Trump Asked If DOJ And FCC Could Investigate 'Saturday Night Live' 1

Trump Asked If DOJ And FCC Could Investigate ‘Saturday Night Live’


While in office, former President Trump asked the DOJ to look into 'Saturday Night Live' due to the show's depiction of his presidency, according to Daily Beast reporting.

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Trump Asked If DOJ And FCC Could Investigate 'Saturday Night Live'


    1. @Blue Lagoon
      How some still follow this Fraudulent Traitor and Thief is beyond understanding.

    2. You made one of the most profound poignant analysis of that fella ever, right here on YouTube.

      Yet his cult, simply won’t care about his mental/emotional fragility, anymore than they do his incompetency, lack of humanity dignity humility integrity & just lack of civic decency.

    1. @adam therolf and you think gas and groceries are more expensive because of President Biden?!!! WTF? Where do you even get your logic from?!

  1. D trump NEVER had a shred of humor, especially about himself. One of his most (among many) unappealing qualities –

    1. And that’s why you vote for a president? Weak.
      SNL skits were far from funny. More like mean and political. You drank the liberal bs.

    2. @WSOX Man “And that’s why you vote for a president?” No one has said anything of the sort, and way to entirely miss an unmissable point. Of course this is your guy.

    1. you think trump has the acumen to understand colberts jokes? probably doesnt even realize he’s being insulted

    2. I’m sure those comedians were lumped into the list of “late night comics” getting under Trump’s skin.

  2. Daily Reminder: The 1/6 insurrection was all because Mango Mussolini refused to concede and peacefully transfer power.

    1. @Hakapelika I say cicada, you say cicada. I say tomato, you say tomato. OK, wait. I say insurrection, you say you have dementia.

    2. @Bob Cubellis No, if that was the case he would have just rambled incoherently. Clearly he’s just stupid

    3. @Bob Cubellis Yep, a loyal tax paying proud American citizen who is constantly being called a communist by trump and republicans. And then they whine and cry about why we hate them.

  3. That a cry baby of this magnitude exists anywhere outside of a special care ward is ridiculous. He truly was, as per George F. Will, America’s child president.

    1. he’s a spoiled brat rich kid who was sheilded his whole life from anything negative, of course he’s still a toddler

    1. @Markus Andrew the same old man with make up picking fights with a teen girl activist on social media?

    2. Makes me laugh. He got his fee fees hurt. The Maga crowd always talks about Trump living in peoples heads. Not even close but the reverse is true Trump can’t let anything go.

  4. Did Trump forget that SNL was making fun of him for years before he was president?

    1. Every time he releases one of these statements I genuinely go back & forth with myself over whether or not it’s real. But this one… this one **truly** read as a sketch.

      And then there’s the fact that he doesn’t even realize this. The cue cards write themselves lmao

    2. Trump’s presidency was a difficult time for comedians. Satire became reality.

    1. I had a great mentor in my late teens (a Buddhist monk) who would say never trust anyone who can’t make fun of themselves. Self-deprecating humor represents a balanced personality because it requires people not to take themselves too seriously. Trump (and pretty much all Republicans) literally can not make fun of themselves. They’re too busy arrogantly telling us they are always the smartest, wisest, most adult people in the room (and by extension, the rest of us are just drooling children desperate to be told what to do), all of which indicates they are none of the above.

  5. That is very, very good news! If the dog yelped, it means the stone that was cast hit its target.

  6. when trumpy said he wanted to control the media, he wasn’t joking. gop still sees nothing wrong with that? what kind of kool aid are they drinking?

    1. @jose carlos
      I always wondered how jim jones got so many to drink the Kool aid. Now we see it. This didn’t happen in the jungles of Guyana, but rather right in front of us.

    2. They want to end democracy! The sooner we start speaking plainly about this, sooner we can collectively address it. They speak about dissenters as if they are an enemy. They wish an authoritarian military state, with only their views. It will be too late for the dregs to consider, but perhaps one day they won’t share the GQP machine’s opinion!

    3. That’s only ‘media’ for people who like The Enquirer. So I Married an Axe Murderer comes to mind lol

    1. Lol thats what the msm/democrats do because this current administration sucks so bad they have to talk about president Trump as a deterren!!

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