Trump Announces Order For Police To Adopt ‘Highest Professional Standards’ | MSNBC


  1. What a joke and waste of time. Another avenue for a campaign rally. 5 min for police reform and 25 min of nothing.

    1. @Vaughn Besley And what if YOU are the fake news? Or just a sycophant for propaganda. What if?

    2. @Shawn Corbin “What if” exactly. your claims could be wrong That’s why I ask proof for links or somewhere you get information

  2. It’s easy when things go well the true mettle of a president is how he responds to a crisis

  3. Trump is like all 3 Wizard of Oz characters rolled in one. He has no brain, he has no Heart, and he has no courage. 🙂

    1. @Trevor Guthrie Gee…sorry Trev! Maybe you should have a translator de-geek your incoherent cleverness ? Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen, lolPutz…kma
      Don’t forget to vote blue, gameboy!

    2. @Puttentane Same vid views
      MSNBC 6 hours 8.2 thousand.
      *Pewds 1.1 million* gamerz gonna game. Boomers goin boom. Legacy media is dead. Zoomers gonna zoom. In the internet bloodsports arena the Red Pilled are decimating the soybois 10/1. Major Septic Media 6 leftist for every center (or was you would call them alt right)
      American Media ranks below cancer but slightly higher than Congress and the police. MSNBC is dead.

    3. @Maria C. Mascaro Big brain Hillary
      (How much money did you loose)
      Heartfelt (Tulsi Gabbert/Yang gang)
      No courage *every liberal who does not stand up to the Marxist sympathizers destroying the Bill of Rights* “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary Act” – Orwell

  4. if you’re going to be a bs artist.. at least be a good one. on one hand, he has no real power to tell the police what to do but he’s hoping we dont realize that. on the other hand, even if he did have such power, calling for “high standards,” while issuing no specific guidelines demonstrates exactly how useless he is in terms of actual leadership

    1. @The Ropes of Renovation Hilarious example of projection on your part. If I show you a very sick and disturbing truth about Trump, then I bet you’ll still defend him.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I’m not a Trump fan but I am a supporter of the Republican supporter. Live with it.

  5. 3 seconds… He lasted 3 seconds before he forgot what he was ‘supposed’ to say before…well, whatever this is.

    1. Ralph and Theo on a different note… I can’t wait for Nadler to grill good ol’ Bill Barr… is there time for another impeachment before November? I think so

    1. @Uncle Ed no it’s actually the Republicans who have no platform. It consists of destroy everything Obama did and fire lots people. Meanwhile be as corrupt as you wish cuz we won’t hold you accountable. Too busy investigating our political rivals to no end. No matter what it costs. No matter if we convict/indict anybody at all. At least our brain dead voters love it. MAGA!!!!!!! What a fking joke. Lmfao

    1. Stop your whining and crying and if you don’t like it don’t listen to it but stop your f****** crying

    2. BAM! The devil 👿 Communist media mob and corruption party propaganda should not speak for the BLM since you need to check below link. Super awesome video clips from a black conservative young lady. ❤️🇺🇸👍

      The leftist communist media mob fake news is very manipulative, control and brainwashed the people who depend on the social media and don’t know to research for true news.

    1. @NDW 100 if they’re setting fires sure but protesting just to get to a church? No fing way

    2. @NDW 100 – *He Teared Gassed Peaceful Protesters In Lawful Free Assembly!*

      Why is it you guys go nuts when you can’t get a haircut in a lockdown, and get all “Don’t Tread on Me!” but actual repression of citizens constitutional rights and all of a sudden people should do what the government tells them?

  6. Summary: Do better, but if I don’t like what you do — like being Democrats — I’ll come in and make sure I impose violence to achieve law and order…. P.S. I destroyed America… I am great. We left the WHO and have no access to all of the science to vaccines… we are smart and will have vaccines before all the people ahead of us… maybe… probably not… not at all… COVID is a hoax anyway and last but not least, I hate China except I’m still having my merchandise made there so I’m supporting communism which is only fair after my Trump Socialism money.

  7. What this orange Mussolini considers highest professional standards and highest honor tells me that we’ve still got a very long way to go.

    1. Yep…. Trump thinks an AIDS vaccine is more important than a HIV vaccine, it’s 4th in line….

    2. @Shawn Corbin no discussion needed, there is NO VACCINE to PREVENT AIDS but it FEELS so good to tell an IGNORAMUS to stfu

  8. Last week Trump went all the way to Dallas to hold an event/discussion on race issues and policing, but doesn’t invite the 3 black law enforcement officials who are responsible for law enforcement in that city.  Just think about that for a moment. How can anyone take him seriously when he doesn’t invite the Police Chief, the Sheriff, and the District Attorney, to a meeting about policing.?!?!

    1. #DespicableDonaldTrump thinks he knows everything. Unfortunately he knows nothing. VOTE BLUE. Remove the #Repugnicans

  9. The dumbest person in history as a “leader”.. This same moron said choke holds are beautiful and innocent or some crap like that..

  10. … cannot understand why anyone is still listening to this guy 
    (personally, don’t understand why anyone Ever listened to him)

    1. Frankie I agree with you all he did was talk a out his campaign. this man is a embarrassment to this country we have the stupidest hateful president in are house can wait to see this out office.

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