Trump appointee to West Point board who refuses to resign speaks out 1

Trump appointee to West Point board who refuses to resign speaks out


The Biden administration has told 11 officials appointed to military service academy advisory boards by former President Donald Trump to resign or be dismissed, a source familiar with the situation tells CNN's KFile. CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Meaghan Mobbs, a Trump appointee who is refusing to resign.
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  1. She burning her as_ accepting Briana interview, she can stay in her job, but Biden just going to ask her replacement to put all her belonging frm her desk inside the bin.

    1. That’s how it’s done if your fired you have to go or you belongings will but put in bins and outside the door then the new person can move right in say goodbye bye

  2. So the argument is: Biden said he’d bring us back to norms and that means he can’t undo all the abnormal things Trump did?

    1. @S maybe, but as long as I stay away from the Orange Kool Aide that your cult drinks, I know I’ll be fine

    2. @Meredith Rollins that’s because you missed general order #1 what ever Trump does stays in place forever, I guess you were probably defending our country when the supreme ruler told that to all his minions, oh well we all make mistakes

    1. She should have been press secretary and done Dancing with the Stars, she’s obviously more skilled at both than Spicey.

    2. @Eryk Aton if she can dance on her feet as well as she dances around questions, she’ll easily outperform Spicer hahahaha

    1. @Jim McLoughlin Interesting she’s talking about vet healthcare when she wants to stay on the board of a military academy. She’s not on the board for the VA, so why bring it up other than to try to tug heartstrings? Not once did she discuss how she intended to improve education at the academy.

      I imagine Biden was advised by many in the defense department and pentagon before this decision was made. Remember what Gen. Milley said that ticked off all the right wingers and Matt Gaetz in particular? Our forces need to be educated and informed about all different economic, political and social systems, not indoctrinated to turn onto drooling sycophants everytime they see red, white and blue.

    1. @Thomas McClafferty promises and action are 2 different things. If you actually were involved in the VA and actual affairs of veterans you’d get it, and if you are a vet like myself, then shame on you for your narrow views and lack of understanding of the complicated issues of veterans and their physical and mental health.

    2. @Connor Wood no I must have said it wrong because it bothers me so much. It is the most talked about topic that does nothing for most Vets. I agree with you 100%

    3. @Thomas McClafferty I agree man it’s politics on Both sides that keeps the VA bogged down. No real MASSIVE attention has been paid in order to guarantee real actionable change. It’s sad and the fact that 22 vets a day take their own lives is sad, and maybe could’ve been prevented with better mental health care.

  3. Well, she has sure learned the art of deflection. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until she put up that protect the orange wall and showed us why she is being asked to stepped down. Most of Trump appointees paid large sums in donations for these positions. I wonder how much you can haul in from wealthy parents wanting their kids to get into West Point or Annapolis?

  4. “I serve at the pleasure of the president, he asked me to resign but I won’t” That’s exactly why she needs to be fired, she says things she doesn’t understand.

    1. @Coltcrist If you`re gonna be in the same room as me, that`s right. It`s the anti- maskers that are mostly catching it. That means you are a danger to the public. I`ll bet you think all doctors are part of the deep state? Don`t you? Please have the balls to answer that question and I will honestly answer one of yours.

  5. I’d be interested in knowing how many military academy members caught covid by not following protocol’s at graduating ceremonies. Was she part of that decision to put them at risk?

    1. Like when they brought the entire graduating class back from all across the country because Orange Mayonnaise wanted to give a speech in person cause it was campaign season even in the middle of a pandemic?

  6. And they put Brianna next to that woman it’s an amazing contrast and by the way Brianna you are beautiful looking good!

  7. Her refusal is inconsequential — she’s fired. We can surely get more ethical and moral leaders than those who were rewarded for loyalty to a traitorous, evil liar like Trump.

  8. Love how trump appointees act like he didn’t dismantle entire boards just because Obama made them and while literally saying that was the reason.

    1. @lauren vega-cruz Lauren, I think you just gave the first true example of treason I’ve actually heard since people have been throwing the term around willy-nilly.
      The US definition for treason requires us to be at war and a treasonous individual must provide aid and comfort to the enemy, and the act must be witnessed by at least 2 individuals. You just provided a legitimate example that addresses all of those criteria.

    2. Ex-military defying the Commander in Chief? Excort the traitor out of the building with military police immediately!

  9. “…we serve at the will of the Commander in Chief”.
    – Meaghan Mobbs

    Ahem, Meaghan, Joseph Biden is YOUR Commander In Chief. Get it?

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