Trump Backers Are Using 'Audit' Excuse To Discredit Elections 1

Trump Backers Are Using ‘Audit’ Excuse To Discredit Elections


Rachel Maddow looks at different places around the United States where Donald Trump supporters, inspired by the ballot inspection spectacle in Arizona, are using conspiracy theories to insist on more 'audits' of the 2020 election results Trump lost, and the growing realization that these Trump supporters are not interested in election integrity so much as sabotaging the credibility of any election that doesn't produce their desired outcome.  
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    1. Sure, pal. We’ll got on it as soon as the Dems do away with superdelegates and rigging their primaries

    2. I agree – the Dems are much better at fraud, the GOP should study the Dems techniques, because the Dems actually get away with it.

    3. @Bob Valdez that’s pretty obvious advocation of violence. YouTube terms of service must not apply to you.

  1. Its like that time diaper don rang into that radio station pretending to be someone else
    Qpots are learning all the right skills to join the cult .

    1. @B. T. His middle name is John and he named his son Baron so it made that one hard to forget.

  2. They just want to stir enough conspiracy into your coffee that you can never unstir it, leaving you with no option but pour it down the drain and make one more to their taste

    1. @Zombobo Smith That would be fine.
      Election data should be open source and publicly available so that we the people don’t need elected officials to allow us to check if they are being honest.

    2. @CHEESEHEAD : Drop boxes shouldn’t even be available. If you can’t be bothered to go vote in person then you shouldn’t be voting at all.
      As for “shortening voting hours” I would need specifics to have an opinion.
      Vote on election day, in person.
      If that is too much for you to handle then you shouldn’t be making decisions for anyone else since you can not handle your own life.

    3. @CHEESEHEAD : Do you believe this veiled insult is a meaningful replacement for an on topic response?

  3. Those VMs sounded like they were being read. They should investigate if someone is paying people to leave these messages or why all the VMs were prewritten?

    1. they wont identify themselves as they are cowards with big mouths who will believe anything but the truth.

    2. @Mainely
      I feel very bad for you.  
      I can’t think of anything much worse than having to smell Roger Stone.

    3. @The Infinity System , If that hogwash is all they have to say, they should save their breath.

  4. I think the callers have him confused with Tommy Chong, lol. Seriously, it sounds like their script came directly from Mar-a-logo/Moscow/Trump/Putin.

    1. @Karen Maghran Probably not. They’re just afraid of the trumpublican voters. If they criticize Tump and hence the 67% of the GOP voters who believe in Trumps lies, they will loose office. Some or them may even be thinking that Trump is bat sh*t crazy. But have a wish to run for President when Trump is gone. And believe/hope he will be gone quite soon. Due to being old or indicted. Then they need to have those 67% on their side. However… They don’t understand that if Trump gets too old or ends up in jail, he will present one of his kids as the new dear leader of the GOP. And these wannabe Presidents won’t stand a chance against the word of the god the 67% pray to.

    2. @CL LOL but unfortunately they actually believe it.
      I was on an Army training base that was open to the public and was breathlessly informed by one of these nutjobs that it was actually a secret concentration camp for “patriots” because the fence had barbed wire strands on top of the chain linked fence that faced inward.
      (Note: That inward facing wire is to make it difficult for someone to cut the wire while standing outside).

    3. @Karen Maghran The information he got came from putin whose GRU digs for dirt constantly, it’s called “Compromat’ or compromising information.
      Notice how many of his Republican critics who get called for a personal meeting with Trump return home singing a very different tune.
      It’s not far fetched, it’s very plausible.

    4. Adorable that the trmp trolls, bots, and assorted lunatics are curiously absent from this particular thread

  5. I’m remembering a time when Trump supporters mocked Dems for “not accepting the election results” and how they should “get over it”, that their side lost, etc.

    1. Some of these Trump commies haven’t realized that Republicans in Arizona have had enough with the “recount.” Nothing was found and the “Cyber Jokers” left the ballots unsecured exposing PI of the voters. This recount was a sham that will end up with thousands as victims of identity theft.

