Trump Appears To Surrender To Coronavirus Spread, Embraces Deadlier ‘Herd’ Strategy | MSNBC

Trump Appears To Surrender To Coronavirus Spread, Embraces Deadlier 'Herd' Strategy | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow looks at a shift in U.S. coronavirus strategy as Donald Trump finds the advice of Fox News talking head, radiologist Scott Atlas more in line with what he wants to hear after months of mismanaging containment of coronavirus. Aired on 09/02/2020.
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Trump Appears To Surrender To Coronavirus Spread, Embraces Deadlier 'Herd' Strategy | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Trump Appears To Surrender To Coronavirus Spread, Embraces Deadlier ‘Herd’ Strategy | MSNBC"

  1. Then start the herd immunity with the White House.

    • @Scott Butler You are looney toones.

    • @Dan Kahraman For pointing to the real science, not the contrived science the Dems want you to believe?

    • @Scott Butler There is only one science and one set of facts. Not alternate ones you & your ilk would like to think.

    • 解放軍台灣001號 | September 6, 2020 at 4:05 PM | Reply


    • @Dan Kahraman Wrong, Democrats will not acknowledge these latest CDC figures as scientifically factual. Simply because it destroys their narrative. You can deny it all you want, call it alternative science or whatever. You’re supporting a duplicitous platform that uses science only when it is convenient.
      The inconvenient truth is that we have been snookered…Democrats just want to wear us down so they can control us and take away our rights “for the greater good”.
      Stay linear bruv

  2. Guess I’m staying indoors for a few more… uh, years, now.

    • Forty Six No one is saying it’s an automatic death sentence – I’m staying in my home whenever possible, washing my hands frequently, having virtual school and wearing a mask to do my part in protecting at-risk individuals I know. That’s not blowing anything out of proportion and I’m one of the most ‘leftist’ democrats I know.

    • Socknetea When you get lung cancer, don’t expect sympathy.

    • Nicholas Kedge Uh clearly not. When you say “come home fine”, do you mean come home from the hospital? People who aren’t that sick do not need to go to the hospital, clearly. And I’m certain that the 200,000+ people who died would have much preferred that the person who infected them stay home and wear a mask so they didn’t die. Again, as everyone SHOULD IDEALLY KNOW, just because you or your family did not die does not mean that someone you or your family infected (or who they infected, or so forth) will, and people who brush that off and don’t care must not recognize that the families who loose a member and can’t even be with them in their dying moments are devastated, as would you be if that happened. Do the at-risk families and people a favor and stay home, wear a mask when you go out, and wash your hands frequently to stop spreading the disease and help save them from that fate.

    • @Anthony Ferguson smh…no laughter here…moving on

    • 解放軍台灣001號 | September 6, 2020 at 4:05 PM | Reply


  3. Maybe He and Whoever told him that wants be infected FIRST!!!!

    • @JETPAC MOZi
      Yeah, about that…when I want my MRI read I will call Dr Atlas. When I want to know about epidemics I will listen to Dr Fauci.
      Do you call an estate planning attorney to represent you in a divorce? I’ll go with the subject expert instead of the guy who “also happens to be a doctor”.

    • @JETPAC MOZi
      And, before you comment back: no, I do not take medical advice from Bill Gates either. Who would do that???

    • Babba Ganoush last time we let doctors run a country Nazi Germany happened 🥴

    • @JETPAC MOZi
      First off: put down the meth pipe and back away.
      Secondly: dafuq you talking about?
      And third: who said doctors are running the country?
      Seriously dude, between you, me and the fence… you’re the post.

    • Babba Ganoush Bill Gates is not a doctor that’s all I said stop being triggered

  4. the way she looks on some parts is the same way i look when hearing it lol

  5. ”Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice im willing to make”
    -US Government

  6. Deirdre Oliver | September 3, 2020 at 8:01 PM | Reply

    Low risk groups? Well, Except for lung damage and cardiac inflammation in high school athletes and children.

