dequetteville You aren’t even American, so you know far less about US politics than I do. I was a federal public defender for 17 years, meaning I was a federal court system employee…. the exact system that any defendant accused of committing a federal crime will be tried under.

      I listened to Biden discuss this multiple times during the 2020 campaign. Biden and I are both lawyers; any lawyer who listened to him talk about knows exactly what he was clearly saying: “I will not prosecute Trump.”

      And he won’t. I’m so confident in this I’ll let you wager me some money on it. Care to take the bet? How much are you willing to lose?

    4. @Diana Prince I respect your knowledge and experience, but Biden is,nt going to prosecute him. Personally. He was,nt lieing. I don,t understand what you are saying, repeatedly. Are you saying trump will never be indicted for a crime? Please explain. I,m truly baffled. As to my lack of knowledge about politics, I ,m sure you,re right. However, how could you possibly judge me on so little information?

    1. @Shadys Back tell a friend so, you’ll just ignore the cult of personality of trump that the right wing has or do you just not see it?

    2. @Godseed Lee let’s see, we knew that once everything really opened back up that because of your oh so glorious free market economy the demand for things would be way up so inflation would rise as well. Thsts just basic economic common sense it has nothing to do with Biden, he dosent set prices the way you seem to think he does.

  2. They’re both traitors and should be held accountable for the treason they have committed.

    1. @Ken Blades Full agreement; we’re against attacking a US government installation, using the govt to spy on US citizens, and using threats or bribes to influence govt outcomes. Seems pretty clear. Does anyone disagree?

    2. @Ken Blades
      Five hundred thousand plus dead because Trump and the Republican party preached covid 19 was a liberal hoax.
      A half a million Americans dead.

    3. @The Turquoise Dream
      You’re one pathetic individual to blame Trump for a biological weapon released by China that was financed by the Obummer administration. Isn’t it odd that all other life threatening diseases took a year off ??? Anyone that died in 2020 was called covid related but I don’t buy it . Of course you do because your TDS infection has adversely effected your brain functions . Hopefully it’s a terminal condition.

    4. @anita martini
      Did you enjoy 7 months of nightly riots and looting. Got to get those free hair weaves and 3″ fake nails .

  3. Don’t believe what you saw with your eyes.
    Don’t believe what you heard with your ears.
    Simply believe what I tell you to believe.
    If that doesn’t sound like a cult then that is beyond belief.

    1. @Sam MendezEvidently you do not know what Marxism is. You are being inundated by a narrative to control your emotions. Toward other people to bestow HATRED toward the ELITES “Targeted people, : for destruction… And you are falling for it hook line and sinker… For a divided people can not stand. But a United people are virtually impossible to DEFEAT… You are doing what the ELITE wants you to do. “HATE YOUR NEIGHBOR.” You do not know me! To make a diagnosis, or your hateful remark concerning my character. I am only here to inform.

    2. @Sam Mendez So, you are not intelligent enough to engage in a constructive conversation? That you have to resort to calling of names and “LABELING.” OTHERS and degrading of others’ character?
      How juvenile!

    3. @Peggy Fleener But peggy the peasant. I am the elite. Are you a robot. A peasant sold as meat . Really peasant givevit a break.

    1. @L M “compared to Putin”? Have you seen the state of affairs in Russia? smh… Putin is a moron!

    2. @L M and he didn’t cause inflation by closing the pipeline. smh. just sit down, boy parrot!

    3. Yes, please. Repugs might
      get a chance to use that
      Noosethey made for Pence on Rudy if he represents

    1. “Today I know after the rally you’ll be peacefully and patriotically marching down to the capital and let your voices be heard….and cheer on our great senators….thank you…”~Former President of the United States
      Donald J. Trump

    2. @don juran So if you take that as inciting a riot what do you think about what Maxine Waters said the BLM??

  4. trump and his supporters talked about “civil war” if he lost long before the election, so how could the riot be anything but pre-planned

    1. @Kevin Jenkins – He started the claims during the 2016 election… perhaps as cover for gru troll farm social media interference in the election. If not for that ‘fraudulent conspiracy’, he probably wouldn’t have been ‘elected.’

    2. @Sam Harris — Your complete disconnect with reality is a definite sign that you’re past due for a professional psychology intervention.
      Pity and regrets—Mental Health Scourge in America is epidemic.