    2. @Casey Sager
      Actually I might owe you half an apology.

      See you were so busy telling people to leave, I thought you were a trumpist. That’s the kind of language that they always use.

      So I responded in kind. I hate trump.
      It’s annoying to have the magats hanging around.
      But wishing folks would leave? It’s not violent, but it sounds like them.
      I want us to be better than them.

    3. @Casey Sager

      I owe you more than half an apology. I made some remarks I shouldn’t have. I overreacted to the leave comment, and I said some things I am not proud of, and they look worse after reading them a bit more. If you like, I can delete them. I am sorry that I overreacted. I was wrong to do so. If you’d like me to delete my posts to you, I will do so, but I will leave a small post reiterating my apologies.

  6. Dominion need to go through with a lawsuit or something. Sue all of ’em.

    These callers — my *GOODNESS*

    1. @N 827 So you are one of those Trump cultist who believes such LIES as:
      > Trump won the 2020 election
      > Trump did not incite an insurrection
      > Democrats are pedophiles running a child prostitution ring out of Washington DC
      > The events of January 6th were no different than BLM protests
      > Kyle Rittenhouse should be a free man
      > the Proud Boys have a legitimate point to make.
      Those are LIES! Are you swallowing, believing and regurgitating those LIES without a thought?
      If you are, that is what is called being a “SHEEP”!

      WAKE UP!
      You need to stop swallowing all the lies they feed you as you suckle at the teats of Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, QANON and other Putin inspired propaganda mills.
      You obviously have the internet. It is easy to find the TRUTH if you are at all interested.
      Give it a try. If you learn enough TRUTH you will eventually be able to return to REALITY.

    2. @CHEESEHEAD : The evidence of mendacity being so overwhelming that OAN settled rather than try the case.

  7. I’m betting most of those callers were from red states and didn’t even vote in any California elections.

    1. @Stephen Palmer By “communist” do you mean “gives several other states their entire states worth of social services?”

    2. as someone who works with the public within SLO county, there are certainly enough Repubs wild enough to believe everything Fox propaganda says

  8. They didn’t win by playing by the rules so they decide to just burn the rule book and declare themselves the winner even if it is false.

    1. @Stephen Palmer huh? she have no power anyways. Who cares. Yall believe hugo Chavez from the grave stole the election because the my pillow guy said so..

    2. @C. Cadon Crazy Nancy obviously has the power to make suckers believe that that was an insurrection on Jan 6. The real insurrection went on for months carried out by the Democrats’ Terrorist Groups, BLM and Antifa.

    3. @Stephen Palmer cool story bruh.. dude i watched yall traders storm the Capitol and fight cops live with my own eyes. on fox news mind. Nancy aint got nothing to do with that. Added to the fact yall posted yourself on Facebook bragging about it. I thought yall was “blue lives matter”?

    4. @C. Cadon Hmmm – Fighting cops is not an insurrection – most of the protesters were invited into the Capitol building by the cops. – did you miss the real insurrection that went on for months carried out by the Democrats’ Terrorist Groups, BLM and Antifa?

  9. Putin from other side of the world rubbing his hands in glee, sitting back and watching the chaos unfold.

    1. @tsartodd excellent War Pigs reference! Seems we weren’t too off base in the 70’s…

    2. And of course you believe the Russian b.s since you won’t accept Biden being Xi Jinping’s puppet cause factually stating that the virus comes from China is now racist.

    3. @DANTASTIC MANIA hey you’re in a cult so its ok that you’re not smart but try using facts some time instead of your whiny little opinions and feelings

    4. @DANTASTIC MANIA Get help ASAP! Your mind is not your own! YOUVE BEEN SUCKERTRUMPED by
      a pathological liar and life long criminal traitor named Donald Trump!

  10. these calls were orchestrated and these people were coached, they’re the ones who should be traced and audited

    1. Hang on now there’s no need for wild conspiracy theories, Im sure the MAD*OW verified that the callers were not people working on her show.

