Trump Asks SCOTUS To Let Him Join Texas Lawsuit Against Battleground States | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Asks SCOTUS To Let Him Join Texas Lawsuit Against Battleground States | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president is asking the Supreme Court to let him join a lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election results in four states, enough to throw the election to him. Law scholar Benjamin Wittes joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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Trump Asks SCOTUS To Let Him Join Texas Lawsuit Against Battleground States | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @N 827 You do realize that the military can not obey an unlawful order? The Constitution states that 21 Jan. 12:00pm. Biden will be sworn in as president.

    2. @Tech ti Disinformation is illegal. 0-50 in all Courts. And then there’s the 10th Amendment. States have the right to extend their voting date during a health crisis.

    3. @John Boddie makes sense. Makes alot of sense. For the Democrat’s to ride out covid and use it as a tool for political reasons. Your master nancy admitted she withheld stimulus, cause here redicilous personal vendetta against Trump.

    4. @Tech ti Facts. Trump knew how dangerous the virus was. Woodwards taped confessions for Trump’s book. Fact. Trump told the governors to run their own states. Fact. Trump won 10 million votes and still loss. Fact. How can you accuse another state of illegal voting when your state has a history of voter suppression?

  1. This is all going to fail miserably, and the Republicans are going to have to wear it like a mark of shame for decades to come.

    1. @Peter Warren Yes i agree many of trumps followers are the embodiment of sheep. Both in the their willingness to except lies and hearsay instead of facts or tangible evidence to form their opinions . And they certainly are getting fleeced.

    2. When a country such as Germany lost its soul to a man like Hitler, the world paid the price. America is losing its soul to Trump. History has a way of repeating itself. Look to your history books for the answers and what is to come. The human emotion has not changed over the centuries. Look to history books for a better understanding of what’s happening.

    1. @Fabi Grossi It’s supposed to be like that here un ths U.S., too, and for the overwhelming majority, it is. These lawyers, at a minimum, should be sanctioned.

    1. @Michelle Carter The rich greedy capitalists don’t care.. The rich greedy capitalists are getting in bed with fascism so they can keep their money and let the poor die!

    2. He is doing that not to win but to create doubt, confusion and suspicion in the American public of the electoral system. He is a nasty, noxious anti American traitor.

    1. @Jacob Kuehnert …”wrong side”?… when trump and his supporters are on the “wrong side” of society, politics, the law, the US Constitution, patriotism, and human decency?…

    2. @Patton Moore Right. Somehow conservatives think they get to express their most extreme impulses when in power but liberals in power must moderate their impulses to mollify the conservatives. What nonsense.

    3. @Jacob Kuehnert No, no. Listen. “Hard work” is not for everyone. It’s a big country. Some aren’t capable. There’s a big difference, too, between your local capitalist and the global, anonymous capitalist. My local plumber employs hundreds, provides great service and runs for office. But a Facebook or Apple or Fidelity is huge and anonymous. Do we want giant corporations to rule us? Of course not. Do giant corporations exert undue influence? Yes. Should we change that?

  2. I never thought I’d see the day when one state has the nerve to try and tell another state how to run THEIR elections

    1. The GOP has always used the COTUS to suit their narrative at the time. They’ve long been 10th Amendment advocates because of their left-over feelings about the Civil War. So-called AG Paxton is turning them against supporting states’ rights in governing themselves.

    2. @John Swo Paxton has sued other states before, endless times. Over environmental policies which,allegedly, affected Texas ability to sell oil. Even sued one state for promoting veganism because it, allegedly, affected Texas beef prices! He’s a corrupt nut! His cases never come to anything. He’s being investigated for accepting bribes.

    1. Can a single one of you weak minded Trump haters actually state what he’s guilty of? – apart from winning the election of 2016?

  3. Too bad he didn’t put this much time and energy into the health and well being of the country he’s supposedly ‘leading’!

    1. For the vaccine from Pfizer, we relied on him to get for every American but he refused the offer from Pfizer for more vaccine last summer; so now Americans only get 100 million doses of vaccine from Pfizer for 50 million Americans. Americans have to wait until June to get more because it is impossible to get more from Pfizer due to other countries already got all the vacant contract slots.

    2. @joe kim my mistake. The great job he did shows in the low covid cases and deaths. He also was so loved and admired, he won the election by a landslide. All the courts, including his beloved Supreme Court , ruled in his favour and I’m sure it is some nasty democrat than hacks his twitter account every day and spews hatred and division. I’m sure he’ll trade in his golf cart for a unicorn too. Common sense isn’t very common anymore. Smh

  4. Isn’t he just dragging this out so he can continue to accrue funds from his followers? They send money to support his “fight” so he will fight as long as he can.

    1. He never even took a salary. Never even collected legal fees from stormy daniels after whopping her in court (and probably elsswhere)

  5. And from Canada, who would have ever imagined we would be witnessing an attempted coup in the United States. INSANITY.

    1. @Jo Jo Your rebuttal is laughable. Its to be expected from a russian conservative traitor. Our military won’t run from trump terrorists… that I can guarantee.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen the party of “states rights” sueing states for using their rights. You couldn’t write fiction this bizarre and evil.

    1. When a country such as Germany lost its soul to a man like Hitler, the world paid the price. America is losing its soul to Trump. History has a way of repeating itself. Look to your history books for the answers and what is to come.

    2. @Richard Du Plessis They still don’t have jurisdiction over another state’s rights. Each state has a Supreme Court and they rule their own legislatures. Question. What is an illegal ballot? Each ballot is stealed and secret and verified with a random barcode. I’m a vet. I voted by mail while being deployed. So what’s the problem? You afraid of true Democracy?

    3. @Joe Curella Voter Suppression is cheating but mail -in- ballots are illegal? Each state organizes and runs their election through their own legislature. You can’t disinfranchise millions of votes because you THINK there was cheating!!! That’s not Democracy. We don’t have “do overs!”

  7. I’m just legitimately confused why he’s taking it this far. He doesn’t even seem like he wants to do the job…

    1. 2 reasons:
      1. Wants to avoid jail or fines as long as possible.
      2. Wants to milk his base as long as possible for every buck they have, and as long as he holds up the rouse they will continue to pay him money.

      The rest of the republicans think if they continue this crap Donald’s voters will follow them too. That is because if the Mad Orange can do anything is rile up the people.

    2. He is unable to deal with the fact that he lost to sleepy Joe who stayed in the bunker [his comments ] while he was spreading the virus ]

    1. Oh, he knows exactly how to perform to satisfy their darkest motivations. Being first a celebrity and then a president, he fascinates them and in a perverted way he provides entertainment for them. They are basically open to watching very destructive acts.

    2. @Noe Berengena Destructive? He got unemployment down to 3.6%, and raised household income by an average of $5000 in his 4 years, whereas Obama raised it by only about $1000 in his 8 years.

    3. @Jacob Kuehnert … President Obama was busy recovering our economy from the second worst financial crisis of our very short 21st century… of course no one can screw up something like inept blowhard loser trump and his pisspoor covid clusterf*ck…

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