Trump and Pence separately fuel Georgia’s republican primaries | USA TODAY

Trump and Pence separately fuel Georgia's republican primaries | USA TODAY 1


  1. Something is up with Pence. I don’t like it. Kemp denied the re count during some shady dealings. I’m not buying it. He didn’t move on it for a reason. I hope Kemp loses

    1. @Yourmom they wanted to have the gop do an audit. it’s highly unethical for a party to do an audit. the election process is required to have an equal number of dems and gop workers

    1. @Bigg Stang Can you explain why you think having more than 2 genders makes no sense? And can you do it in a way that doesn’t simply equate gender to biological sex?

  2. Thank you for the constant positive news about Trump and for hiding and ignoring bidens lies and corruption.

    1. @S Drake why won’t you confirm your military service that you claim through Don Shipley? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    2. @acekelly1000 look up that quote again and listen more closely.
      “I dont ONLY need you to get me elected”

  3. I say go make something that will become an heirloom antique (50 years old and older) rather that CARING SO MUCH ABOUT POLITICS AND HATRED OF THE COMPATRIOTS IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. It could have been you that made that cool gizmo or comfy cotton quilt your granddaughter uses her whole life.

  4. Politics is a team sport just like any other sport. The players get the bag while the fans sit in the stands arguing over who got the better team. News flash, none of ya’ll have a team. lol

  5. Who would pay money to see Trump and Pence mud wrestling each other? Which man would win? Would Trump play dirty? Would the crowd like it?

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