    2. You can hear at least two of these people obviously reading from a prearranged script. These callers are the fraud

    3. You are mainly correct. Per our local news – “dozens of copies of a pre-drafted Republican Party email went to the SLO County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. The emails demanded that Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong launch a forensic audit of the election because the county used the Dominion Voting Systems technology, a target of former President Donald Trump’s false allegations about 2020 election fraud.” So, yes. They were “coached” (as in given pre-drafted speaking statements), and “orchestrated” in that they were told to mail in these letters, and show up at the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office to dispute a hand recount, if it was in favor of the Democrats.

    4. @Mainely IDK_ Dumpie followers will believe and say ANYTHING! I wish Dump would just croak and then we would not have to deal with this utter nonsense!

    1. AZ citizens are suing to void out elections back to 2018. The people who certified the machines were not certified, invalidating the elections. The AZ audit is uncovering so many unlawful act that the final count is almost secondary.

    2. @Drought Tolerant I suppose you have a link for this peurile BS? I’ll wait, this should be hilarious.

    3. @Drought Tolerant . . You seditionist’s say the most hysterically hilarious things. thanks for the chuckle sweet pea.

  11. Merrick Garland, bring in the GOP legislature who authorized this, and have them explain why after so many recounts, why they are doing this? Time for LAW and ORDER to get into this farce. I would like to see Dominion go after that person claiming the misinformation about Dominion. Let’s see how much they sue HER for!

    1. Sidney Powell now backtracking in court saying it was not believable on Dominion! Sue for not doing a state wide audit guess Republicans have something to hide! Like voting twice and for dead relatives! Look at Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania!

    2. I heard they cannot use those machines again as they have no idea of what the cyber ninjas have done to them This will cost the taxpayers in AZ over a million. The rethuglicans should have to pay for this. Nothing but a sham.

    3. @avatar1 There has been no verification that the machines cannot be used again. That sounds ridiculous to me. I am no forensic expert, but neither is the person making that charge. That person is a politician.

    4. @Dorothy Martin It is the Republicans saying so and I would not use them again as you have no idea what was done to them.

  12. “No people is fully civilized where a distinction is drawn between stealing an office and stealing a purse” . teddy Roosevelt

    Lets get our country back from this burnt carrot and his sheep.

    1. Unfortunately as we are seeing, they have no scruples, morals or boundaries; they will stoop to anything to hang onto power including violence as we saw on Jan6 2021.

  13. In every election dates I am making it my business to request off 2 to 3 months in advance so that I can be at the polls as early as possible to cast my vote, just like my life depends on it.

    1. @Cassie Wonderalke I’m going to assume you’re being sarcastic, because no one in their right mind believes that California “went Red”. Ending your comment with a Qanon slogan and an exclamation point too…it’s got to be sarcasm .

    2. @Em M she doesn’t even seem to have a grasp on what the statement made by the O.P. meant so I think it’s safe to assume she’s the real deal. Well as real as a fake conspiracy can be at least.

    3. Legally, your employer has to allow you time off to vote, with pay, if you are a salaried worker.

    4. @Darren Lawson When you say “suppress” – you mean like when the swamp suppressed the news that Joe Biden had been taking kickbacks from China?

  14. We are living in a nightmare, I thought we were finished with Cheeto Jesus but that residue sticks to everything.

    1. @Dead Diver Trump’s a gold and silver lover. “King” may be symbolic of a national leader: … “They set up kings, but not by Me [God]; They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them. From their silver and gold They made idols for themselves—That they might be cut off” (Hosea 8:4).

    2. @Eddie Boggs What does Jesus have to do with it? Good question, Eddie: “Repent, and believe in the gospel”, says Jesus (Mark 1:15).

    1. A “normal” outraged person would have shown SOME emotion when calling in a complaint about this. The fact that they just drones on and on in a monotonous tone shows how fake they and their complaints are.

  15. Dominion should hear these conversations and sue these people as well.
    They will run little rats in one minute.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt if they aren’t this literally does affect their business and reputation.

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