    3. @B. T. Putin hates religious extremists. He passed a law that makes it illegal to evangelize outside of church.

    4. It was planned on the Dark Web as per John Sullivan @ BLM who broke a window to breach the Capitol and sold his video to MSM.

    5. @Ken Blades Simply because a congressional or senate investigation airs out all the dirty linen. E,g. Michael Cohen,s testimony was so compelling that millions watched. “ the truth will out”. Just as in a courtroom, justice has to be seen to be done. Even in a closed courtroom there is a public record of testimony.

    1. @Fern Snyder Yeah well Frump should have used it a bit more often, than winging it and telling tall tales about how great he is, and no one else, but to say that the buck stops with him, is something you can count on him to find someone else to blame, what a lame president. He can not talk formally he always talks as a commoner and always resorts be name-calling, very presidential.

    2. @sky well said Sky. I guess it’s the lower IQ of his followers that seem to get him…lol He called Obama Tiger Woods yet he played as much as Obama did in 8 years

    3. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! but communist Don did better, and he loved the North Korean leader, just a short few weeks before where an American was sent to prison for taking down a poster and was beaten up by the guards into a coma and died, so what does Trump do Ohhh we fell in love…disgusting and a traitor to his countrymen, he did not give fu** about a US citizen murdered on his watch. As was the American journalist for the Washington post murdered by Saudia Arabians at their Embassy in Turkey and what did he do once again…NOTHING

  5. They are coordinating defense with the oath keepers what a shocker. These attorneys seem to be inept.

    1. @forandon behalfof LOL….. alien abduction sounds like a good alternative for many of the elected GOP senators and congressmen. Most of them live the Twilight Zone already so taking them there would be a good alternative.

    2. @Corey Ham -WOW! Finally there’s a use for Klump45’s “Space Farce”. Just make sure that the GOP are only allowed to buy one-way tickets. Personally; I’d give 99% of the RepugLiars tickets for free…

    1. President Trump was and still is the Greatest President America has or will ever have in this lifetime!!

    2. @Barbara Shaffer Hahahaha! Now THAT’S funny, Trollie! And they say MAGAts don’t have a sense of humor! Not only that, but you have a sense of irony too! That’s hilarious!

    3. @Rob Champ Arizona audit proves Republicans hated Trump, and either voted for Biden, or left that section empty. On a side note, you can go ahead and prove orange man bad, which is what we’ve all been saying – the orange man is bad.

  6. They both just keep regurgitating lies.

    The problem isn’t that they do it, the problem is that waaay too many irrational, illogical lackey followers believe them.

    1. But they are still a minority. 60% of Americans want these prosecutions to proceed.

    2. @anita martini Hi anita – – please find another entry where I wrote to you. It didn’t get posted as an indented reply…

    1. Trump has no legitimate defense whatsoever. “Official capacity” only covers legitimate business of the Office of the President, it does not cover constant and blatant incitement to violence and insurrection. He is indeed a traitor to our democracy. And he is in a boatload of trouble. This is just the beginning, and Trump will not get the outcomes he is wishing for. Multiple courts will for sure find him guilty.

  7. Telling the proud boys to, “stand by” during a debate isn’t protected speech. Telling the world that there are decent kkk folks (in general and at Charlottesville) isn’t a protected comment. He’s racist and a dictator wannabe and he isn’t actually stupid; a narcissistic racist Don knew all along he was enticing a hateful following.

    1. That’s how stupid you people are. He said stand down and stand by and he said there were good people on both side, and I quote “I don’t mean the white supremacists, they should be condemned totally” you are all easily fooled because you won’t question what they tell you and you won’t search for the truth.

    1. It’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH! ” I may NOT like what you have to say but I will FIGHT MY DAMNDEST YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT.” Tolstoy To suppress the People speech…. You will NEVER KNOW WHAT the OPISITION IS THINKING.

    2. @Peggy Fleener “Then why didn’t the CLOWNS FREAK SHOW at the Capitol….. Oblidge him?”

      They did oblige T***p. They did his bidding. They stormed the Capitol to restore his “stolen” Presidency.

      People died. Gallows were erected. Politician were hunted. Urine and feces were spread over the floors and walls of the Nation’s House as they looted it.

      Did you miss that part?

  8. Why does it need a “Lawsuit” – why isn’t it a criminal investigation into a criminal insurrection.

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