Trump And His Supporters’ Insurrection Is A Crime, Not A Political Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

Trump And His Supporters’ Insurrection Is A Crime, Not A Political Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber


While Democrats push ahead with formal articles of impeachment, Trump has remained largely silent in the aftermath of the riot at the Capitol. MSNBC’s Ari Melber highlights that insurrection is not a “political debate” but rather a crime against the nation and discusses the reckoning Trump now faces with Supermajority’s Juanita Tolliver and former Senator Russ Feingold. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Trump And His Supporters’ Insurrection Is A Crime, Not A Political Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. @Carlos Carlos Maybe good old uncle Joe should hold back on scrapping the death penalty until after this trial is over, we could have one last mass lynching for old times sake.

  1. As a Canadian, I can’t tell you how much of a sitting duck I feel with what’s happening …sharing a border with the US with this crime family in the White House has been like having a PYROMANIAC for a neighbor

    1. @Mumford Munsley well, you had the British army, you had native American, and you even bribe Africa American. and we can blow your worthless country off the face of the earth..

  2. The politicians, judges, lawyers, billionaires, millionaires, police, military personnel, teachers, professors, civil service employees, county employees, city employees, common-citizens and any other trump supporter can ‘debate’ all they want, throughout the rest of their lives…in a u.s. federal prison yard.

    1. Want to fight back against the propaganda that led us here? We do so by holding those accountable, even ordinary everyday people, who spread lies claiming the election was rigged. Here is a video named America at WAR in DC uploaded by a Willmar/Spicer Minnesota lawyer named Nick Rekieta under his account Rekieta Law In the video he justifies the attack on the US Capitol… that is an ethics violation which he can be held accountable for as a lawyer who took an oath to uphold the law.

      Do a google search for Rekieta Law Minnesota for his business info… you will need it when you report him. Mention the video above and his statements supporting the attack when you send the report… the process can be done completely online. It’s time for there to be consequences for those who spread propaganda which incited the violence at the US Capitol and then justified it afterwards… especially those who are supposed to uphold the law in their professional capacity.

    2. Yes imprisoning all those who disagree with you doesn’t sound severely Communist at all and will certainly end well… the hundreds here who have never opened a history book clearly…

    1. If a mob attack had occurred on a US Government building in another country they would have sent in a drone strike. POTUS sent a terrorist group to attack the US capital and they talk as if he is just a naughty child guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

    2. @Frederick Welham I mean if blm did the same all you guys would be bending over for them too after all every one forgot the murderers that went unpunished along with the billions of property damage they caused. And since they were grouped up so close didn’t blm help spread covid as well? I’ve seen video footage of blm beating on people and not wearing face mask, just saying. You can only push groups of people so far before they will push back

  3. When everybody lets their guard down due to a gambit, their checkmate is coming. Trump is still in the office. He is not done. Impeach

    1. Maybe they are finally realizing this is a police state it’s a much needed evolution for that boot licking portion on the right

    1. @Cash Bone Nah, the terrorists are the ones that burnt down their cities, (BLM)burning looting and murdering.

    2. @Margaret Stewart uh…there were THOUSANDS of people there…..if you didn’t see any non-violent protesters then you weren’t watching

    1. @adjwindu70 it’s disturbing to realize career politicians are terminally unable to do anything except enrich themselves and are entirely incompetent. MSNBC-LSD turns a blind eye to last years violence. Which destroys their credibility. If they had any to start with.

    1. Honestly. If he didn’t know that Mike Pence couldn’t legally stop the certification of the votes, how can he considered still fit for President?

      To say nothing of the other issues with his recent behavior.

  4. When the president called in to a Republican National Committee breakfast meeting on Thursday morning, he was roundly cheered. The old saying is that “the fish rots from the head,” but the decay in the GOP has reached the tail.

