Trump-Backed Candidate Loses TX House Race In Test Of His Power Over GOP

The Washington Post's Dave Weigel discusses why former President Trump's strategy in the special election in Texas' 6th district failed after the candidate he endorsed lost. 
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  1. Texas Gov. Abbott: Stop building The Border Wall, I need the money for a Recount on this Election!

    1. @Donald Donald Yeah that’s right. We’re all from Russia despite there being NO COLLUSION. LOL.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 I agree with all. Great sarcasm at the last sentence. We are sick of blue donkey sh!×. Time for the unforgetting Elephants to stomp those as$”es out.

    3. @Jeremy BackupAll this, during 6 months he didn’t waste any time in his efforts to distroy America. He stopped the all ready paid for boarder from being built. No voting, he had no time to waist to find out if the America people agree and it didn’t matter to this administration. Just think of the chaos he would do by the year 2024, if he makes it that long.

      Puppet Biden was signing more executive orders in his first days in office than he could possibly read in ten years. Ofcourse, his puppet master choose what to sign for him. He didn’t need to read them. He welcomed the unchecked caravans with lots of extra promises. All during a deadly pandemic. The children sleeping so close to each other that you could not walk between them. Many being molested by older children because of lack of supervision. Camela, so clueless she thought the problem was at a completely different boarder.
      All part of Bidens big 100 day plan, to keep covid going. 5000 troopers sleeping on a hard dirty concrete garage floor sharing one bathroom. During a deadly pandemic while the night temperature was 40°. Yes a garage floor where people walk that have stepped in who knows what and spit on the ground. It seems as if America has been hijacked by outsiders spreading the virus and eating what little was left of Biden’s little brain.

    4. @Alan Smith that is what some sources say but It is believed the real number could had been more like 700. According to BuzzFeed News, the Texas Department of State Health Services. They also counted deaths from hypothermia, accidents involving ice, and carbon
      Monoxide poisoning  because people turned on cars and grills inside their homes in desperate attempts to stay warm.

    1. Yes! With humanity in our hearts, pro-democracy in our Constitutional Republic, while adhering to the Rule of Law and over-arching Constitutional Principles. Trump and his clan trampled all over that.

    2. @Mike Paul I’ve heard those words before? Hmmm someone’s “struggle” maybe a book in the 30’s, was it a German author?

    3. @Adam J W-M Yes the 2nd amendment is out of date, firearms today are too dangerous for our society, I’d say everyone has a right to bare arms so long as that weapon is a flintlock or similar tech from the 18th century, then I’m okay with it.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas right, it’s the foundations for our laws. That’s all it is, a lose baseline for how our country was set up. Just because our country was founded on the things stated in the constitution doesn’t make them correct. I believe in almost everything in the constitution, so I don’t have a problem agreeing. But I do have a problem with people attaching massive weight to what an old piece of paper says, from someone who lived centuries before our problems today. I don’t see why that piece of paper should govern massive decisions like some people want, or why someone being “pro constitution “ is good

  2. Everything Trump touches, dies. Hotels, casinos, golf courses, steakhouses, colleges, charities, distilleries, airlines, political campaigns…

    1. @V B > Obama stopped two pandemics during his presidency.

      You mean H1N1 that infected 60 million Americans? I guess he stopped it because not as many people died.

      Obama got the easy pandemics.

      Oh, hey, what are the Flu deaths for the last 4 years compared with the COVID related deaths? I guess those numbers don’t matter either. It’s science! Liberals are never wrong.

    2. @Larry WTF is an easy pandemic???? Covid 19 is SARS based. SARS happened on Obama’s watch. Try 44 followed the pandemic playbook and listened to the scientists. Mr. Multiple Bankruptcies/I Alone Can Fix It let his megalomania take the lead and cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives.

  3. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving candidate. Pro-Trump candidates endorsed by Trump more often than not wash out of their races. Republicans are trying to portray Americans as mindless pro-Trump puppets. Surprise! Democrats are generally more intelligent and more patriotic than unthinking volatile Trump puppets.

    1. @CapturedCarbon And magats think the American flag is used for beating cops with. We all saw some do so on January 6th.

    2. @CapturedCarbon There’s literally videos of trump supporters beating cops with trump flags and American flags. I served twenty two years in the army and Joe Biden and me own red white and blue. You think you know stuff, but you’re wrong

    3. @david brandie America was never energy independent – it has always consumed more than it produces. But you know what could help America become energy independent? Investing in renewable energy technology and resources. Democrats are trying to secure the future while Republicans keep pouring money into a dying industry that is destroying the planet. And stop with the open border BS.

