Trump Announces He Will Commute Blagojevich’s ‘Ridiculous Sentence’ | MSNBC

Trump Announces He Will Commute Blagojevich's 'Ridiculous Sentence' | MSNBC 1


President Trump told reporters he will commute the sentence of former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich before boarding Air Force One.
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Trump Announces He Will Commute Blagojevich's 'Ridiculous Sentence' | MSNBC

75 Comments on "Trump Announces He Will Commute Blagojevich’s ‘Ridiculous Sentence’ | MSNBC"

  1. Criminal is as Criminal does! Jail birds Flocking!

    • riffle queen the man served 8 years… He missed his children grow up……….. Think about that for a second… Isn’t THAT punishment enough? Sad really…

    • Zeno of Citium because he’s interested in how to prosecute Squirt Bottle, the Penguin and Pencil Neck…..

    • Brass House I live in Phoenix and I can tell you that more than 87,000 jobs were added last year in the metro area… He’s doing something right over here!

    • @Don Hardcastle A lot of people convicted of crimes miss their children growing up! That is part of the punishment!

    • riffle queen agreed, but 8 years away, he’s branded corrupt, etc., and added up, it’s enough….
      Trade shoes…

  2. Selling senate seats is a crime.
    The kind of crime Donald Trump thinks isnt a crime at all.

    • Eoin Mixolodian | February 18, 2020 at 5:32 PM | Reply

      J Name one, please. But then you’re perfectly OK with the IMPOTUS pardons, but somehow President Obama‘s seem to be an abuse. Again, can you explain your inconsistencies?

    • 88Gibson LesPaul | February 18, 2020 at 5:34 PM | Reply

      @Thomas Armsworthy Jr You can hope all you want. Hope won’t get it done.

    • @David Hale Hey Genius how could he buy the seat he just left to become potus?
      Thank you again for confirming my idea of low intelligent trumpanzee parrots

    • Hal S that’s what he went to prison for stupid.

    • @Eoin Mixolodian Once again because you seem thick headed and have a problem with reading comprehension. Trump did not “PARDON” Blagojevich, he “COMMUTED” him. If you don’t know the difference, maybe you should look it up if you can.

  3. Lol.. Just makes Trump stink a lot more……

  4. Notice how the liar trump never knows these people…

  5. The moment a Politcal leader gets to decide on judicial systems you get corruption.
    How is this even legal.
    Pure corruption

    • @Chad Nelson Cool. You can use Google. Now, go through every single one, identify them and what their crime was. Let’s get to the reasons behind the pardons and commutations.

    • @Bobby Smith Doesn’t matter. People like you are not objectionable. You see what you want to see

    • @Chad Nelson Great lazy cop-out. You’re useless and the word you were hoping to use was “objective” not “objectionable”.

    • @Chad Nelson If you want to point at the hypocrisy of federal pardons it would be better to find a case under Obama and compare it to a case under Trump. A better comparison would be Roger Stone and Kevin Johnson or the Philadelphia Black Panther

  6. So if trump says : “I dont know him” you know its a lie…

  7. LOL!! He is increasing the meddling so that he can muddy the water and make us all inoculated and castrated when he goes for the bigger recent fish. He may get away with it because nobody is protesting this criminal in mass! We need to be setting fire to cars in the streets and breaking glass and looting like LA! This is the death of liberal democracy and birth of totalitarianism and the dumbing down of US citizens. Trump is concerned about him seeing his family, but what about the others in jail who were just smoking weed and not selling our Democracy?

    • @brad dotson HUH?

    • @MandoMtn – The setting fire is a bad idea!! You were spot on about the rest.


    • @Maja-Danmark Thanks Maja, sometimes you gotta set fire to stuff to be heard in the USA. That’s why OJ was let go, they were scared of another LA riot. It’s a great idea in my opinion. People would get injured and die just like in Kent State massacre and then the country would wake up!!!!!! The Pigs have escaped their pen.