    1. Agreed, until the rot has been dealt with the division in the GOP should remain. IMHO it’s a major way for the GOP to return to the party of Lincoln they claim to be. It’s kinda hard to argue that you’re a believer in the constitution, the foundation of the republic, and the rule of law whist storming the capitol like those who attacked the Benghazi embassy or ISIS rolling across the middle East. It’s a stretch to say the least.

    2. the right wing establishment support there own they want no oppostion not free speech not voting rights beware

    1. >Allowed
      He was democratically elected even though he lost the popular vote. We didn’t just let him in. In hindsight we took his win a lot better than Republicans are now which is actually crazy.

    2. @Tam Sacne, I so agree. It still be hooves me how they were so blinded by everything that was there and chose this for the highest office.

  5. Things escalated to this point because nothing was done about the unlawfulness the past four years people need to be held responsible no matter who they are

    1. I agree 100%, also we have to look at what led us to trump in the first place. Legislatures favoritism to Large corporation over the people. The government is supposed to work for the people not for large corporations. Socialism for the rich and crumbs to the people. I’m afraid if the Democrats and Republicans don’t wake up from this nightmare and start working for the people (their constituents) It is only going to get much worse from both sides. I would say they better consider themselves lucky that none of the legislators was harmed in this terrible insurrection. Seems as though anymore all we have representing any form of government is a bunch of greedy crooks, and they are on both sides of the isle.

    2. @Billy F You make a good point, but just to mention this. It was a “regular working guy” a law enforcement officer, who died in the action, the melee, the storming of the ramparts. The people we have elected, to represent us, to be somehow above the storm, it was just a guy working for a paycheck, who was beaten to death. And really, just one guy. If you listen to the repubs, he really didn’t matter very much. Just working to survive. But if ONE of the “elected” suffered as much as a hangnail, we (the working stiffs) wouldn’t hear the end of it. Their dedication, their sacrifice. The loss. Weighing this out on the scales of “justice” we lose because they believe themselves to be above us. So now we know, if we never have before, now we know: WE don’t matter. Never have, never will.

    3. @Flapkatt Yes I Agree, and feel very sorry for the two (officers and their families) who have died because of this insurrection. And yes I understand they don’t care about the average working people,haven’t for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m dead against the actions that were carried out at the capitol this week. Just got finished watching Joe Manchin on the news and he was like “How did we get here?” If our legislatures are that naive,that they don’t know how we got to this point. They DO NOT belong to be in that position to begin with, PERIOD!! As we all know since the ruling of citizens united, the flooding of money in politics has corrupted the majority of the politicians and almost impossible for most to run for a meaningful government position. So yes we are all screwed!!

  6. All I know that if it was I leading an insurrection against the USA, by now I would’ve been locked up waiting who knows what.

  7. The longer it takes this country to act, the worse it is appearing to not only its own, but to the rest of the world.

    1. @Russell Hopkins well if chapo said it! If you have nothing to add to the conversation, maybe you keep Your mouth shut.

    2. the right wing establish supports there own they want no opposition not free speech no voting rights beware we are in s—-t times

    3. @Nancy Joyce What are you talking about? Most of his time was tied up with false Russia allegations and a fake impeachment trial.

    4. @P C – I don’t get what you mean. Different Departments of the Trump Administration have come out and stated that the election isn’t fraudulent. State(s) Departments, Governors and elections commissions have stated that their elections isn’t fraudulent. Counts and recounts and audits haven’t shown that any State(s) elections are fraudulent. The Court, including the Supreme Court, hasn’t found any credence to reports that any State(s) elections are fraudulent…. But, you rather have a National Election, than State(s) Elections for Federal Representative(s), like our Constitution mandates?

  8. What happened to: when a murder is committed during the commission of a crime, all parties involved in said crime shall be charged with murder? Are they going to charge all of these traitors with murder? Asking for a friend……

    1. @Red Pill
      That’s not even “Trumpist” though.
      If we’re going to lock all of these people up, why not ALL of them?

  9. “Unity is not a concept in a murder trial.” He looked like he was trying to push back tears as he said that.

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