  7. 2020: No flying cars just spreading covid

    • @ArticruciA Williams Facts these idiots will believe anything the tv tells them believe

    • @ArticruciA Williams Not exactly. There HAVE been deaths due solely to the COVID-19 virus w/o comorbidity. Are people with heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, etc at a higher risk? Yes, but one can survive and still live a long, full life with these health conditions under a doctor’s care. Think of someone with cancer and any one of the diseases listed above. If the cancer progresses and they die, their cause of death would be listed as succumbing to cancer. Same rules apply for COVID-19. No scam. Shame on you for reiterating the misinformation of the Conman in Chief & his administration for the purpose of keeping the death total numbers down for reelection purposes.

    • give elon some more time

    • with biden as president, this situation would most likely be way worse.

    • @Bulma San Because hw believes in following science and medical experts as opposed to the “experts” who tout demon sperm, alien DNA, bleach (or various other disinfectants), hydroxychloroquine, herd immunity, etc within a choir of sycophants? Ummm… no.

  8. Lol uhm…. how is a radiologist qualified to speak on infectious disease?

  9. Turns out, herd/population/community immunity is not working as expected. This guy wants to be one of this presidents henchmen.

    • Maine McEachern | September 4, 2020 at 1:51 AM | Reply

      Exactly. Sweden initially tried the herd immunity approach and it was an abject failure so they rapidly reversed course.

    • Hey moron, I’ll try to put this in a way your third grade mind can understand. With all the shutdowns, social distancing, and face diaper wearing, herd immunity was never tried. The reason your not deathly sick every year is because your immune system has built up immunity to many strains of the influenza virus. It has an RNA blueprint of many viruses and if you contract one, it sends antibodies to fight it that match that blueprint. If you wear a mask, social distance, or are not around people that have corona, and you take longer to contract it the virus could mutate way beyond any blueprint your body has to fight it and give you big problems. Your unjustified hatred of Trump and your ignorance will destroy you. If you listen to anything the MSM tells you, you deserve it.

    • @Maine McEachern Are you sure about that? one of the people behind their(sweden’s) strategy, Johan Giesecke, has just been promoted to the position of ice-chair of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Infectious Hazards which was approved by the WHO.

    • @Mark Peacock — The ignorance is all yours, Peacock. The type of herd immunity you describe fits neatly into the shortsighted optic you provide, addressing pathogens that are nowhere near as virulent and contagious as COVID-19. In the face of the Coronavirus, the demographics most at risk are steamrolled by their own immune systems trying to combat the virus, and the healthcare system is overwhelmed while dealing with the fallout. Herd immunity in this context is a “let the bodies drop” strategy, that would appeal to the foolhardy, the narcissistic, and jumped up peacocks who can’t resist the temptation of regurgitating what they think they know.

    • @Maine McEachern THe US has passed Sweden in the number of deaths per million inhabitants (US at 584 vs Swedens 577). The US has already a worse situation than the Swedish abject failure.

  10. SEALCOATING IS LIFE | September 3, 2020 at 9:18 PM | Reply

    Don’t go to work, go to Walmart

  11. I can’t wait to start my job as a gravedigger

  12. 5k Subscribers with 69 videos challenge | September 3, 2020 at 11:12 PM | Reply

    Dear strangers, hope y’all are doing great in this pandemic.Stay safe, Stay healthy🤍

  13. well the low risks go back home to high risks being “safe”

  14. America: *closes*
    People: “Open up our country!”
    America: *opens up*
    People: “Close up our country!”

  15. The only ones I’m listening to are the scientists like Dr. Fauci!!!! The rest are idiots!!!❤️❤️❤️

  16. 1980: I’m so excited for 2020, There must be flying cars by then!

    2020: ” *The more people get infected the better* ” **United states having almost 25% of all cases of Coronavirus*

  17. My braincells after looking at the comments for 20 minutes:

    *things went from 100 to 0 real quick*

  18. Dungus Glumbus | September 4, 2020 at 1:01 AM | Reply

    My dude is literally condemning hundreds of cancer and autoimmune patients with no immune system.

  19. Wow
    It’s like he’s making spaghetti …yeah let me just throw the noodle on the wall see if it’s sticks

  20. Herd immunity means “let them die; and if they survive, good!”

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