    4. @Pat Dohrety People beating police should be dealt with, but to call it “insurrection” especially when backup was denied multiple times…get a grip. Oh yeah and I’m a veteran as well, just not a sheep.

  4. The Chosen One helped to make the GOP the minority party and lost the last election and somehow he is the key to success? Brilliant.

  5. the last democratic election in pre-nazi Germany saw Hitler’s party losing votes. Goebbels observed that with the erosion in voter support seizing power by the party and suspending elections was priority #1.

    1. @S D Most Democrats in Congress are capitalist millionaires same as most of the republicans your red scare tactic is tired but it is funny that you have a man named McCarthy in the leadership, amazing how history repeats.

    2. @S D Socialism is the anti thesis of fascism… Nazi use the word Socialism to infiltrate the government.. Nazi was by no means a socialist party.. It was their way to gather supporters for the eventuality of Hitlers rise to power.. Socialism doesn’t use racism to gather supporters.. Fascism does. Hitler was anti Semitic and used them hate to gather supporters.. Creating ultranationalistic view that only German with pure Aryan blood shall live in their motherland.. This is the same thing Trump was planning and why every white supremacist supports him.. Saying he will ban most if not all Muslim and Mexican immigrant.. That’s 1 example of “Ultranatiolism”… Since most if not all white supremacist believe the replacement theory.. Which in a decade or 2 , white population will be minority.. Nationalistic idea is to create racial purity usually done by the majority race.. In the US majority is “White people”.. So when you say Nationalist here , it means white population who are the majority..

    3. Sounds exactly like the Trump GOP trying to suppress voters and stealing the 2020 election and preparing to steal 2022 and 2024 for their own Fuehrer…

    4. @The Theo Except what I’ve said is extremely accurate. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but socialism, which the Democratic Party is embracing, is anti-capitalistic by its very nature. Well, so too is predatory capitalism or greed or crony capitalism — they are all anti-capitalistic in nature. So it is no wonder that they all appear about the same and have the same result.
      They seek to do a Montenegro on America, or a Venezuela, where they steal all our riches, anything that we have of value and leave the population poor, in abject poverty without any hope, leaving only misery, destruction, and death.
      Facts, history, and everyday common sense should tell you that all this is true. In Venezuela, they used the exact same campaign promises, the exact same words.
      Look up Zimbabwe and can there be any doubt Russia, China, and Iran are behind all these things? But these are as red herrings because, in truth, it is the spirit of Antichrist behind the DNC.
      You may not believe that, but they sure do!

    5. @J.B. Delaney North Koreans did not know what democratic means, kim il sung did not take ESL as a child…

  6. If this is a pattern…maybe just maybe by the grace of God the Republican party that we knew will return..freaking game playing is getting McCarthy and McConnell 😀

    1. @Brian Clintonjust a little heads up .. I am sure your not in charge of life and how it plans out..But it is really sweet you think you may be quite surprised by how things go..never say never because it seems to alway come around and bite you in the butt..

    2. I always vote for the best person but the way things are going I could never support the Republicans again… at least not this new Republican Party… they cray cray!

    3. I sincerely hope the GOP eventually returns to something resembling rationality again. It was a decent party at one time. But when they locked onto that carnival barker they degenerated into madness.

    4. @Big Boomer yep, I am finished myself ..I wish I would have listened to my inner voice the first time ..Hillary would be sitting back saying you all got what you deserve..and she is right!! Biggest mistake of my life and apparently Liz Cheney now feels the same way..LOL

  7. He can hire as many rent-a-crowds as he wants to cheer and boo on cue, they’re not persuading any voters to change their minds.

    1. You people really are delusional…. your mainstream media keeps it that way. All of you on this thread sound completely oblivious to anything REAL. Trump Hate Syndrome has consumed all of you and it’s entertaining to say the least.
      You have absolutely NO CLUE what you’re talking about. It’s funny.

    2. @jc jp “Trump patriots” Now that sounds a little more accurate. Also I didn’t vote for Biden, I voted for whoever wasn’t trump.

    3. @jc jp the word cult didn’t exist until Trump came into power, nobody invaded the Capitol during Obama era…nice try

  8. Why would anyone in their right mind, follow a twice impeach, one term, disgrace, liar of a president call trump. He lost!!!!!!

    1. Because he was the greatest president of all time the brainwash dummies Can’t see it Is sorry dummy

    2. @brooks townsley if you can’t grasp reality, or common sense, bathing yourself in ignorance won’t help.

  9. A loss is a loss, so it doesn’t matter. Trump through everything into this election . What makes it so in your face is it happened in Texas.

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