'Trump And His Legal Advisors Have Lots Of Reasons To Worry' Says Tim O'Brien 1

‘Trump And His Legal Advisors Have Lots Of Reasons To Worry’ Says Tim O’Brien


The Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg being charged with tax fraud and grand larceny is analyzed by legal experts and experts on Donald Trump's history, regarding what we might expect next in Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance's plan.
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    1. @Gregory Thoman I hope you’re right. Someone commenting on another video said that it’s the controller directly below Weisselberg. She seemed certain of that, but I’ve yet to verify it. t***p is certainly a leading contender, but his brats are in the picture too.

  1. To be very honest…maybe it was a strange thought. When i saw weiselberg in handcuffs i thought it was Dejoy…and i was startled….maybe it would be the near prediction

    1. Yea I think he did that same old white guy, joyless head clippery that’s apparently required for legal testimony.

    1. @William H Music 2020 it is a fact so get over it. Republicans support a fascist wannabe dictator. FACT!

    1. @Drought Tolerant umm…so do you? Why are you going after someone for having 1k comments on this channel when you have over 1k too? Could it be hypocrisy?

    2. @Drought Tolerant More lies or your ignorance, no proof and none is coming.Looking it up will not matter, so please stop wasting your time.

    3. @MagnificentDesolation there is no stopping the information from coming out, it’s in every state. Just look at the NY primary disaster, 145,000 extra VOTES? Look at this report….Matt DePerno just dropped a BOMB at his Antrim County Michigan press conference. DePerno and his team say the tabulator machines can be reopened after the election. The machines can then run more ballots through the tabulator, print off a new tabulator tape with new ballots, and then backdate that tape to November 3rd.

    1. @JERRY RICHARDSON there are still active court cases, but the important part is that individual state legislatures have the ultimate authority over the respective elections. The supreme court just ruled in favor of state rights.

  2. Hey Mr., “We won with the poorly educated. I love the poorly educated”. You may want to take a different approach with this one.

    1. His statement about his voters was disgustingly insulting. In my culture, there is a saying that ” it’s not the academics that enrich you, it’s your heart”. Not attending school doesn’t make a person a less human or a stupid one.

    2. @pacis Regis …which tends to ask the question ‘what does make a person less of a human being?’ If Trump is virtually incapable of thinking in the abstract can he truly be capable of love? Words have little meaning in a psyche devoid of imagination! The lights are on but nobody’s at home! You would think he would have invested something of himself! All this should be self evident! Have no doubt Trump sees a heirachy, just with him at the top! Think how cynical that is! Knowledge must count for something surely? Sadly so many people flout their knowledge to browbeat others, but the world can’t be all lovey dovey; relationships aren’t like that. We have boundaries.He is a very damaged person, I would say evil, a malignant force; such people need to be closely contained.

    3. @Raging Monk do you want to take that chance butt much. ever been hit with a walker. run over by a golf cart. now go have your mommy change your diaper. i can smell you from here.

    4. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde well at least they are starting to walk out of his trumpanov youth rallies. the conman forgets these mutants have short attention spans and when the show is cancelled they move on.

    5. @Happy Joy “ever been hit with a walker. run over by a golf cart.”
      Ever hang out the side of a Black Hawk or deploy to a hostile area? “have your mommy” wash your face because it is your upper lip you smell.

    1. Amen, but in Trump’s case, i can see him running to Russia, if the heat gets to hot, he has an allie in Putin. big money over there, Trump tower Moscow trump will be right at home.

    2. @Eli K. Webber If he tries, I don’t see that it will do him much good. Putin will have no further use for Trump, so he’ll just ignore him. Putin’s a manipulator and a backstabber just like Trump, but a LOT smarter.

  3. Hopefully, The Donald will wanna keep going to his MAGAet rallies – just so he gives himself every opportunity to wanna sing-song about himself and the case to his deplorables. He can’t help himself from spilling the beans, and you bet the DA is going to listening to EVERY word Donald says, in case he incriminates himself. He can’t help doing it.

  4. Of course Trump knew everything going on: the Trump Organization is a small business. His hand is in everything. He’s a micromanager.

    1. My celebration will begin when the swamp master is in handcuffs. I will buy a $500 bottle of champagne for that event.

    2. @Warren Parker literally no one on this broadcast said he or his children were going to jail. You just made that up so you had something to be angry about.

    1. Guess what? If they had anything..he would have been arrested or charged. So, you can just move on.

    2. @Drought Tolerant He lost by a landslide to Biden; most secure election in history. Packet captures do not matter. Stop lying or spouting ignorance.

    3. @C Ch I probably disagree with you on most things, but on this I’m afraid you are correct.
      I would love for us to be proved wrong, but I don’t think we’ll see DT behind bars. Sadly.

  5. Hoping this is, “just the tip of the iceberg.” BTW: Joy R. is rocking her braids with an updo! Beautiful.

    1. Agree heartily on both counts. Joy’s former look, with short straight hair, looked so wrong, now she’s coming into her own on the physical plane, and that will probably empower her professionally.

  6. Trump the defrauder of a University, Charities and investors is going to go through some things.

    1. True and a way overdue reckoning, The whole extended Trump family is guilty of estate tax evasion, fact.

    2. @Drought Tolerant packet captures..someone been listening to crazy pillow guy. You need help.

    3. @Jim Yarbrough that’s for getting the name out for Mike Lindell of MY Pillow, appreciate it!

    1. There aren’t too many banker’s left who were willing to loan to Trump after his last round of bankruptcies. They’ve been getting a lot of their funding in the form of shady Russian money. That’s why he mentioned money laundering…

  7. Whoever pinned the saying, “Everything Trump touches dies”, never lied! That mfr is total opposite of the Midas touch!

    1. The Hollies released a song called “King Midas in Reverse”

      With the memorable lines:

      He’s not the man to hold your trust
      Everything he touches turns to dust
      In his hands
      Nothing he can do is right
      He’d even like to sleep at night
      But he can’t
      He’s King Midas with a curse
      He’s King Midas in reverse
      He’s King Midas with a curse
      He’s King Midas in reverse

  8. There’s serious criminal wrongdoing, otherwise it would have been a simple matter of IRS fines.

  9. Toxic Trump crime syndicate is a “Family” affair, with Ivanka the cherry, and The Don on top!

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