    • Setting fire to cars in the streets and breaking glass and looting will only make America worse off. That is metaphorically what his base has done to America by electing him. Trump’s base will eat his propaganda and will just love him more. Fighting fire with fire won’t work on the “Dear Leader”. He has done this his entire life and is much better at it. He pushes our buttons to see us react. To stop him we only need to peel off some from his cult. The popular vote in 2016 proves most voters don’t want him. The Electoral College gives him an advantage lately. The problem is they trust him more than us and even their own eyes. He has made most in his base worse off because of a lack of Health Care. We have to make 2020 a referendum about him. His corruption, lies, tax records and his narcissism. He abandoned our allies the Kurds and is subservient to Putin. Don’t make poor uneducated white people our enemy. We need them to vote for their self-interests. To fix all the big problems like Climate Change and Wealth Inequality and Nuclear Proliferation, we first need to get into office.

  8. Donnie needs just a year in the slammer, taking a shower with the boys playing drop the soap!!!!!

  9. Commuting all his crook friends sentences!!! SMH!!! I wonder how much they promised Trump!!!

  10. Your Big Head Cousin | February 18, 2020 at 3:05 PM | Reply

    In one day, he commutes Blagojevich’s sentence, pardons DeBartolo and Bernie Kerik. Jesus Christ. Kerik is Rudy’s protege.

  11. trump’s revenge on decent people, release the criminals…

  12. Did you here him mention Comey? Pure revenge.

  13. The new Criminally Insane “Joker”. Thank you Susan Collins., you have unleashed a madman.

    • @Maja-Danmark She was the most vocal about her decided wrong deliberation. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    • Maja-Danmark Not everyone else has said publicly that Trump learned his lesson.

    • @Najee Tiller Exactly

    • Lamar Alexander has been singing the same song as Collins: entirely fair for him to take a black eye for it.

      He’s earned it every bit as much as she has. He’s also retiring, the chicken won’t stand up to be driven out by the electorate (and takes his unspent campaign funds with him – did you know they can do that?), but that shouldn’t let him of the hook of accountability.

      Lamar Alexander the corrupt craven from Tennessee

    • 88Gibson LesPaul | February 18, 2020 at 5:37 PM | Reply

      @Charlie Moody Exactly right. Craven and corrupt.

  14. Setting precedents for Roger stone.

  15. “He’s not a Republican, but he is a criminal, so I count him good. I got a spot for him soon as they cut him loose. Make a good addition to our White House staff.”

    • Brilliant Hooligans | February 18, 2020 at 4:06 PM | Reply

      Well done.. you sound like your leader Adam Schiff. #Parody

    • Name the CRIME.

    • Patrick Redding | February 18, 2020 at 6:15 PM | Reply

      Dia Atkin if I’m correct, bribery, something to do with a position in government, if I’m correct….

    • Dia Atkin he tried to sell a Senate seat… Caught him dead nuts red-handed on high def video……..
      But the man has served 8 years…. He’s paid for it. His children are now grown. Think about that. He missed his children grow up…….
      THAT is punishment enough!

  16. Blagojevich tried to auction off a senate seat. DeBartolo bribed his way into a casino license. Birds of a feather. Trump has no shame.

  17. Don the Con is handing out those “pardons” right and left ,as if they were rolls of “paper towels”.

  18. He’s so proud of himself that he has this “power” and “absolute right” to release criminals. Move over crazy wig, the acquittal has gone to his head.

  19. Trump is such a corrupt, petty, evil, little man.

    • Wayne Elms very eloquent…
      Are you capable of civil conversation that shows as much?

      Corruption is relative in the world of politics… Wouldn’t you agree?

      My opinion is the “old guard” of the Democratic party has (for the most part) controlled the inner-workings of our government for many years. Dating back to the Clinton administration.
      The power of the old guard is waning. There is such deep bias for this President that we’ve lost the ability to communicate with any semblance of civility…

      The fact that physical violence has come to ANYONE over a political view is ridiculous………………………..

    • Hardoncastle – thinks he is in the movie Good Will Hunting. “My contention is………

    • John Iverson and you Sir? I suppose you lack the intellect to hold civil discourse?


      Is your face buried so deep in the pillow, paying your rent for the basement at Mom’s house?

    • No…hardoncastle. I am at Your mom’s house. Close the door. Go back to your Legos.

    • PorkyPricklyPants | February 18, 2020 at 7:48 PM | Reply <---MEET THE CONVICTED CRIMINALS THAT CONMAN OBAMA PARDONED OR GAVE CLEMENCY TO

  20. He is trying to numb us to the idea that he is King and does whatever he wants. AMERICA, Vote this SOB out before you lose your country to Putins best pupil.

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